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OoOXylionOoO chapter 7 . 8/1/2013
Man those chapters are long !
But great work !

rwallace chapter 17 . 8/1/2013
Welcome back! This chapter rocked, as usual. A few typos, but the substance was absolutely solid. I'm looking forward to more.
Mesterio chapter 17 . 8/1/2013
It might have been a while since you updated but its still great to have a new chapter. Asuka's whole experience was awesome to read. Thanks and looking forward to the next update!
OoOXylionOoO chapter 4 . 8/1/2013
Great chapter !
OoOXylionOoO chapter 3 . 8/1/2013
Man this Shinji is a beast !
OoOXylionOoO chapter 2 . 8/1/2013
Hum I like that !
OoOXylionOoO chapter 1 . 8/1/2013
Okay let's read !
UNTensaZangetsu chapter 17 . 8/1/2013
It is really awesome to see that you are still alive and have resurrected this story from the dead after so long.

Many people had given up on this story ever being updated. I’m glad to see that you haven’t lost interest and that you still intend to complete it. Especially since there aren’t many new Eva fics anymore compared to the past and some of the well-known Eva authors, like dennisud or Hououza, aren’t updating anymore.

This chapter was definitely worth the wait.

I loved how Shinji still makes mistakes, such inadvertently letting Keel know that he knows him or failing to stop the capture plan. It keeps Shinji from becoming a Gary Stu type character.

I also like Kaji’s speech and how Shinji should leave Seele and Gendo to him and the Japanese government. Too many people have Shinji taking on things he shouldn’t and I like how Kaji helped clarify their roles.

I really loved the changes you introduced. I wasn’t expecting the instruction of Takuya or Keel becoming suspicious of Shinji already. I am looking forward to seeing what Keel plans on doing and how Shinji and Kaji will deal with it.

By the way, have you read the light novel Evangelion ANIMA? It is based on the anime, but in an alternate future where the Human Instrumentality Project was avoided. ANIMA shows that once you get him past his self-esteem issues, Shinji becomes an amazingly badass, de-facto leader of the Eva team, and don’t even get me started on Super Evangelion. Unlike other AUs like Rebuild, I figure you could incorporate ANIMA into your story since it technically takes place in the anime universe.

At the very least, I’d like to hear what you thought of ANIMA.

Thank you for updating and giving me hope once again. I hope you will be able to update again soon.
Anonymous chapter 17 . 7/31/2013
Thank you! It's been a long, long time but it was well worth the wait. Looking forward to more (hopefully with a bit less of a gap in between updates heh).
scorpioneldar chapter 17 . 7/31/2013
you have done a really good job and i am looking forward to more from you
i really enjoyed it
you scared the life out of me with this chapter though
no shinji to save her
rei not in the eva that routinely ignores the rules about how even eva's should work
i mean 01 tends to say what you think i would follow some measly rules? then fucks the rules as it does something awesome
so i was pretty worried
great job with the sceen though
really felt how shinji would feel there
wonder how gendo will react to this
A. Nonymous chapter 17 . 7/30/2013

This is probably one of my top ten fics of all time, and I've read thousands of them. The writing just sucks me into the story. Even knowing objectively that you were unlikely to kill off Asuka or Rei at this point just to upset the applecart, it was very stressful to read the second half of this chapter; you've made me care about your versions of the characters too much.

You've been concerned in the past with being too wordy; however, I feel that that it simply takes a lot of words to build up the details that provide the heft of the emotional investment in the story. This is a different kind of fic, very moody and introspective despite containing plenty of action.

I am deeply concerned about the hinted butterflies; it feels like a storm may be brewing, and I'm already angsting over the potential price that Shinji may have to pay before this is all over. Despite the victories so far, with Eva, there are just so many Bad Ends hanging over your head; I have no idea how I would even be able to function, if I were in Shinji's shoes.

I am so very happy to see you come back to writing this story. However many million words it winds up being, I intend to stick with it until the end.
Starfox5 chapter 17 . 7/30/2013
Ah. Great chapter! Nice surprise with the grandfather, nice groundwork with Keele's reaction. And very good characterization of Rei and Asuka. I am looking forward to the next part.
aboulhosncc chapter 17 . 7/30/2013
I realize that all my reviews may seem like flaming and in a sense they are but more so over the potential that is being squandered in this story than at what is being written .

IF this story was say about a shinji who didn't know the future and simply had more of a backbone like other on than yes I would love this story as the things happening here make sense.

Yet this is a story about a time traveler with knowledge of the future, let me say that again a time traveler someone who has intimate knowledge not just as the son of the commander of the whole organization but also the premier pilot. Not only does shinji have the resources from that situation but he has knowledge from everyone else in his head instead.

By far to me the most significant actions that shinji has taken is to get a dance added to the school and to stop fights earlier to save the sister of a kid from not even dying no from simply having to learn how to walk again.

This is what kills me is that you spend so much time establishing all this unnecessary stuff when the meat of what could make a truly awesome time travel story is not here.

And this story has been going on for over 6 years that is the part I want to emphasize two of these chapters are really just author's notes one of the chapters is a prologue and not much different from the main story and not long at all so really out of the other 14 chapters 5 of those chapters are about the prom and the buying dresses. You have written a third of your story so far on fluff pretty much.

Now moving forward I hope you show some consequences from the actions in this story. For one thing the scenario that happened was exactly as shinji explained and planned out. And it was a failure make no mistake about it Asuka lost a leg in her evangelion and so she is at less operational capacity. There needs to be repercussions to the fact that the operation was executed at all
aboulhosncc chapter 15 . 7/30/2013
I remember clicking on an evangilon story with robots and aliens and time travel and dark consequences.

Instead I got two chapters about a prom pretty much and dresses, and how much a 15 year old finds a 14 year old a goddess on earth.

Seriously these two chapters could have been compressed into half of one chapter
still-guns chapter 17 . 7/30/2013
Man, I eagerly chapter 18.

Great work!
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