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Lurker chapter 1 . 4/11/2021
Hey, any plans to update this?
skyf0x chapter 17 . 4/1/2021
It's so sad that such a great story is abandoned...
Guest chapter 4 . 11/30/2020
Toransin21 chapter 17 . 11/14/2020
This story is, frankly, straight up incredible. I know given the huge amount of time since the last update of this story and today that it's highly probable you won't even know this message exists but I implore you to finish this story.
Nikys chapter 17 . 8/26/2020
It's good. It's really really good. It's so good that uncompleted story left seven years ago still gathers praising reviews. Which are completely deserved.

I have no hope for this to ever continue as 7 years is enormously large gap of time. But I feel sad that any other work that took idea of OMwF (and even mentioned their praise about it) would never have this level of detailed plot and characters perspectives, also without it being overly eased or overly darked back-in-time story. Story ended at the most intriguing plot point where Shinji and Asuka relationship should have evolved more but... well, I can only wish author good luck in his life and thank him for the pleasure I received reading this one.
AceofAcesMobius1 chapter 15 . 8/7/2020
This is the best romance fic I've ever read, and I want you, OP, long after you have shuffled off the Mortal Coil, to know that
Starfire99 chapter 2 . 7/28/2020
I really hope you finish this. I've read what's been written so far over 15 times and since I'm disabled and laid up in bed a lot of the time, it's one of the stories that helps me pass the time.
SoryuIkari chapter 1 . 7/13/2020
Please please please come back and finish this story
OMwFRuinMyLife chapter 1 . 7/8/2020
God... I REALLY hate this fanfic.
No, not THAT way, i talk about the way i can't read other EVA fanfics without thinking about how great this is and maybe i will never see the end of this masterpiece.

Every personality of all the cast is spot-on, every plan shinji has is logical and he take full advantage of all the info he got from instrumentality, but is still a flawed indivual who has the future of the world in his shoulders.

The autor of this fic think of every possible conclusion people around shinji can make if he show more than he should know.

¿Why i say this? In ALL the EVA fics i read of time travel shinji makes "awesome" things just for the sake of it, for example, in shinji's battle againts Sachiel, (In other fanfics) no character puts two and two together and say "Hey ¿Why this kid knows where the Progressive Knife is and how he use it so effectively? ¡he shouldn't be able to control THAT well the evangelion in the first place!"

In the end, i am sure i will never enjoy other evangelion fanfic the same way i enjoy this, and is a shame no other fic can trigger the same love i got for this.
A Businessman chapter 3 . 6/25/2020
"Hand to hand (without an Evangelion) was not one of them."
Not with THAT attitude, it isn't.
Hoodiebud chapter 17 . 6/21/2020
Half Life 3: I sleep. Love and happiness: I sleep. Global peace and freedom: I sleep. Once More With Feeling coming back: REAL SHIT.

Ok serious: If chapter 18 came out of nowhere I would cry tears of joy or cry even more tears of joy if the chapter is better than I expected. I don't care if there would be21937 grammatical errors dammit, I'm already empty inside from all the 18273 times I see a really good Eva fanfic with the perfect balance between plot, WAFF, world-building and character interactions that suddenly gets abandoned at an infuriatingly emotional cliffhanger, 'cause if the writer comes back out of nowhere and actually finish this story with around the same writing quality in every other chapter, I would be satisfied. If it was a little worse, I'd still be satisfied.

The 17 chapters so far take place over the first 10 episodes of the anime, with ca. 6 chapters that take place between the chapters (look at chapters 11-15/16). If the writer instead put the character development and scenes in those chapters from instead of entirely between the 7th and 8th Angel but instead spread it between the 7th Angel and what would be the 14th episode of the anime, it would probably increase productivity and decrease the chance of writer's block instantly.

The pacing would improve a lot if the amount of chapters per episode was around 1.4 per episode, or 14 chapters per 10 Anime episodes. The pacing between Sachiel and Israfel is really consistent, but then the thing that is chapter 11-16 is way too crammed and drawn out at the same time somehow. The "Three colors'' trilogy would have suffered less if the length of each chapter was around 75% of what it currently is (don't ask me how to do it).

Currently the latest chapter Sandalphon (from 7 years ago!) ends at the same point where episode 10 happened. One of the most important scenes that must happen is that Shinji and Asuka comes to an understanding and solution to their whole "Trying to be just as good as the other and owing the other, even though the other thinks exactly same, ending in them both having an inferiority complex against each other, even if they're 100% equal and should focus on overcoming each other's demons and supporting each other" situation.

I have an idea how this "situation" would be solved and it would play out like this (DISCLAIMER: this is just an idea and a general idea how it would play out. Of course the writing would be different and in the style of Crazy-88): Shinji wakes up from a nightmare almost as bad as Asuka's mindrape, loses his mind, starts rambling after months of hiding his weak and scared side that was only exposed a tiny bit to Asuka in the bed scene. He finally loses all his energy after losing his mind and collapses on the floor, if Asuka didn't wake up from her rare peaceful slumber because of the loud noise, feels guilty thanks to the "situation" I talked about earlier while hearing him and rushes to the bathroom, only to see the true Shinji. Asuka, seeing him like this, decides to save him before the empty Shinji falls on the floor head first. The huge shock from this makes her desperate and thus she starts shaking Shinji, trying to "wake" him up. Back to Shinji in the state between dreaming and awake, finally realizes something while on a train of thought. The days before Third Impact, he was desperate for help, but never helped others (Asuka when she abandoned everyone including herself and Misato when she locked herself up, continuing Kaji's quest for the truth etc.). After returning to the past, his character is completely flipped on his head and becomes an unhealthy philanthropist, always helping others without getting anything in return. But then when he slowly opens his eyes, hearing Asuka pleading for him to come back like the hospital scene, he finally realizes he needs help just as much as everyone else needs his. He became exactly like Asuka and his selfless mother in a way. This realization makes him go up the bed Asuka put him in, sees her standing there with a shocked look in her eyes seeing him wake up after shaking him like in that hospital scene. Shinji, preparing to make an emotional comeback doesn't get the chance as Asuka practically flings her arms around his neck while he hesitates to return the favor. Shinji somehow confesses what he realized during his "sleep" with a lot of stammering, sobs and sighs. They break up the hug with Shinji sitting and Asuka still standing, both with their hands on their knees like they've just run a marathon. Asuka after processing what he said, comes to the same conclusion as he and looks up/down into his eyes and says "Baka, we are the great and invincible Asuka Langley Soryu and Shinji Ikari, but don’t do that again!” with venom in the last 5 words. Shinji, opening and closing his mouth trying to find what to say, falls back on the bed as Asuka sends herself towards Shinji again but with her whole body as they lay on the bed with their arms around each other, not noticing the embarrassing position they’re in. After what feels like hours, Asuka says “So, if we are so similar, then what I’m going to say might help you, ok?”. Shinji nods while saying a muffled “mmmm”, wondering what she’s going to say. His thoughts and suggestions to himself ends in a dead stop as she finally says the three words Shinji was too afraid to say. “I love you”. Shinji then spurts out “I-I love you too- no! I really, really love you please don’t go I don’t want to ever stop don’t leave I won’t leave I won’t run away I need you don’t go please!”. Asuka, surprised by how he said that to her knowing that not a single word he said was a lie. She re-realizes what he said about them being the same and clings even harder to Shinji, struggling to reply. Finally, she just says “same”. Shinji after minutes of recovering and building up his bravery while in Asuka’s arms comes up with the perfect end to this.

“Hey Asuka”


“Do you want to kiss me?”


“A kiss. You’ve never kissed a boy, have you?”

“What do you think I am, a-”

“Then let’s do it.”

“What are you thinking, Third? Why?!”

“I’m bored.”

“Is that a reason?!”

“Do you not want to kiss on the 4 month anniversary of your arrival in Japan?”


“Afraid I will cop a feel?”

“I- It’s not that!”

“Are you scared?”

“Why would I be scared of something dumb like that, baka?!”

“You’ve brushed your teeth, right?”

“You haven’t brushed your teeth either.”

“Then here I come-”

You know what happens next.

I really want to see this fanfiction continue, and if Crazy-88 won’t do it, then someone else (NOT ME) should continue the fanfiction with this “review” as the continuations dead sea scroll. I don’t expect him/her to write 300000 words (even if it would be a favorable outcome) in a day, more like in 2 years :P.

So yeah, that was my “review” of Once More With Feeling. God I love it.
Martyr Mcjones chapter 16 . 6/8/2020
I don't like how Peggy Sue Eva fics, a lot of the time, make it out to be that Shinji starts off head over heels for Asuka. I'm not sure how he would feel about her to be honest, also Shinji is her biggest threat to at the number one pilot position. He is already the number one pilot at this point *In terms of Sync rate. One would think she would be not very happy with him, considering he is also about a thousand times more smug. It would have been a more interesting story, to see this blow up in Shinjis face. Like if, Asuka wanted nothing to do with him, and if Shinji thinks he's "In love" with Asuka, this would mess over his sync rate. Knowing Shinji, he would probably become depressed, and slip a bit back into his old self, pretty much screwing over his entire plan to stop Gendou and SEELE. And then he realizes that this self-loathing, and moping around, really stared third impact and killed Asuka anyway. He could either move on, and realize that Asuka doesn't own his heart (This end would prob piss most people off, including me probably if I was reading, at least it gives some more feeling.) Or he and Asuka would get together, some point before Kawrou, and then get a happy end.
Martyr Mcjones chapter 17 . 5/21/2020
A good 277,351 words, with no ending, other than that it is worth reading, even though it has been rotting away
Guest chapter 6 . 5/20/2020
Good story, well written, horrible punctuation in dialogue and so many typos in names. Hopefully this will improve as the story goes on, but it’s awful at the beginning
A Businessman chapter 17 . 5/13/2020
welp now im sad cause this hasnt been updated for 7 years
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