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ebbuu chapter 5 . 1/21
"You really have some nice moves, you know."
"Yeah that's what she said last night."

Sparkysbro chapter 11 . 1/19
I literally cackled for a good thirty seconds
The One Who Reads Too Much chapter 17 . 12/2/2016
"Yes she was fine.
Yes she had gotten her hair cut.
Yes the dress she had worn to the dance had looked nice.
Yes she did find the Third Child to be a skilled and extremely valuable member of NERV.
No she didn't have any complaints about anything.
No she knew nothing to suggest SEELE's scenario was in any danger.
Yes she had made several new friends at school.
And yes, she was ready to end the world when ordered to do so."

I lol'd. I lol'd so much. That was a perfect example of comedic juxtaposition.

Ah, and with emotionally tear jerking confessions and revelations...this story comes to a sad and ignoble end.
The One Who Reads Too Much chapter 16 . 12/2/2016
"I don't want to die! Help me Shinji! Please, HELP ME!"

Well...that was...scary and really sad. that's okay, my saline levels were a little too high anyway.

"I would have both of you; prepare a dinner for me, tonight, in my apartment."

Oh God...and now she's taking after Kana and playing matchmaker...

"MELCHIOR, which had been given the duty today of tracking the children..."

Oh wow...that how 'thought' process was hilarious.

"The oddest sensations were slowly edging up from under the blanket suppression she generally placed on her emotions, sensations annoyingly powerful and aggressively insistent…all saying that she should just go ahead and win the race anyway."

And thus does Rei learn to "reject reality, and substitute her own".

And then...oh my God can you please give me back my heart? That was one of the most emotionally heart wrenching things I've ever read. The chapter may have only been around 20k, but I FELT every word of that 100k you poured into it.
RealRemainder chapter 11 . 12/2/2016
Happy holidays to you too. Here's to still hoping you're reading this and planning on posting more.

And you're right, I don't need to read the chapters to know what they're about now that you told me this... Oh man, can't wait to read 'purple', that's the one Kaji and Shinji talk right? Anyway:


-would nerveradmit it - forgot the space: "never admit".

-help everyone get alone - it's "along" here: "help everyone get along"

-was one that. - Um, I think that, in here, by context, you meant "thing": "was one thing"

-Ayanmi - forgot the 'a': "Ayanami"

-That is all. Very good.

You do realize a fan service shot of Asuka like that would only work with images right? Girl empowering 'how to wash your hair' scene immediatelly after also didn't do anything for me... I guess it would for a girl.

Thinking Shinji would insult her for not completing her hair is SO Asuka... And it wouldn't be Evangelion if it didn't lead to a self examinatory monologue.

Oh god, the shopping trip... I like how Asuka is starting to distance herself from Kaji, even if she's not admiting, saying she can change and shit.

Six hundred thousend yen? How much is that in dolars? For a beauty treatment? I don't even know how absurd is this price... Anyway, girls getting prettier, yata yata yata, of course Rei thought they were done, blah blah blah, This is a 'total girl' chapter isn't it? Still enjoyable. Nice how Asuka dreamed of Shinji LOL!

Ah, now see, this fan service of Asuka and Rei washing each other was a lot better, showing their interaction, instead of just describing the image (we can't see image here). I bet this made Rei feel connected to Asuka. Can't wait for her chapter.

Holy crap a cliche gay hair dresser... That was just 'fabulous'... Love the 'making their hair' part, especially with Asuka making a pony tail because of Shinji.

Oh boy, Asuka probbing about the commander... Lol poor Misato in a minefield. Nice how she acknowledged Asuka and Asuka also acknowledged herself.

? Stunned Aida? What? Oh boy now I REALLY wanna see Reis chapter. I actually like Rei x Kensuke.

HAHAHAHAHAHA, "Parenting for dummies" Oh that was so priceless! And Shinji's follow up was almost as good!

Poor Asuka freaking out over the summer dance... At least she managed to invite shinji without inviting Shinji. Nicely done. Shopping seemed pretty cool too.

HOLY CRAP AHAHAHAHAHAHA that picture of Gendo needs to be done! LOL!
The One Who Reads Too Much chapter 15 . 12/1/2016
"It's the natural order of things man, but no, you had to go and be a hero! Game over man, game over!"

Yay nerd jokes.

"Shinji though well recalled what she had done to Toji the first time around, after Toji had punched his lights out in her name. It took a lot to get Toji coming to someone and begging them to hit him. And he kept that memory firmly in mind when dealing with the healthy, vital Kana."

Remind me why they don't just send her out to fight the Angels again?

"The thought of trying to deal with Asuka after such a hypothetical attack had the dance called off, however, put any and all pain today into perspective rather clearly."

Well, at least Shinji hasn't gone completely crazy.

"It is the reason I had it canceled in the first place,"


"Shinji felt Principal Suzuyas eyes focus on him for a second and he desperately gave the slightest shake of his head, not daring a more violent reaction that might give the game away, getting a rather worrying smirk in return."

Oh wow, everyone is turning evil...quick Shinji, reset the loop!

"Research over the internet"

Welp, there goes Rei's innocence...poor girl.

"They were in English so Shinji didn't have a clue, but Asuka clearly approved"

I lol'd.

That was so darn adorable that it makes me sad to ee this story is dead...but at least I still have a few more chapters to go.
The One Who Reads Too Much chapter 14 . 12/1/2016
"I can see you in the reflection of the glass behind them, you know".
There was a moment of silence. A terrible pause in the universe itself as the meaning of the statement permeated everyone's brains.
"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to say farewell to our good friend, Shinji Ikari," Toji muttered as Asuka slowly turned around to face an at-first sheepish, then rather nervous looking Shinji."

I almost rolled off my bed reading this.

"Man, she must have a lot of rage left over from after I beat up on her in the simulator today he thought, stretching the truth only slightly in his mind as it burned."
"He must have a lot of rage left over after I kicked his ass in the simulations today she thought, only slightly distorting the truth."

I lol'd.

"Stuff…" Rei echoed as Shinji took a sip of his apple juice, Rei turning to face Kensuke. "Should we also partake in this…stuff?"
Apple juice shot from Shinji's nose.
"Is something wrong, Ikari?" Rei asked, glancing across at him with that all too innocent tone"

Okay, I think she's gone beyond any evil Gendo could've taught her, something went wrong Shinji. I blame Asuka for this.

"And suffice to say, there were no man sized air vents for intruders to rappel down."

Oh good, at least SOME people have read the Evil Overlord List.

"codenamed 'Balcony', graded as level Alpha-Two."
"Baka, where the hell is my lunch?"

Hah! Perfect juxtaposition there.
And then you drop THIS laughing gas bomb on me:

"Rei Ayanami, predictably, chose that moment to walk down the corridor. The First Child did not stop, did not alter her usual cool expression except to raise an eyebrow, commenting that 'Synchronization training can be taken too far' as she turned into the classroom."

How am I supposed to keep reading this if I can't breathe, baka!

"Watching Shinji and the Committee face off against each other might prove to be an interesting diversion."

Well, he's not wrong, lol.
The One Who Reads Too Much chapter 13 . 12/1/2016
Wow...that was somehow both extremely depressing and hilarious at the same time...

Despite your worries, there wasn't a boring moment to be found during the retelling either.

"Asuka" Misato warned from behind her, clearly trying not to laugh at both of them."

Oh my God...I just realized that while Misato has been watching Shinji and Asuka play this out, Misato KNOWS Kaji, which means if she thinks Kaji and Shinji have been having "guy talk" time, Misato would know EXACTLY what Shinji is doing here, as learned from Kaji.
And of course Rei saw through it as well...huh, come to think of it, Asuka would probably just a little ticked off if she ever realized that she was the only one who DIDN'T know what was happening as she was tricked into asking Shinji to the dance...

"as a thousand little Shinji's inside his head leapt from their consoles and cheered, dancing, clapping and hugging each other as he realized he had just successfully asked -or been asked out- to the school dance; Asuka Langley Soryu."

What's his name, what's his NAME! We got nothing on a name!

"watching as F-18's dueled with invincible alien fighters."

Ah, THAT alien invasion movie where the world's monuments get destroyed. Yeah, Independence Day was pretty great. I still have no idea how they got a virus written with Earth-based computer code (of which there are at LEAST 100's) to work with an alien species' computer system...

"Bitte schön" she said"

And mission accomplished!
The One Who Reads Too Much chapter 12 . 12/1/2016
"Instrumentality a treasonous thought whispered across her mind before she fell into her dreamless sleep, be damned."

And the world is saved, all thanks to the power!
The One Who Reads Too Much chapter 11 . 12/1/2016
"She…needs to go shopping, to go shopping?" Shinji asked in an all too male tone…"

I feel your pain Shinji, I feel your pain.

"With a nod and a locked jaw, he turned around and the six started arguing in a heated tone about who would have the questionable 'honor' of becoming her…their mules for the day."

Oh my God...those poor agents...they need their salaries tripled, at least.

"Though as one would expect by the rules of Japanese culture...letting teams of elite Pedicurists and Manicurists get to work.
Nothing but the best for these heroes, was now the standing order of the day." just have to love being in Japan.

"We, uh me and my chaperone,"

my chaperone and I, silly Asuka

"We're allowed to duel in our Evas?" Asuka asked in genuine interest."

I lol'd.

"PILOT THE EVANGELION! The main caption said in harsh, angular kanji.
Or the kitten gets it a smaller and much gentler subtext kanji added."

I didn't know that was a thing, but I am very, very glad you introduced that to me.
The One Who Reads Too Much chapter 10 . 12/1/2016
"Or would you'd rather I just stand in the background and hold your coat while you deal with the Angel on your own?" Shinji replied."

But can he do it in a dignified and respectful manner, like Patrick can?

"They made it to Misato's apartment in record time again, screeching to a halt in a backward power slid into a parking space that violated at least two laws of physics and, Shinji thought, at least one of causality, but didn't appear to implode the universe."

Well, it seems Kaji's been taking lessons from the Angels. Maybe he secretly outfitted his car with a S2 engine when no one was looking.

"Do they issue spies suicide pills? Was Shinji's first response to that question"

Well, yeah, but only to the GOOD spies who actually know anything.
The One Who Reads Too Much chapter 9 . 12/1/2016
"How exactly Pen-Pen had signed for it, Shinji decided he didn't want to know, guessing it was one of those great universal mysteries that would destroy his mind faster then Third Impact if he ever discovered the truth."

Yeah, breaking the 4th wall tends to do that for most fictional characters Shinji.

"Unfortunately, his other proposals to the Vice Commander had met with far more limited success –such as funny hat day and a hot pink paint job for Evangelion Unit Two when it arrived."

Dang it! I was eating and almost choked, you baka!

"That's the pride of the UN combined fleet, the Super Carrier 'Over the Rainbow'!"
"What kind of a stupid name is that?" Toji sniffed, causing Kensuke's grip on his camera to visibly tighten for a second.
"She's a vintage model from just before Second Impact" Kensuke's huffed, clearly putting aside Toji's near heretical statements for the time being."

"Near" heretical, that was downright treason!

"Shinji feeling terrified the whole way that the 6th Angel would show up early and destroy them without even realizing it had run them over,"

Yeah, why can't anyone ever write a NGE fanfic where the Angels get to win?!

"Finally satisfied with their work, they eventually told the lowly, inefficient humans in the loop to open fire."

And yet people call me crazy when I say SkyNet should basically auto-win against humans.

"ready to introduce the Angel to the concept of returning to nothingness."
"the first faint edge of terror finally going into the voice of a girl who despite all her training, had no real understanding of mortality until this moment."

I lol'd.

"Either someone had spent an extraordinary amount of resources to perfectly duplicate Misato's necklace in one of the craziest plots in the history of the intelligence game…or…"

Yeah, it's probably that. Kids and their imaginations, am I right?
The One Who Reads Too Much chapter 7 . 12/1/2016
"It's the Evangelion" Kensuke shrugged. "Chicks digthat thing".

I have heard from reliable sources that chicks do, in fact, dig giant robots.

"Based on his limited understanding of women, this could be taken to mean anything from 'hi there' to 'yes I would like to marry you'…"

Hah! Well, maybe his mom's been secretly teaching him to speak woman during training sessions and fighting giant monsters.

"Yeah, we might even get lucky and an Angel might destroy the dance hall" Toji said in hope."

Hoping for a random monster attack to ruin a school event...only in Japan, lol.

"Several new armor plates, painted in the purple of Unit One, were even now being painted over by a cage crew who clearly thought it just would not do to send out Rei in a mismatched Evangelion."

Well, duh, if your giant fighting robot doesn't even look cool, then what's the point of having it?

"all the technicians in those power plants and major node stations across the country now prayed to their ancestors that the typical Japanese quest for excellence and engineering conservatism had been put into a system paid for by the Government and built the lowest bidding contractor…"

Yeah, if they tried this anywhere else, the city probably would've exploded or something.

"Really? Cool!" he grinned, flicking his communications unit over to the general NERV/UN frequency. "Hey everyone, victory party at Katsuragi's place!"


Now, I only hope nothing ruins your portrayal of Shinji's character for me once Asuka shows up.
The One Who Reads Too Much chapter 6 . 12/1/2016
"it stood out as clearly as Unit One in a lineup next to his uncle's garden gnomes."


"And the best part about going back in time he thought, switching his radio over to the general frequency, all those lines you came up with too late…
"Anyone for fried squid?"

Hilarious, but it should probably be "calamari".

"This is Japan Shinji-Kun" she said sweetly, reaching down and yanking him to his feet with a surprising, but not a violent show of strength, indicating to Shinji she must have already had her 'wakeup beer' for this morning. "You're expected to go into work, or school, unless you have a legal document declaring you clinically dead".


"But he would have to watch Rei carefully. There were things about NERV and herself that it would not do for Shinji to find out."

The One Who Reads Too Much chapter 5 . 12/1/2016
"It meant he wasn't exactly incognito when he walked around the base in jeans and a T-Shirt…if a 14 year old boy walking around a highly classified military base could be said be fit in. Especially carrying a huge bouquet of bright yellow flowers and humming to himself."

Heh, that's a hilarious mental image.

"Honesty forced her to asses the concepts presented by Shinji. When she had…replaced, her previous 'sister', she had recalled many of her memories.
But they were hazy recollections of a past that was not hers.
She looked similar to her.
But there were clear and distinct differences between them."

Yeah...that's why I hate the idea of "immortality" or "resurrection" through cloning.

"He decided then and there it would probably better not to let everyone know he was an Evangelion pilot this time around."..."IT'S HIM! HE'S THE PILOT OF THAT ROBOT!"

Lol, good try Shinji, but nothing can stop The Plot.

"I sware, I sware!"

It's "swear", not "sware".
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