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RealRemainder chapter 8 . 9/6/2016
Ah, rating gone down eh? I suppose we wouldn't be seeing anything too drastic if you did continue with this then? That's a little disapointing. I like the mature stuff. I would also like for this to continue.
RealRemainder chapter 7 . 9/6/2016
Oh boy, the laser beam Angel. Let's see how Shinji handles that one, because even with his extra knowledge I still think he'll fry.


-then he smile dropped - Um, I think you meant "then the smile dropped"

-she's always steeling looks at you - Hikari 'steals' looks at Toji: "always stealing looks"

-feared the wraith of Hikari - it's 'wrath', as in rage: "the wrath of Hikari"

-stepping back fro the console - forgot the 'm': "back from the console"

-Ritisko - It's "Ritsuko"

-come one - I thonk you meant "come on"

-That's all. Not many mispelled names this time either.

Post Angel in world building is awesome. The in world building in this is generlly awesome.

? A school dance? That wasn't even mentioned in the show... Oh god, you're doing something big with this aren't you? Considering how you build the in-world here...

Hm, principal Shinzo Suzuya, huh? Okay Shinji is definetely trying to put this dance back on. And he got it fairly easily. He's going to the vice commander with the insurence thing isn't he? Yup, there it is already phoning him.

Aha! Dance back on! And Shinji getting on with the second hottest girl in class, LOL! Of course Ken and Toji would call him a traitor.

Ahh, Rei getting the feels is so wonderful! Hahaha, 'satisfaction'!

Man, this Chihiro chick is persistent!

Haha, poor Hikari. Good thing Shinji made a pretty nice save. 'Shinji the ladies man', who would have thought. Go and reject Chihiro but good, Shin-man... or run away with the help of Rei, Toji and Kensuke, that works too...

? 2010AD? Oh boy...

Poor Naoko. So stupid. Killing herself over nothing, over her own stupidity... I don't think I've ever seen this scene from the Anime in text form. Ah, so it is Naoko who is inside Unit 00... I've seen that interpretation before but I don't care for it... Unit 00 would be a lot more upset with Rei if it was Naoko. Oh well...

Back to 2015 we see Rei was having a long flash back that resulted in a nice ponient sliver of doubt about her commander. Awesome!

Oh boy... Rei is gonna get torched isn't she? Yup there it is. Good thing hero Shinji was right there.

Holy crap Shinji is a lot more furious than I first thought. "Turn the JSDF into past"? Wow! Good thing he contained himself and his memories. Also shared a very nice moment with Rei. Although I think it's kind of early for her to be making spontaneous jokes.

Ah, techno bable explaining the energy output stuff, energy of the whole country into one weapon! I'll say it again, the world building in this is awesome. So was the rewrite of the battle. Oh boy Ritsuko is gonna get suspicious of Shinji's knowledge isn't she?

Very good Chapter. Onward to the still probably dead fic...
RealRemainder chapter 6 . 8/30/2016
BOOM, new chapter! Well, for me it is at least. I stopped reading this story on the previous one back when I found this story because I realized it was probably dead...

Good lord, how I hope this story isn't dead...



-Aboa - Is typing names wrong a thing in this fic? It's "Aoba".

-I thought you were smarter that - forgot the 'than':"you were smarter than that"

-Look, your right. - In this case it's 'you're': "Look, you're right."

-That's all. No Mistao this time and it's less than the others. Pretty good.

Ah, the beauty of Shinji anticipating an Angel... And figuring out Ayanami... And over all doing things once more, with feeling. (See what I did there?)

That is a perfect brother-sister dynamic in my opinion. Outstanding dialogue between Rei and Shinji right there.

And a regular pilot sees the Angel that bleeped the radars. Nice in-world viewing, something I haven't seen a lot of: normal people reacting to the Angel!

Shinji from the future with pre batle jitters? Hmmm, I guess it's plausible. This one WAS a prety close call last time. And Shinji even makes me laugh with a high fiber diet jab. Nice. Nice new tactics too, even if he didn't anticipate tentacle regeneration.

Rei clenching her fists... I wanna say it's early for such a display but you've built her character well. It's not like she's in love already. The in-world building of this is amazing!

LOL! Fried squid hahaha!

Oh Kensuke got some footage and didn't almost die, he just got a talking from Toji, and then from the class Rep and Toji's sister. Nice!

Ah, Shinji making jokes about work just like Misato. Hehe, 'clinically dead'.

What the hell? What's with the hero worship of Shinji? Oh, Kensuke babbled, showing the footage he had. Nice! Once again, the world building in this is awesome!

Ah, Rei thinking of Shinji. And Gendo being a bastard. Nice way to end the chapter.
RealRemainder chapter 5 . 8/27/2016
Me again. I want this to be back so badly... this is the last chapter I read when I found this by the way. I stoped reading here when I realizd this was probabl dead, so from the next chapter on out it's uncharted terrain.


-"long into the night" After this line it switches from Rei's point of view to Misato's. A line under it would be nice.

-Mistao - UGH! AGAIN! It's "Misato"! This baby shows up 3 times

-on a women - singular is 'woman': "on a woman"

-I sware, I sware! - I think you meant 'swear': "I swear, I swear!"

-That is all. Good work.

See the almighty Angel and its adversary in a VR envirowment, every one! Very nice virtual battle.

Rei and Shinji's orchestration of the silence was awesome!

Ah! Classic Misato deconstructed beautifully by time traveller Shinji. Nice that he still thinks of Asuka. Her voice in his head made me laugh in the first read.

Sky fall is taller than an Eva? That seems unlikely... just as it's unlikely that Nerv people can afford a 5 star bar. Maybe they get employee discount? Still a nice description of the place where Misato and Ritsuko talk about all the secrecy stuff. Of course Ritsuko lied about this. Nice that she feels guilty though. Yes, that weight does suck Misato.

"SHinji didn't know if he should be pleased or disapointed his father ignored him" Perfect.

Rei and Shinji talking. Shinji is being an extremely proficient time traveller. I guess the fact everyone he talks to are damaged goods helps in that regard. Convincing Rei she is unique is something that takes time and effort and he did it in one talk?

Ah back at school eh Shinji? Toji pointing and shouting is always fun. And of course he was thankful instead of trowing punches. Very nice. Let's see the first chapter I didn't read next, then the rest of the story.
RealRemainder chapter 4 . 8/16/2016
Here's another detailed review, here's to still hoping this will return someday.


-He wasn't however, entirely correct - After this sentence, it switches to Ritsuko's Point Of View's and there is no line after it, as you usually place to indicate POV switch.

-Askua - Again you are writting that instead of Asuka...

-The escalator appeared to reach to infinity - After this sentence it switches back to Shinji's POV but it again has no line of separation.

-towards the Western edge of Tokyo 3 - after this sentence it switches to Rei's POV but there's no line of separation again.

-She was going to find out about this Third child... - Rei's POV end here and yet again there's no line of separation.

-That probably meant- - Again, no line of separation after Shinji's POV ended and Misato's started.

-Mistao - Again you are writting that instead of Misato...

-"Let's get going." - I have a feeling you didn't put ANY lines that separate points of view in this chapter... there should be another after this line from Misato.

-another thing off about this chapter is the way the lines in some of the paragraphs are set. I don't know why they're like that. I'm glad it looks like they are like that just in this chapter.

-That's all. A lot of stuff in this chapter...

Hmm, Shinji dealing with his sanity and with the fact that he came back in time is VERY well done... have I mentioned it sucks this story looks dead?

Of course Ritsuko is suspicious. I'm calling her as one of the first to find out Shinji time travelled. Smart thing with the Ludwig, Johann and Richard for the other MAGI in German.

Shinji and his pondering as a time traveller... I love the work this has in world building.

Rei's building through her point of view was is also pretty sweet.

Shinji hiding the necklace in his mother's grave and breaking down in front of it makes sense, but what doesn't make sense was Lilith appearing to him again... kind of pulled me out of the whole moment. What should have happened was just him having a good cry and then, after it was all out of his system(all the while having the flash back of Kaworu), man up(still in flashback mode) and go... maybe it wouldn't be as flushed out as in this, but Lilith appearing stil felt off.

Movement to find Shinji, of course. Ah, den mother Misato, how adorable. Even as she deals with the heavier stuff. Lol at Maya calling Aoba and Makoto perverts.

Ah, shinji drops a little hint he knows about his mother. Of course Misato won't pick up but, nice!

Seele talking and Gendo sneering is also pretty good. Love the world building atop of canon this has.

Haha, Shinji standing up to his father and handling the situation to his favor was priceless! Kudos! Just like the whole "that wasn't envy" and Misatos welcome home meal bits were also hilarious.
RealRemainder chapter 3 . 8/12/2016

-Shinji shouting "GO" should have been in a different line that of Misato saying "Sorry Im late".

-Mistao dead - it's Misato: "Misato dead"

-"I'll try to behave myself before - forgot a quotation mark and coma here: "Ill try to behave myself," before

-"Ah, Mistao is fine" - it's Misato: "Misato is fine". This mistake repeats itself several times, a LOT of times throughout the chapter...

-Askua - I think you meant "Asuka"... this one appears twice.

-Can you please see that gets back to the hospital - Shinji is talking about Rei, you forgot a "she" here: "Can you please see that she gets back to"

-That's all.

That is an awesome comeback for Shinji, from the inception of his surroundings to his talking to Rei/Lilith. Kudos.

Nice intro of Sachiel. Chapter named after him is a nice touch too. Thankfully in later chapters you stopped doing this "name of a song underlined" in the middle of the chapter. Reading medium and all that.

Shinji missed Misato like crazy, huh? Nice to see the different take on this encounter. And the encounters of his father and rits too. Nice how he noticed his father was surprised that he 'remembered' how his mother died.

Um, I think the uncle taking care of Shinji was the brother of Yui, not Gendo's... but whatever, doesn't really matter, really.

Recreation of the first battle with rights of Shinji having a flashback and then actually sparing Toji's sister for the win! Indeed this has only just began Shinji. Let's hope it continues.
RealRemainder chapter 2 . 8/8/2016
This prologue is perfect. I think I would add a motive of some sort for Shinji to say 'go bak in time' or for Lilith to interpret that as 'throw him back in time', but other than that there isn't even any spelling or grammar errors that I could see so I'm not even going to spoil anything in this review.
S.V chapter 1 . 8/6/2016
Go to sufficient velocity, that's where you'll find the updated version
HexasMancer chapter 17 . 8/4/2016
Such a good story. You write so well and get into the heads of all of the characters perfectly. I love your Rei, your Asuka, and your takes on Kaji and Ritsuko Akagi.

You said you wanted feedback, I can't praise enough this story and say how much I enjoyed it. If you ever decide to continue it, even if that's slow, and in small bits at a time, I'll be waiting in anticipation. Thanks for this creation.
Guest chapter 17 . 8/3/2016
I miss this story! Please update it!
RealRemainder chapter 1 . 8/1/2016
okay so a relatively long time ago I found this fic and I power read the first 5 chapters. I faved it but didn't review because... I realized this was probably dead...

I don't think it will come back just because I reviewed every chapter but... I think it's worth a shot because this is hands down the best 'shnji goes back in time' I've ever read. I will be reviewing all other chapters every week or so, because I'm making the review as detailed as possible, pointing out spelling and grammar and then putting opinions, as I do with the living stories.

I hope you read this and get back on this someday.
GeniusJJ chapter 7 . 7/25/2016
This is arguably one of the best fics I've ever read, I love the way you are retelling the tv series by alternating certain events, but at the same time doesn't diverge too far from the source material. Very awesome characterization with the cast as well. It's a lot more believable and doesn't make them OOC. I look forward to what you have planned next chapter and hopefully you overcome your writer's block.
ethanlee747 chapter 12 . 7/22/2016
Man, this has got to be the best stories on Evangelion in

I mean like, it's beautifully well crafted and i hate to see it on hiatus (or on another prospect; dead). Like people always say, a story isn't a story until it ends!

P.S. I hope that 1 fav and follow boosted your morale man, I would love to see this story kicking ass in the near future. Peace
FateBurn chapter 17 . 7/15/2016
Excellent story so far, too bad it seems either in hiatus or dead. Hope it is continued at some point.
RobertVeggies chapter 3 . 7/4/2016
edit: paragraph 6, word 'facing' should be 'racing'
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