Reviews for Get Up and Use Me
The Genesis Awards chapter 1 . 2/14/2009
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FearandloathingILV chapter 1 . 12/4/2008
Awesome. Totally awesome. It's always good to see Vincent young and a kick-ass punk :D
Tamlin chapter 1 . 8/22/2008
Amazing. Really, truly amazing.

Your scenes, your characterization, everything perfect. I know this is completely inadequate compared to the story you wrote, but I'm rather speechless. I read this before, and I didn't know how to put my admiration into words. Coming back to it, I still can't.

Verdot chapter 1 . 9/11/2007
Oh noes, I might catch THE GAY from this!


Alright, so you already know this is probably one of my favorite things ever. Because you did in fact write two MEN being well... crazy. And violent.

And there was sex.

It's like an advertising wet dream.

But I really like the description in this. I'll admit, dense description turns me off a lot, but this flirts with the line there, and for that everything is win.

Anyway, I realized I hadn't reviewed it on here, only so here I am.

Tijuana Pirate chapter 1 . 8/25/2007
'Lo Dark,

Just one review. Tch. I'll try and do something to fill that space. ;)

I know that I've read this story once through already ... but I like picking things to pieces, especially when I like what I'm reading. I like to figure out -why- I like something, you know?

First off, that description at the end was bloody glorious. It's - I think that girls get into trouble, sometimes, when they write these things, especially about these kinds of people. They're -violent- people, eh? That's why your description was perfect. It was all sharp edges, suffocating closeness with undertones of violence. It was Vincent's -knees-, his -bruising- mouth, the -crushing- weight of his body. All the small bits added up to a damned perfect whole.

I still love the heat imagery (can heat be an image?). -I- felt suffocated in that first scene ... and, personally, I think you made a Hell of a choice. It's almost like pathetic fallacy (which may or may not have been your intention). -Midgar- feels stifling and suffocating... so does Veld but there's an undertone of violence in him (that we all know that Midgar can have as well; it's a dangerous city). Veld even says that he's afraid that they've built a monster in the city and then later on he says essentially the same thing about Vincent and himself. I think it's clever, how your scene was setting up and reflecting your characters.

I guess another thing that struck me ... is how little your Veld -sounds- like mine. I know that this is prolly a silly point but I love reading your Veld and Cendri's and Drakon’s... we're all writing from the same base but at the same time we all have a different take on him. There are -elements- that I see pop up in my character ... but yours -sounds- different. (Notice that when I know that I'm not explaining myself well I use an excess of italics. -wink-)

I think that the big difference between our Velds is that ... my Vincent is really different. Maybe your Veld is just how Veld -sounds- when he's forced to deal with someone like your Vincent Valentine. There's also a -huge- difference between being someone's colleague and being head of the unit. So, your character is delicious; he's sounds rather much like a Veld who would come out -in- that situation.

He also sounds so -young-. That's something that got to me, since all my Velds sound so –old-. -wink-

I also had the vague feeling that he's underestimating Vincent. You sneak that idea in small ways. I loved the line where you called Vincent possessive and obsessive. I also adored the bit where you said that their fights would be worse and would be for different reasons. On some level I think that Veld -knows-... oh, that man and his self-delusions.

I think that I was silly to waffle over the surrender line too. Sure, you could've said something less loaded like 'give in'... but the connotation in 'surrender' is that you -want to stop fighting-. After rereading the story more carefully, I can understand why Veld would want to stop fighting -that one thing-. Maybe he'll always fight (other things?). Gra, this is hard to explain. He was fighting with himself more than anyone else. Like you said, the arguments will change now. It’s not really a weakness so much as … well, a long drawn out admission. And it leaves the hint of violence in the future.

Damned lovely, Dark. Leaves me wanting more, for sure.

-T. pirate
Crescent-Moon-Love chapter 1 . 8/22/2007
Lmao, I really enjoyed this, Great Job!