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Gundam Kaiser chapter 2 . 4/12/2015
On the one hand, I really don't know how to feel about this AU, since it feels like there's hardly any MGLN in it.

...on the other hand, there are barely ANY fics about Chrono, and even fewer that have him as a total badass. So I guess I'll just keep reading.
RICKDOMINATED chapter 29 . 8/10/2009
Fweh, where to start, where to start...

I'm going to warn you right off, I'm going to gush a bit here, so If I wander around a bit, forgive me, alright?

First off, I'd just like to say that your vision of Nanoha and Star Wars go together like goddamn chocolate and peanut butter, absolutely seemingly MADE for each other. Of Course, trying to fit into at least some place in Star Wars Canon is giving me a fit, but its going to prove interesting to see who the universe develops without the New Order to muck things up (On a completely tangential Side Note, the Vong are going to be befriended -HARD-). One thing I do want to complain about is the lack of hardly any kind of writing about whats happening with the rest of the Galaxy. Of course, this is all about Chrono at the moment, so I guess I can let you slide on that.

I'm also highly enjoying all the OG Character Action, Ryunne is a fun as ever and Tetsuya is still awesome (Shuu is obviously planning something though, seeing as he's well... Shuu). This combined with a multitude of other references makes your story a lot of fun to read and pick apart, a trait I highly admire. Of course my knowledge of Bleach and Mai-Hime/Otome is extremely limited, so I don't know quite how to get a handle on that particular stable of characters... (I really thought Wang was either from Krieg, a Helgast or a Red Eyes until I googled her Name...)

All and all, quite excellent, and I'm looking forward to when we can move on past this Berserk style "Prolouge" into the Real Meat of the Tale, i.e. Befriending Beams everywhere forever. The way you write this, it'll be epic.

We'll be watching you with Great Interest...

(Oh, and I'm calling Vader coming Back Right now, you set it up far to nice in the opening setup not to)
xXKazaneXx chapter 29 . 6/4/2009
I made it! Finally chapter 29. I would like to give a helpful, useful review but at the moment I can only say fjpdwioajpowjima;sdklhioeijfpajifaw...

The guys in MGLN don't receive enough attention and this story was a God-sent. Chrono~ Is it just me or can the harem/Harlaown effect really effect those who just read about Chrono? Then again I have always liked him from when he 1st appeared on MGLN, he just didn't get enough screentime for me to be a total fangirl. Likewise for Yuuno. I am now going to beg you for updates. PLEASE! The world of MGLN needs more males in general. Or at least more eye-candy to cater to it's female viewers.
Tikigod784 chapter 29 . 5/10/2009
Looks like it's time to dodge bullets... heh.

Heavy action this chapter... and a very different perspective from the annoyingly competent Chrono of the 1st Nanoha series... also, the UT reference was fun... as was Ryuune coming off as something of an Erza clone (combat-wise).
Person With Many Aliases chapter 29 . 5/10/2009
So, took me a bit, but finally read through this chapter.

All very entertaining and all, and more fun to see the various sources you've drawn from, again. Liking the mission, perfect for a team of two. So far, so good I must say, so keep it up.
Tikigod784 chapter 27 . 4/14/2009
ouch... RAZOR HAIL? gah... then I demand an assault rifle with a chainsaw bayonet.

So, what kind of device does Ryuune actually have? It seems to be pretty awesome from the ranking...

HUGE time-jumps. This story is just sad now. I'm not even expecting anything close to a happy ending. Just a terrible, tragic death for dear Chrono (and friends). And if taht's all he's going to get... maybe he can at least become a villain before it's all over and take everything else with him.

On a different note, do you ever take trips to the various Anime conventions in the US? Just got back from Sakura-con myself.
Grand Phoenix chapter 25 . 4/13/2009
These two paragraphs had me thinking...

"We all watch him leave out of the corner of our eyes, a beast in the tall, cadaverous sinew of a man. When I first and last saw him, he had been a cruel, borderline sadistic Drill Instructor, campaign hat and all, veteran of more wars than you could count off your ten fingers (note: I apply this only to humans and near-humans). With a glistening sneer and the sharp eyes of a bird-of-prey, he had systematically weeded out all the weak and feeble, transforming a gaggle of children into a trained, disciplined platoon ready and willing to kill for "God and Country" at the first sound of the horn. Though to be frank, it was not so much out of patriotism we would have fought, but the horrible possibility of disappointing Master Drill Instructor Sergeant Major Walon Vau: that absolute worst-case scenario must. not. happen. period.

And today, he had gone from the old Marine to - well, simply put - death on two legs."

... What are the chances of Walon Vau and Nanoha meeting, by any chance? Because, by God, I HOPE it does. Hell, if Walon Vau manages to make it to the StrikerS arc, imagine what it would be like if they trained their greenhorns TOGETHER.

I apologize for not reviewing earlier. I had a two-thousand word review ready to post on Chapter 12, but the damn bucket of bolts called a computer freakin' froze and forced me off the Internet. That was ... maybe a couple months ago. But I got rid of it. I got rid of Windows XP, went out, and got me Windows VISTA. That means more room on my desk, relief on my eyes, and a sleek-lookin' monitor and small modem that runs MUCH FASTER than on the old machine.

It's good to be back.

So we're almost done with Part One, huh? What do you have planned for Part Two? I'm assuming it'll still be some time before we get to meet Nanoha and everyone else. I was also thinking, not too long ago, if you're going to incorporate ViVid and Mahou Senki Force into Enforcer Chrono.

If you do that and you don't get bored of writing this by then, it's going to be just as big - hell, it'll be bigger than "The Idiot's Guide to Nindo" and "Blue Blue Glass Moon, Under the Crimson Air" (which I've never read).

Until then (and get caught up with the latest chapter),

- Grand Phoenix
Person With Many Aliases chapter 27 . 4/13/2009
Update...~ Ah, nice to have one soon.

Your message I received... I'm not sure if I intended "slow development" to be a negative remark. I do understand and enjoy a slow development after all, especially if it works, which it is here. Chrono is filling out his being with character after all.

More Blackouts huh? Chrono does seem to be getting grouchier. At least he has his friends. Ryuune is quite a lady now, true. Very good...

Did you just insinuate that our Nina is... Helghast...! (WHAT!/WOOT!/CURAZZEEY?) That's... that's... alot to take in... Woah.

Well, all in all, it was a fun chapter, great humourous moments. Operation Flashpoint looks to be fun, if you're going to spend some time on that.

Well, keep it up, Great work as ever.

(I should get back to my commissions now. Good a time as any. For sure, I will finish...! I must show you my 5th one...!)
Person With Many Aliases chapter 26 . 3/22/2009
Well, another chapter down.

Chrono really isn't taking his health really well, is he? And now he's fully aware of something else lurking in his psyche...

Now, this is something I wonder how he's gonna deal with. Is he really ever going to recover from that pill-poppin'? Heh, I suppose we live to know such drama.

The second half is pretty staggering, that said. But the chapter's still mainly slow development, I guess.

Well, I'll await the next chapter then. Keep it up, don't strain yourself!
Tikigod784 chapter 26 . 3/22/2009
Wow, Chrono's a useless addict until further notice...

Nina's a relentless cynic

Nagi's just his impish self and Ryuune's still Tsundere. Awesome.

Seriously though, I'm surprised Chrono hasn't gone all emo on us and starting slitting his wrists or something... and I have a feeling Nina's mind was partially destroyed long ago.

So depressing... but I suppose that's what it's like to have a full-fledged career in the military. I envy no one in that position.

I have to wonder if the code can just be abandoned to it's own devices... but it'd probably just come back to cause the end of the universe or something...

Also, your thoughts on the StrikerS season. Half of it was ridiculous and not too well-thought-out. Helicopter? Gasoline Motorcycle? Out of place things all over the place. And if Subaru really used roller blades, I'd expect a knightmare-style thing from Code Geass or ATs from Air Gear...

As for the Espada thing, is that gonna take place before Nanoha's appearance, or after. I know in the other guy's universe the espada only appear after the storyline finishes in A's.

I also hear they're making a Nanoha movie...
Arkeus chapter 19 . 3/10/2009
I...well, i am not sure i understood this chpater. may reread it later. Stammering Zoldark is a bit annoying after a while.
Arkeus chapter 18 . 3/9/2009
i feel more and more that my english must have severe problems, as both you and tempest seems to be misled a lot by what i am saying.

I actually agree with all of what you say, or at least most.

a few things:

An intelligent device, for me, while not as good as a unison device in order to align oneself, is still pretty badass. What i mean is that it's "specialized". for exemple, i don't think Nanoha could use Bardiche as well as she does RH, even if she had found bardiche instead.

A unison Device is flat out stated to not work for some people.

from what i understand, storage device (like Chrono's Su-2)still have their preferences, and "random" ones, like the basic staff, looks to work indifferently for most people.

in nanohaverse magic:

As for the ranks and potential. I quite agree, too, but i meant that a rank has more than raw power. or at least, a linker core does a few different things, and even if you can't constantly emit A rank magic, doesn't mean you can't use S ranked spell (though you'll feel it). of course, it's my pet theory, but it seems to be supported, as limiters are written to limit the output, but not much else.

As a linker core is written to also generates mana, someone whose linker core generate AA rank mana can still, if he has a sufficient store, blast with A or even S rank spell.

Now, i am not that well verse in type moon magic, so i can't wait to be surprised and impressed.

Did you make a reference to tenjou tenge?

BTW, did you get my pm?

A logn story short, as far as i can understand you, we seem to agree. I just have severe problems communicating, it seems.
Arkeus chapter 14 . 3/8/2009

Cool and spicy Amu Hinamori...LOL

anyway, good job, and i foresee trouble.
Arkeus chapter 12 . 3/8/2009
awesome. So, in your fic, magic is a strength multiplier (physical strength i mean), not adder?
Arkeus chapter 11 . 3/8/2009
pretty well done, and not that unimpressive. The fact they had limiters makes it even more impressive. I expect that the general technomagic achievement is greater in this verse?
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