Reviews for You've Really Put Your Hoof In It This Time
Trinity Le Faye chapter 1 . 6/12/2007
Love the story Its so sweet how Jane's taking care of Eddie
reviewer chapter 3 . 8/25/2004
ha ha what a great fic. You did a great job with it!
Lady LifeCharm chapter 3 . 8/21/2003
OMG . That was the most halrious SOmeone Like You fanfic i've ever read. Hahahaha. I love it! I hope you plan on continuing with the story.

Hahah. Bertha. Annabella.


stelingrad chapter 3 . 5/8/2003
oh god this is so funny i can hardly type! good job on this one it's sp cute! hahahaha!
stelingrad chapter 3 . 5/8/2003
oh god this is so funny i can hardly type! good job on this one it's sp cute! hahahaha!
tobin Mitchell Too Lazy to sign in chapter 3 . 7/24/2002
I think you're Crazy.

Completely Brilllant, but Crazy

Can't that Darn Eddie Go more then a few hours without ending up in the hospital?
Ya ok chapter 1 . 4/16/2002
You used the word 'baby' wayyyy too many times. I understand it's a nickname, but it was annoying, and made me stop reading halfway through.
toto chapter 3 . 11/27/2001
How good do we have to be?

Shall another review be necessary to continue.

Is this the last?

Oh, but you are so-o-o-o good.

Please continue. please, pa-le-e-z-z-e!

Even with a cute kitten on top?
toto chapter 3 . 11/5/2001
My keyboard will never be the same. There should be a law against reading such lethal writing when drinking hot tea. I couldn't contain my side effects (hiding giggles to occasional outburst to rib splitters) building up when experiencing someone's worst nightmare... in their home... with no escape... eh gads... the porcelain god... and horrors of horrors...the white PILL. The 'El stomp-oe of 'El foot-oe to scare the poor little gato off of the 'El couch-oe, ~ all this while loaded down with HUNKY load, oh man! Then picture the whole thing and add mountains of flubber~rounds of rolls. I was imagining what shock I would go through if I was that kitten. That's when my 'spewing out my drink on the keyboard' scene took place. I had to come back to re-read the story 3 times just to get a good laugh at when I laughed. Now are you good ... or are you good? Please... more, more, I need another reason to replace another older keyboard on one of the other computers. (I'll blame in on the cat!)
Domino chapter 3 . 10/18/2001
I loved it! Please write some more!
Lady S chapter 3 . 9/25/2001
ROFLMBO! This was sooooo great! Hilarious... gut busting, side splitting hilarious! Really, it was great. The Nursemaid from Hell! Anywho... it was great, as was the prequel you did. Poor Eddie! SEW
Dizzy Ink chapter 2 . 8/28/2001
OMG! It starts out so freaking funny! The care giver from Hell! Sounds like one of my old teachers. Then he hits his head! What are you doing to him? You won't be happy until Eddie's a vegtable!heheheheheh...Great do Far! Write more soon! YAY!
Jen10 chapter 3 . 8/28/2001
LOL! Great ending! Poor Eddie!
KhakiGrrl chapter 3 . 8/28/2001
NO! Poor Eddie. That's the end? That can't be the end. I need more Ananova fic!
samantha chapter 2 . 8/23/2001
hehehe. i really like this story! as dandy as foof is, man, this one has really good characterations. i really like the cat. i hope you update soon! and why is it that you always pick on eddie, huh? (ahem, sorry. just getting a little overprotective there.) anyways, cant wait to read more!
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