Reviews for Count Your Blessings chapter 1 . 8/23/2007
Yet another awesome tag from you hon, perfectly done as always!

You could really feel Dean's emotional distress as he dealt with his guilt that Layla had died and he was still alive. Letting his tears flow for a moment in the shower gave him a little release but didn't take away any of the pain! Sam, as usual, knew how much his brother was hurting and taking him to the church was his way of helping! As usual though Dean was very anti but as Sam had entered the church he knew there was no way he wouldn't follow, eventually!

Sam words trying to convince his brother he was good enough, did help people and was worth saving were so heartfelt but trust Dean to make a joke about Sam saying "do do" to cover the moment!

And Sam's silent thanks to Layla for never blaming Dean for being chosen to be saved over her, which meant the world to him!

Loved Dean musing that he may not have faith in the religious sense, but he had something better - Sam!

In an ideal world he'd be able to take away the pain completely, to turn back time and make it so Layla got to live and Dean didn't have to torture himself feeling guilty that he was chosen instead of her. But this wasn't an ideal world, and things never wrapped themselves up so neatly with a 'happy ever after' bow in real life.

But despite that they were here, they were together and they were moving on.

And for that reason alone they could both count their blessings.

The ending was perfect, you put everything so eloquently, and despite everything in their lives that wasn't perfect they could still count their blessings!

Loved it, thanks!
Muffy Morrigan chapter 1 . 8/23/2007
Beautiful, as always. Rated five Impalas and into the binder it goes! I just love the emotion, understated, yet so true to the boys! Loved it, hon!
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