Reviews for 10 Miles In Your Shoes
or-chan chapter 41 . 6/12
Wow that was one of your best chapters yet! Really hope you continue this story!
Kj chapter 41 . 3/31
Absolutely the best Fanfic I have ever read, I'm glad you're still going with this! That ending scene was so perfect, I felt happy and sad and I actually fecking whooped! Finally Tyson has got somewhere with Kai! Thank you, and I can't wait for the next chapter, keep up the good work!
Murder2003 chapter 41 . 3/26
This story was just... Wow. Superb. I read the whole story all together, this has filled every corner with just CHERRY TOXIC (or rather NEURON-X)! The only story which is in my best out of favourites list. thankies for such a wonderful story! Yay! I Feel so lucky! And please update the further chapters quick! Can't wait to read more!

P.S. What age are you? I'm gonna be thirteen two months later.
A big girl still!
Yusumy chapter 41 . 3/10
Hola realmente espero que vuelvas a escribir pronto por que nos has dejado mucho tiempo en suspenso.

Ha y si tienes mas fic envíame su nombre o sus linkc.

Ha y porfis actualiza pronto no nos vuelvas.
Porsierto como escritor eres genial.
tutul chapter 32 . 3/9
Oo...I loved this chapter, the relationship between voltaire and kai was so sweet. So voltair has a heart and he cares about kai and he felt guilty to hurt kai.
And I don't like Chiyo at all.
I loved this chapter, keep good working...
tutul chapter 41 . 3/8
Thanks for updating again.
I really love this chapter, but what about kai and voltaire's relationship? You show that Voltaire cares about kai and may be love kai too. Voltaire must get a second chance .
Loved your work. Please update soon:- )
Kai-kun chapter 41 . 3/4
I just lobe this. I read this over and over again. Can't wait for the end :)
guest chapter 41 . 1/29
finally ch 41
i was waiting for it
it is awesome
Haro kzoids chapter 41 . 1/21
Fue interesante saber que estás de vuelta y este capítulo fue realmente conmovedor. Casi le había perdido el hilo a la historia.
Buen trabajo.
kehkr chapter 41 . 1/21

Having only just discovered this ff, I've just spent the past three days reading every chapter each night upon my return from work, until I went to sleep. I want to thank you so much for writing an amazing beyblade ff, which is so intelligently and creatively written that it satisfies not only my 13 year old girl obsession with Kai, but the need to read something of great substance. I cannot wait for the next chapter! x
Pickles chapter 41 . 1/21
Ooooh my goooood, such a long chapter and sooooo well written! I loved the end, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED it! When I imagine Kai having a mental breakdown, then this is EXACTLY how I imagine it. And it wasn't OOC at all! It was perfect, absolutely freakin perfect. Can't tell you how happy I am that you updated again, soooo worth the wait!
Omg I love you, you and your writing skills, I'm so happyyyyy TT-TT
Alba Skadi Mori chapter 23 . 1/21
Im half way! I'm trying to read the most I'm able to in my free time, but I wish I had an entire day to sit and just read this, I had been catched by your story! So, at this point, I thought I have to review something haha like in a 'must' way. I want to know about Kai past so badly, so I'm hoping eagerly that in the next few chapters something more than a flashback step in haha! Nice story! Saludos.
Yuliya chapter 41 . 1/20
Woot another update! Glad to see we're almost done! Ill keep waiting for another chapter! Still loving the story!
CorynOfHoole chapter 41 . 1/19
Holy cow.
Delays are nothing to worry about when you give us a chapter like that!

I am always super excited to see a new chapter of this fic, and was nowhere near disappointed with this one. I am glad to see Tyson was able to finally get somewhere with Kai, but I worry a little about what is going to happen next.

Good luck on getting the next chapter finished! Can't wait!
Raider3 chapter 41 . 1/17
Oh my goodness... I don't know how you do it, but that was fantastic. Heart wrenching, but fantastic. You have such a gift at capturing emotion. I hope Tyson can help him find happiness again. Great chapter! So excited for the next one!
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