Reviews for 10 Miles In Your Shoes
grimnessreaper chapter 38 . 4/7
(: I'm so glad that you managed to find some inspiration to continue this story. I feel that this chapter is an excellent way to end things. Never stop writing, you're amazing!
Stara chapter 38 . 4/5
I'm so thrilled that you updated! Truthfully, I actually don't read any fanfiction anymore and haven't for a few years, but I could never let this story go. It is honestly the only reason I keep my old email that is attached to my account on this site, so that I will get an alert when you update. I would check that email once every few months with the dim hope that you posted a new chapter, but was disappointed. I had assumed you probably moved on from writing it, and that it would forever be unfinished, but I was, and still am, so attached to this story that I just kept checking for a new chapter anyway. Your true understanding of the concepts represented in this story is what I really love. I have a psychology degree, so I cannot stand when issues such as abuse are represented so black and white, but you seem to understand the depth behind the issues. Things like abuse effect everyone involved in ways that may not seem apparent on the surface. For example, Kai beating Tyson is completely realistic because those who have suffered from physical abuse are more likely to be violent. The way you represent Voltaire is also something that no other story does. You seem to realize that he is not just evil, but a person who has other qualities. While he is in no way a good person, you at least show that he is more dynamic than just this evil person who only does evil things because he is evil(which is how most people represent him and that gets tiring and boring very quickly). You really are a great and engaging writer, I hope you are able and willing to keep writing this story until the very end!
KeepCalmAndFanfic chapter 38 . 3/29
I love this story! Please continue it... not asking for a happily ever after but two years ago I wasn't even on here at all, and you are one of the best fan fiction writers on here, aside from some spelling/grammatical mistakes but really who cares when the story is so good! And poor Tyson and Kai, both as stubborn as the other. It's really sweet, especially seeing a little progress in their relationship.
Daniela chapter 38 . 3/25
Holy cows you never dissapoint when it comes to writte a story! I even re-read the whole thing just for the sake of enjoy lol so yeah It's not surprise this is one of the most reviewed story. I hope you could finish it. *kisses*
Kiscia chapter 38 . 3/8
I feel like I'm watching a new season your writing skills are very impressive! waiting for the update
dakuehn2001 chapter 38 . 3/7
This story's awesome! Please update..
try2shine chapter 38 . 3/4
Oh my god! You ARE alive! I really was worried like, "what if she's died in a car accident and I'll never get to say thank you or know how the story ends!"
Really, I'm so glad you're back! This is the only story I have been attached to for the last couple years. I don't even get on fan fiction that often anymore when I got the email I had to text my friends about how excited I was! You made my day! Thank you! I can't wait to read more! :)
Guest chapter 38 . 3/1
You're really talented I'm not the kind of person who like read a los but your stories are just superb! Keep the good work
kissinXirony247 chapter 38 . 2/25
wonderful you do not let down. been following since day one. Even loved behind these walls
Guest chapter 38 . 2/23
I like that you continue this story.
mimi 007 chapter 38 . 2/18
Hello again! After... a very long time.

I myself have ended quite far out of the Beyblade fandom. Really... quite far. Of my own stories I don't think I'll get them finished, and concerning fanfics there are only two stories I still follow and want to read. And... well, yeah. This one is one of them.

I even got a smile on my face when I saw, even if it has been so long. A bit of nostalgia, I think. If anything, thank you for posting this and at least make it possible for this one to get finished. I want to see how it ends, so no - I don't hate you. Not at all. Rather, I'm happy you are stubborn enough to actually attempt to finish this.

I'm still reading!
Guest chapter 38 . 2/16
When i got an email saying you had written another chapter i had a heart attack. Please carry this on.
Gemgemchan chapter 38 . 2/15

Has it really been 2 years though? wow. I couldn't believe it when I saw "cherry-toxic has updated 10 miles" in my inbox

Seriously this is a amazing story and I love the way you write and the characters emotions are so perfect. Love how you tied in Kai's phobia of drowning/water with the lake Baikal.

Really missed this story and cant wait for the next chapter!
wolf's lament chapter 38 . 2/15
I really do admire your dedication to finishing this. It was lovely getting the alert for the new chapter. I like that this is tying into canon, though I do hope it doesn't end without any resolution between Kai and Tyson (you wouldn't be that cruel, would you)? Great contrast with Bruce and Ryuu, showing which one knows Tyson better.

As always, I will look forward to when you publish the next chapter. Some fics I read after many years and they no longer hold my interest, but your writing continues to entertain. With this chapter, I've now got a great excuse to go back and read this again from the start!
hellion-Hound chapter 37 . 2/15
This story is amazing can't wait for more. I love your unique take on the relationships between the characters especially Kai and his grandfather
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