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Richard Bloome chapter 17 . 6/8/2012
I know its petty of me to say but it's truly a pity that Vernon never got any justice; not revenge, justice. All he got was a little pain that was wiped from his memory, big deal.

I like the added twist of Snape's and Luna's relationship, it was nice seeing the build up of their feeling and then seeing the culmination of them.

A truly great, and pretty epic, story! You did a great job on it and I can't thank you enough for not only taking the time, and effort, in creating it but also for sharing it with us. I admit that I'm at a loss on what else to add for my final review; the story was just that good, and now all my thoughts are lacking in how to best express how enjoyable I found it. I hope that somehow I've conveyed even a fraction of how much I liked it. Again great job!
Richard Bloome chapter 15 . 6/8/2012
I have to admit that while you make Snape a likeable character I have no sympathy about the 'suffering' he's undergoing at the thought of his plan with Dumbledore, mostly because it was his own fault for agreeing to that oath with the Malfoy bitch. Snape willingly choose his path and (just like earlier) he must now walk it and accept the consequences of his choice.

I don't feel any sympathy for Draco either (never have, actually), he knows right from wrong and hasn't wavered from following the wrong path from day one. The part that makes him irredeemable in my eyes is that he never felt sorry for/about his actions until they had consequences towards his own comfort, he never showed remorse for any of those actions. Being upset about having to do something because it inconveniences you doesn't make you a great person who deserves unconditional forgiveness.

At least I did get the additional information on how that geas worked with relatives by marriage, I'm glad because I was a bit confused though it's a pity Harry didn't try it on Voldemort.
Richard Bloome chapter 14 . 6/8/2012
I'm a bit confused as to why that spell/geas would affect Vernon, from what I understand in reading it it would only affect 'blood relatives' but Vernon isn't related to Harry any more than Marge is, which is to say they aren't related at all; 'the one with Lily's blood' is Petunia (and through her Dudley).

I can only guess that Harry actually means to use it on Voldemort (as they too share blood) though if that's the case I'm surprised Hermione didn't reach that conclusion (considering they think so highly of her intelligence).

If I'm wrong and they use it on Vernon I hope that you'll provide an appropriate reason for it working.
Richard Bloome chapter 8 . 6/8/2012
This is in concern of the ending of this chapter; I think that Snape is oversimplifying the reasoning he has for his belief that Harry doesn't fight against Dursley. I think there are three main reasons-

1) The first being that in the other fights Harry was always fight FOR someone else, because to him they're 'worthy' of it and he doesn't think the he (himself) is, that nobody ever fought for him before just solidifies that mindset, and...

[This is a long one] 2) How was Harry to fight against him?

Physically? Harry is so drastically dwarfed by him that any fight would be over fast and end poorly for Harry.

Magically (at home)? And have someone like Fudge succeed in expelling him for daring to use magic; remember he used it to defend against Dementors and faced a trail for it. The end result would be a lengthy stay with the Dursley's where they were free to do what they liked.

With words (by going to an authority figure)? Who in Surrey believes him and if they did do really think Dumbledore would let them interfere with his plans, and then when they go away after the initial investigation who do you think is going to pay the price for their interference? Harry.

How about going to an authority figure in the magical world? Who? Dumbledore would do anything to keep him there and there is nobody who would dare question Dumbledore's reasoning in having Harry there; look at the Weasley's (the parents) they know there's a problem but other than offering him their home when Dumbfuck says that it's okay they don't do anything about it (and Arthur works at the Ministry so he has access to the right people). Even Harry's own 'friends' gladly abandon him just because the old man tells them to (because it not like the person whose life is at stake needs to know anything). The simple truth is that there is nobody (except Voldemort and his Death Eater) who will go against Dumbledore, so complaining (or reporting) isn't going to a thing.

And I'll laugh myself silly if Snape thinks Harry would have come to him. As he stated to himself at the end of the chapter you made the mess/dinner yourself, now you have to live with it. I love that you doing such a good job of redeeming him (which isn't easy because he was such a truly cruel person) but he is still going to have to work a little to earn the reactions that he wants from Harry.

Harry has no confidence in trusting other people (especially adults) about certain things and less so for those who have actively cut him down for so long and why should he, look at how he was treated. With nobody there to say it was wrong then that means that their (the Dursley's and those at Hogwarts{Snape}) behavior was acceptable.

There is also the fact that Harry has absolutely no confidence in himself either so if Snape is serious about this then he needs to prepare himself for the long haul because he is going to have an uphill battle. I know a couple of people who have serious confidence issues and even now in their adulthood they can still be struck with problem of uncertainty. They're not dependent on others but they, sometimes, show no faith in their abilities.

3) Another facet is the reasoning is what happens if he doesn't fight against those creatures (and still manages to live)? He'll get shipped back to the Dursley's and the people of the Wizarding World will look at him poorly, but considering how often they do that anyway I don't think there's much that would bother him about it above what he's already faced from them.

So what would happen if he faced off against Vernon? He'd still be stuck with him because Dumbfuck would continue to send him back after expressing disappointment that Harry could try harder to get along with his 'family' and Vernon would be more brazen then ever in what he could get away with.

Again, I find it pathetic that the old man thought that anything was going to change just by showing Vernon a few memories, anyone with half a brain would know that he (Vernon) would blame "the freak" for that risk and act accordingly.

I think Dumbledore only reacted with the statement of Harry not going back to the Dursley's because there were witnesses around for that last attempt on Harry's life. I say this because he saw the results of the last murder attempt Vernon had against Harry but still stated that Harry would be going back to them. So what's changed between then and now? Simple, witnesses of Vernon's behavior.

As I said before you write a compelling story, and very emotionally charged (obviously) but I'm afraid very little (if anything) is going to 'redeem' Dumbledore to me. He states that Petunia loved Lily but he also acknowledged that it faded, if he cared to remember it faded after Lily 'became a freak' so what part of Harry did he think that Petunia was going to love?

There were other options out there, including placing him with people who would rely on him for advice but he choose instead to place him with people who actively hated all things "abnormal", basically the Muggle version of Death Eaters, and then didn't even bother to look in to it when he knew something wasn't right because he might have been tempted to remove Harry from them.

Oh my god, the horror! Imagine, taking a child from an abusive situation and giving him a home and childhood full of love! How ever would he have coped with such an outcome! (There really needs to be a sarcastic font).

All that aside, the story is truly incredible! I can't wait to see what else you have in store. By the way (before I forget again) I love the way you're portraying Luna. Few author even include her, let alone do it so she comes off so believable.
Richard Bloome chapter 4 . 6/8/2012
Two things irritate me about this chapter- 1) is that Snape really should have chosen a better potion, even if he wasn't expecting anybody to get it he should have used some of that much flaunted commonsense and choose a potion with a better outcome to it, just in case; and 2) none of this (and none of a great deal that did happen to Harry) would have happened if Dumbledore would just keep his big nose out of Harry's life.

If that stupid old man had listened all those years ago Harry could have had a better life from the beginning, blood magic is illegal making blood wards just as wrong and how exactly did Lily supposedly make a connection to a house/sister that she wasn't around while she was focusing on protecting her child, I think it was more likely she was focusing only on Harry. There is also the fact that Voldemort carries Harry's blood so those celebrated wards aren't doing jackshit.

There is also the fact that if that prick (Dumbfuck) would stop manipulating his life things would have been better for him. He needs to understand that Harry's life is not for him to play God with; seriously what the hell was he thinking, hasn't he done enough damage to Harry already?

Yes, as you can tell I haven't got an ounce of kindness for Dumbledore I think he just as evil, and a great deal crueler, than Voldemort, at least he (Voldemort) doesn't try to portray himself as this great benevolent being while lying to your face (and a lie of omission is still a lie).

There is also the fact that Dumbledore condone child abuse; if he cared at all about Harry's well-being then he would have checked up on him when he was younger and he wouldn't have kept sending him there. The only way to read the situation is that he isn't upset about their behavior because he knowingly lets them get away with it.

I don't buy his story of being upset with their behavior, he knew (and admitted to knowing) that they weren't happy with the situation and that they didn't want Harry there; he may be upset that someone else found out about it but I don't think he personally cares at all what they do to him.

Sorry for the rant-like quality of the story; its not a 'rant' against you, just the characters (if that makes sense). If anything it show how well you just captured them because I have that same feeling about that old man in the movies and the books; I think he's a horrible human being who needs to stop treated people like pawns. So...kudos to you for writing him "in-character".

The story itself is well done and a compelling read, I can't wait to get to the rest of it; don't be surprised if I don't leave reviews on many chapters, I have a problem stopping long enough to do so (even now I'm itching to get to the next chapter) but it doesn't mean I don't like it or that I'm not enjoying it.
Angie chapter 17 . 5/27/2012
great writing, though snape's marriage is weird to say the least.i think it takes something away from the story.
HerGoldenHair chapter 12 . 5/15/2012
Oh my goodness, I love Luna so much now! And Snape... well, and Harry, although that usually goes without saying, but this is brilliant!
HerGoldenHair chapter 11 . 5/15/2012
Another, even more amazing chapter. In fact, basically I think my last review times 10 would be appropriate for this one. Hehe.
HerGoldenHair chapter 9 . 5/15/2012
I can't even express how much I love this story right now!
HerGoldenHair chapter 8 . 5/15/2012
Oh, my goodness, I'm nearly crying. Wonderful writing.
HerGoldenHair chapter 6 . 5/15/2012
IT'S BIGGER ON THE INSIDE! The magic cupboard! Brilliant. :D This story is amazing. Oh, and I love your characterization of Luna so much. I've always liked Luna though - wasn't her Quidditch commentary awesome? xD
HerGoldenHair chapter 2 . 5/15/2012
I really, really enjoyed this chapter. :)
Desiree1717 chapter 8 . 5/1/2012
I have to say before I read any farther, that normally I detest it when an author puts a real world book/movie/music mention into a story. Normally. This is because it's usually nothing more than an authors plug for something they are biased for. But the mention of The Secret Garden fits so well, with the orphan girl, the plants, and all that I just can't help but be impressed by that pick. It's never been a book I enjoyed much myself, but I applaud your choice of it. It fits into the story line well, and it suits the characters wonderfully. Excellent job!
Random Flyer chapter 17 . 5/1/2012
Great story! I really enjoyed both this story and its predecessor. You did a very good job with the continuity between the two, as well as character developement. I especially like the way you rounded it out in the end with the postscript. Usually writing in a very condensed manner like that is difficult and can come out as fake, but you did it very well without becoming overly stylized. I'm a little sad Harry and Luna didn't get together in the end, but I'm glad Snape found someone.

Anyway, great job and thanks for the story!
totalreadr at yahoo chapter 2 . 4/17/2012
'Dumbledore gives the impression of fighting a smile. "I was rather thinking you would find it a small price to pay for the chance to fully vent your spleen for once, with no restrictions whatever," he says.'

Very Dumbledoreian.

Of course, the obvious reply is, "If I thought so, I already would have done it. So you're asking me to take the loss of dignity in order to do something I had already decided *wasn't* worth it."
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