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mistyagami chapter 1 . 4/22
Naruto and the T&I department are as thick as thieves.
yochan123 chapter 3 . 4/18
uh for someone who isn't going to trust ppl easily WHY THE FUCK DID HE TRUST MIZUKI? this doesn't seem right at all. you're giving me whiplash for his character
yochan123 chapter 2 . 4/18
like you giving hinata a personality, but wow ino needs some anger management sessions with her dad. wtf is this kind of behavior

They made lousy friends. He'd overheard girls spreading lies and rumors about their supposed 'friends' behind their backs. The boys would follow some obscure schedule of their own, best friends one day, bitter enemies the next.

Who in the hell would want people like that at his back?

having a secret about YOu that everyone else BUT YOU KNOWS is really really shitty
henge is great

iruka needs to stop forcing his stupid ass ideals onto naruto when their circumstances would never allow that
if naruto wants to underperform, that is SOLELY HIS BUSINESS
being a ninja is all about deception, not showing off and painting the biggest target on your back
yochan123 chapter 1 . 4/18
i mean honestly iruka you guys live in a MILITARY DICTATORSHIP WHERE KIDS ARE TRAINED SOLDIERS SENT OUT ON ASSASSINATION MISSIONS - there isn't really a choice NOT to be a shinobi

But what would it matter if they were friends or not? Shinobi were tools. If Naruto was told to work with someone to complete a job, he would damned well give it everything he had.
and precisely
INFUSCATE chapter 12 . 4/14
How the fuck does this story manage to be the perfect balance of intrigue, mystery, dark humour, moral greyness, fucked-up-but-still-hot-relationships, amazing characterisation and genuine fun? Seriously, it's everything I've ever wanted in a story.
Ivarr chapter 25 . 3/29
Damn, this is fun!
XxKawaiPotatoesxX chapter 4 . 3/19
Damn Hinata is thirsty af and Anko wants lying about his lank of response because wow and GODAMN. He getting bitches faster than anyone else
XxKawaiPotatoesxX chapter 3 . 3/19
Damn this is my first Smart!Naruto I have read and I really like it
Amanthya chapter 12 . 3/17
So first let me say this is certainly an interesting and even entertaining story that I've remembered for years after initially reading it. It stars a very problematic version of Naruto, but were I to bookmark it on AO3, I'd file it under something like "if the Naruto universe was actually realistic about soldiers-war-trauma, it might look like this" and appreciate it for how it allows Naruto to NOT bounce-back 'good as new' from his mind-breakingly abominable childhood trauma (or Sasuke or Hinata, for that matter, who also have deep, complicated and understandably largely surpressed feelings about their circumstances). To fail, to get things wrong, to get unpleasantly smacked down a peg or two, to hate what they have to put up with. And all the while having everyone around them be utterly horrified, whether they understand where the a-typical or entirely-opposite than expected reactions and reasonings are coming from or not (bonus points, though, when they *do* understand, and that just makes them even more depressed).
That said, I still find myself losing interest in continuing to subject myself to a main character who (through no initial fault of his own) has become and continues to become the sort of person that reading about them not only adds nothing to one's life but actively takes away from it.
Obviously his abuser is a pos that darkens the world for everyone in it. Oh, but also (whispers this story, like a brightly-coloured songbird sitting on my shoulder bearing a blood-covered beak and disturbingly intense eyes) just a reminder! Don't forget! People like this Naruto exist irl, and here's a fine example of how the ripple-effect of violence spreads out to in/directly make others' lives worse for having come in contact with - or even just existing in the same hometown / system / world - not merely the original abuser... but also the victim! *whistles cheerfully*
To specifically review Naruto and the Naru-Sasu interaction : That was some grade-A manipulation of Sasuke on Naruto's part. Didn't work on Hiruzen (who I loathe, so don't mistake me as a Sarutobi-fanboy for my faint praise), but then, the Sandaime is smarter and more experienced than Naruto (and I bet our 'hero' won't be forgetting that again anytime soon). Everything about Naruto's 'breakdown' with Sasuke was calculated and effective. Logic not doing the trick? Try Feels.
He spilled ramen (despite not being a clumsy untrained newbie anymore and viewing the wasting of ramen as an almost criminal offense? yeah, sure) and so took off all his clothes and was too emotional to get more? That's right up there with Twilight's having had Bella get a small cut on her head and Jacob taking off his shirt to use it to put pressure on it / soak up the bit of blood (yes, head wounds actually bleed a lot, but that didn't even really happen in the book / movie because it wasn't concerned about realism so much as contrived 'romantic tension' situations).
He told the truth (somewhat) but in a way that sounded way more distressed-rambling than he probably actually was experiencing, given how carefully he chooses his words even or perhaps especially when truly freaked out. He still managed to subtly direct Sasuke's attention away from his rushed briefly admitted calculated behaviour and towards his supposedly (I say supposedly because are not given an unbiased-pov perspective chapter of the actual event itself) overly-emotional selfish indulgence decision wrapped around "because it felt good / I was angry" teammate-harming actions. Which was clever, because if anyone could relate to that, it's Uchiha Angry-Avenger Sasuke.
And since it's "out of character" for cool-calm-collected Naruto to breakdown emotionally, Sasuke thinks it must be a sign it's the 'real deal'. Even though Naruto's in his Naruko persona... for no apparent reason?
Okay, maybe it's because he's internalized the "boys don't cry" thing and so he only feels he can in girl-form. But he wasn't breaking down... he was eating. As a girl. Conveniently for Sasuke (who has his own biases and internalizations to overcome, whether he knows it or not, but perceptive Naruto - who managed to stretch his budget twice as far when shopping as a girl - certainly would) to find him like that. Sasuke, who has already been seen to react to Naruto's female form, even if not as readily as Naruto had hoped for pranking / manipulation-purposes. Sasuke, who just saw whatever went down with... Midoriko, was it? the pinkette who it sounds like she died some time during the Shoggoth-mission, in a way that further traumatized Sasuke or at least which he feels guilty about? Sasuke, whom Naruto was ordered to apologize to / make amends with. Hmm.
Non-narcissist / sociopathic (note that I do not say 'normal') people, whether they are 'born' or 'become' that way through trauma, when they say "how can I fix this?" they mean "how can I make amends / peace between me and the other party?" or "how can I make this situation right without compromising my own moral boundaries?" Not "what actions will allow me to avoid consequences?" and "how can I manipulate this person so that I can keep using them and getting what I want outta them with minimal if any 'giving' on my part?".
Ultimately, this Naruto puts me in mind of the self-righteous monologue-heavy ooc OP!Harry Potter fics in that his story is actually not merely depressing so much as demoralizing to read. Unlike them, though, at least it makes sense for Terrible Things to happen to Naruto, given his vulnerability and the opening circumstances canon sets him up with; he has a reason to survive the mind-breaking trauma, living long enough to be so thoroughly changed; and isn't so emotionally blunted as to be boring to read. And while he is different courtesy of said trauma, he's pretty consistent within those established differences, characterization-wise. So points for that; some published authors can't even manage to achieve that!
Guest chapter 6 . 3/2
Sasuke fanboy
CMVreud chapter 10 . 2/10
"Oh, the irony," Hinata commented quietly, rubbing at her bandages.
Okay, bullshit. THIS is the sentence I remember? That I remember reading this story?
I bet Hinatas eyes are black. Venta Black.

Aaaand the shoggoth.
CMVreud chapter 8 . 2/10
Either I am totally misremembering things, you re-wrote everything, or this is a story I forgot about.
Either way, it's cynic, it's psychological, it's people with screwed up morals and I like it every word of the way.
KEB chapter 7 . 2/9
This is a very good Shinobi fic. The characters and story are fantastic. Its a bit disturbing, but ninja, enough said. Thanks for writing!
sguti392 chapter 4 . 2/3
Man this relationship fucked up lol
Phazer12 chapter 34 . 1/31
I loved the story I truly did. Everything from the Ibiki influenced and yet not much Naruto to Gai and Lee to Asuma and team 10 to the shoggoths, the tailed gods, Orochimaru becoming a god, Anko, Akatsuki oh man Akatsuki. And then Sasuke's Duck hair, LMAO. I first thought he was gonna gain a familiar but birds just attack his hair because it looks sexy for the Aviam species ROFL. Anyhow, so a rewrite's here and I am not really sure I want to read this story; it had just created an Unique presence that I don't want it tainted.
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