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Maria Romana chapter 1 . 6/26/2016
Yeah... this is my life. A kid (who I sit in front of every morning) though I had left the school and even nicknamed me the amazing title of 'ghost girl that doesn't talk and sits at the front of the class'
Deep in the Night chapter 49 . 6/3/2016
I am ecstatic! THANKYOUSOMUCH!
Deep in the Night chapter 48 . 6/3/2016
Oh my word, you are amazing! Have I said I love you? 'Cause I frickin' LOVE you! (Not romantically, because that would be weird/bizarre. Not that you're not a delightful person! I'm sure you are! (Despite your evil/amazing/cruel/epic/bittersweet ending for "SecretKeeper"...) Wait, did I just do parentheses inside parentheses? Is that possible? What if I use [brackets]? What's the difference? Ok, I'm babbling. What was I talking about? Dammit, I can't remember what I was writing about now! Grr... On moment... Ohhh... Yeah... I probably don't need parentheses anymore... Crackers. Must. Break.) Free! Buh-bam! I did it! Parentheses equal over. Hell yes!
Anywho... Thank you so much for taking pity on your adoring fans and writing a sequel! I [platonically]love you! (Did I use those right? Damn! I'm back to parentheses! -.- I was trying to avoid those...)
Deep in the Night chapter 47 . 6/3/2016
W-w-whaaaat?! No. Way. Lovely as it is... Where the hell is... The-the-um... Oh jeez, man! I was so rooting for a happier moment! Dammit! Why do have to be one of the really good authors hell-bent on torturing their readers with a really sentimental and bittersweet ending that is absolutely adored by my pessimistic side?! Raah!

(I love you .) / (T.T Cruelty.)
Deep in the Night chapter 46 . 6/3/2016
THe EPILOGUE BETTER bE HAPPIER! I'm having a freaking hearTAttack over here and really need to keep my pinkY aaway from THe shift bar. Dammit. Too Lazy to fix it...
Deep in the Night chapter 44 . 6/3/2016
Sasuke better fucking say something. Oh my lord, I am going to so pissed if this ends sadly. The best thing about heartbreak is recovering! Not "and then everybody moved their separate ways..." Noooo. Can't. Handle. That. Mercy on my sensitive heart!
Deep in the Night chapter 39 . 6/3/2016
KISS 'EM ALREADY, WOMAN. Or Gaara. (Someone needs to give in...)
Tiko chapter 16 . 5/21/2016
Okay I like this a lot but it drives me insane that you put le instead of the! Would it be that hard to write another letter?
Deep in the Night chapter 6 . 5/1/2016
Oh lord, I have a bad feeling about Sasuke's plan...
Pikapixie The Demigod chapter 1 . 3/10/2016
It's been a long while since I last read this fic... But my bus driver plays eighties music and I heard "Uptown Girl" and this is the first thig I thought off

Well time to do this emotional rollercoaster again :)
JustThatOneYoutubeNerd chapter 47 . 11/6/2015
IT IS TWO IN THE MORNING AND YOU HAVE MADE ME CRY WAY TOO MUCH IN THE PAST HOUR! But, that and the fact that I now have a crying headache aside, THIS IS SO GOOD I WANNA ERASE IT FROM MY BRAIN AND READ IT AGAIN! I can't believe I almost stopped reading in the first few chapters!
Awesomeness chapter 49 . 7/17/2015
beautifully well written and very emtional, this book made me mad, laugh, and cry.
Good job, change the Naruto character names and I bet my life this could get published!

Good job
Sam chapter 49 . 12/21/2014
So, this is one of the stories I shipped so hard, I made a night through all along I DIDNT SLEEP ONE FUCKN MINUTE HOW STUPID AM I? ...ahem... cause I was all 'I wanna know how it goes on' and 'omg this is so damn funny', I even let out light snorts right there in public because your goddamn-funny story made me laugh like 5.000 times a chapter! haha :D

So i really love your style and your humor, ITS AWESOME ID LOVE TO MEET YOU IN PERSON! ARE YOU ALWAYS THIS FUNNY? QOQ 3 and the story itself let me reflect some of my own memories, like being invisible and being all laughed at by the I FUCKN WANNA SHOOT THEM BABIES IN THE BUS - but those times are long gone - thanks god - and I didn't make such a bad call as Sorano by far, but.. well. I could kinda feel with her I mean, aren't we all a little bit invisible (at least once in our live?) and well... I think behind every story there's a little bit truth (hit me if I'm wrong *peace*)

Well I searched for the story because there are so many dumb and stupid 'OMG THIS STORY IS SOO COOL I GOTTA WRITE SOMEWHAT SAME TO IT TOO BECAUSE IM SO BRILLIANT!'-girlies outa here in Germany (sorry girls, I'm not talking to all of you... for me even doubting these type of "autors" are even able to understand the written here...) and I just wanted to finally find something again, that would let my read the hell out of my mind, that would make me stay up all night long - just to read a 'stupid fanfic' (what I think it may seem like from the point of an outsider...) - that would make my CRY MY GODDAMN MIND OUT OF ME (it hate you for Gaara letting go just like this :( ... I'm still sad... this is all so sad... though I love you for writing this story... I still love it...). Like I said I'm from germany... and I don't know how 'good' your style of writing may seem to natives, but I think it great and awesome and funny and georgeous and I LOVE THIS STORY! (cool shoes lol) and well... I think your english if very undertandable, for me not having any trouble getting on with the story (though looking after some words, but hey I'm not native... xD)

see I'm really sorry for not writing a review for every chapter, what I normally do, but I was all 'OMG CANT STOP READING THIS IS SO EXCITING' and I hate writing reviews with the smartphone - on which I read your story - because you gotta type so slow, to not make mistakes TWICE a word, you almost forget what you wanted to write anyways and in the end you're sitting there, your fingers pulsing, all thinking 'yes that was a LOT of words, this is gonna be the longes review in history' and then you post it, read it and NO ITS NOT AT ALL YOU FAILED KGJ§? so I decided to get the laptop of my parents and hoping to write the longes review in history - hoping you are even going to read it because you're fanfic was posted like 7 years ago and I'm all 'omg I'm 20 and reading a story posted and shipped 7 years ago, like you're stuck in time dear'... I really hope you're gonna read it... WILL YOU? Q,Q (I'd really love to get to know you... how old are you? and all that stuff... you seem like a very interesting person to me )

well well well... your story had its ups and downs and I loved the way how slow the relationship between Gaara and Sorano was developping and then BAM he's moving... and BAM he's gone and it felt like every time she cried and got sad, I got hit in my belly and felt like actually being hurt just the same like she was... I literally felt with her... and it was sad... for my boyfriend sitting right next to me in the car, from our way home from vacations and I felt still sad... well now the ending was refreshing though... kinda saving my ass from getting completely depressed and 'I want him to return to her I mean HE KISSED HER AND LEFT WHAT AN ARSE I HATE HIM!' - what I think was your intention with writing this particular ending, wasn't it? you wanted to save us all from jumping down the building! ;D I'm not overdoing... naaahhh xD

So my heart nearly skipped a beat when I read there is going to be a Sequel and I'd love to continue immidiately, but I decided it to be wiser to start reading tommorow... for my boyfriend wanting to get some attention from me... 'duh I'm bad :(' and my body wanting to get some sleep ;) so many wanting's meh... :D

well... this isn't gonna be the longes review in history... but let's just pretend, cause I love you and always will (still depending on the ending of the sequel, but meanwhile I love you and always will) and hope you love me too, cause I wrote you the goddamn longes review in history dear - like I said.. let's just pretend... xD - and I'm planning to do more on the other story... I promise! :)


PS: I'm tired... my eyes are crying... they don't like me staring at my phone all day long... besides my stomach not getting friends with me sitting in a driving car while staring at my phone all day long... duh... fuckititwassototallywothitIreallyhopeyou'regonnareadthisshit*cry*
Guest chapter 48 . 10/16/2014
This book has made me laugh like a maniac, shake my head, and at the end make me cry. You are by far, one of the best authors of which I have ever read a fanfiction. If you were to change this book, so the characters were ones not owned by Masashi Kishimoto, I think not only would it get published, but I believe it would be popular.

You may not believe me, but that's what I think. Loved the book. :)
Guest chapter 23 . 10/16/2014
I love this book. You should seriously become an author. I would read any of your books. :)
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