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Mr.Tailson chapter 3 . 10/22/2015
YES! Finally Falco comes into play. I suspect that "blue-fur" he was looking at was a soon to be reference to "you-know-who", and why does Fox not tell his actual name? Although I guess his real name was Fox, it's a good play-on with the word and the fact he is a fox at that. Can't wait for the next chapter to be posted, as this story has gotten me quite interested.
Mr.Tailson chapter 2 . 10/21/2015
Wow, pretty interesting. I almost didn't realize Fara when he entered The Pheonix. Wondering where this will go eventually, but I'm pretty excited to find out. This story is pretty interesting so far.
Mr.Tailson chapter 1 . 10/21/2015
Pretty interesting take on these characters. I'm hoping that Krystal is here as well, always looking forward to see how people interpret Fox and Krystal meeting each other. Looking forward to reading more of tbis, and where Slippy comes in, I'm very interested in this.
dudeguyone chapter 3 . 6/20/2012
I could tell from the first few paragraphs that this would be a good story. I wasn't wrong. Extremely well-written. Looking forward to an update.
Adder McBannon chapter 3 . 8/10/2011
Yay, I'm back and finally reading your stuff months after you published your installments. Yaaaaaaay.

Well, I'm still loving the references to the Star Fox universe here. A lot of them are pretty clever. I mean, Silas Peter Toad Slippy? Now that's a clever nickname that fits. Something tells me he's not too keen on riding horses.

Now for the characters themselves, I like how you develop them in your own ways, particularly with Fara. As opposed to ODA where she was someone just trying to fit into a normal lifestyle after learning of her military past (trying to avoid spoilers here...), in here she's a good, kind woman that's nevertheless still capable of holding her own in a firefight. Also, gotta love the dramatic irony. Gotta love it. Gotta love it and wonder when the secret gets out.

Certainly looking forward to more. I know you've got other things to work on, but this is a fun little diversion. A fun little diversion that I'm reading almost eight months after it was posted.
Keiron Halycon chapter 1 . 5/12/2011
Didn't much care for Andrew anyway, just a snot nosed punk.
ChaotixController chapter 3 . 3/19/2011
I just Love where this is going. The setting, the plot, the themes and the character placement. You truly know how to make star fox and western work for this. Practically all the usual characters I know have been introduced, except Katt Munroe Falco's ex-flame, and Panther Coroso the guy that replaced Andrew and Pigma in Star Wolf. Is Panther another member of the Blood Wolfs or does he have a different Occupation?
Thunderblade14 chapter 3 . 2/21/2011
This story is amazing. I can't wait for the next chapter. Please update as soon as you can. :)
JVNemesis chapter 3 . 1/16/2011
Hey, you're alive. That's good to know.

Interesting chapter. I like how you're taking the familiar names/places and switching them around.

Slippy is my favorite so far.

The blue-furs. Ha. 'Dem Cernerians. Neat little action scene, too. I assume Fox's backup pistol is reserved for Andross, a la Jack Sparrow sort of thing.

And I would guess that the Cernerian woman was Krystal. Maybe. Interested to see how you play her this time. I was impressed with her in ODA, and hoping you have the same effect. We'll see how you deal with Falco. Should be fun.

All in all, I'm enjoying this more than I thought I would. The first chapter was kind of 'meh, western' for me, but I've swiftly come around to the idea.

Maybe it's because I've been starved for a good read for a while. Maybe not, though.

Good to hear from you again,

Emperor Andross chapter 3 . 1/1/2011
The plot thickens. great as always, Foxmerc. A bit of a different twist on Slippy, it's hard to imagine him as the sort of man that would smoke a pipe and be that relaxed in that climate, but it's an interesting possibility as well.

So a down trodden, weak and lazy Peppy, a cool Slippy (Reminds me of your Beltino in ODA actually), I'm interested to see what you do with Falco.

And I wonder what it will take Fox to loosen up with the others a bit, he's been very stiff so far (Though that is good for the character that he playing here), and when will he tell them that James is his father... hmmm.

Keep it up.
Cerberusx chapter 3 . 1/1/2011
Finally! Great job my friend! I'm seeing Fox now for sure with a very strong Clint Eastwood 'look/feel' about him with a bit of John Wayne and Paul Newman too him as well. But mainly Clint Eastwood.

I like the blue foxes or what ever their called in there and that you made Krystal have a very odd apperince since there were no female indian warriors. But good none the less.

Looking forward to next update, so keep on keepen on.
chaos Leader chapter 3 . 1/1/2011
And here I thought the SF archives had all but lost some of its most dedicated minds. It's good to know you're still around, even if you are being kind-of quiet about it.

I will give you props for the creative use of the Cerinia/Krazoa as "Native Americans" (You're really taking this western thing to heart aren't you?). Now Silas Peter (Slippy) seems a lot like a respun and repackaged version of Beltino from ODA: greets his guests with drink, eloquent businessman. It's not a bad thing, I rather liked your rendition from ODA, and the like carries over here.

Falco always has great character potential, and can be a total blast to write for (I know I had fun writing my little oneshot on him). His attitude is highly conducive to some of the great old Western tropes, and should make great reading when the next chapter comes out.

Feuerstoss chapter 3 . 12/31/2010
Great to see you writing again!

This alternate retelling is one that has definitely caught my attention. Masterful attention to description and detail, that and I've always had a soft spot for Westerns. Keep on plodding along; I'm definitely hooked!
LukeTheSheppy chapter 2 . 7/18/2010
Ha. This story is amazingly clever. 5/5
Foxkong chapter 2 . 7/5/2010
If I knew there was only one instalment posted, I probably would have rest sooner. I can handle catching up with just two chapters so here I am as usual with a review. I agree with your initial point that Star Fox as a series can be worked as a Western. A space opera tweaked a bit has now become a Western. It’s interesting that your tackling a Western, I don’t know if this is your first story in this genre but I’m curious to know why you choose this genre. With that being said my initial thoughts after reading the two chapters is that you have faithfully recreated the atmosphere. With ODA we your accurate military style, in Mercenary Wars we got an action oriented thriller and now something like a spaghetti western. I’ll just review both instalments in this one post.

One thing I am surprised about is after coming back to this piece three years later you did not rewrite the first chapter. I don’t know if your a fan of doing that but that is quite a gap between instalments unless your still satisfied with the first chapter. Just an observation. As I mentioned above you definitely have created the atmosphere of a real Western. The first few paragraphs do a great job of really defining the story with all the traditional elements as our main character trudges along into Corneria City. A very man with no name type of character who is promptly given the name Fox. He takes out a troublemaker named Andy with no problem at all and goes around town and meets some of the folks. We learn that the sheriff is a coward mostly because his good friend James McCloud died investigating Doc Andross the head honcho of the town. Three guesses why Fox is investigating James’s death, which was alluded too early on. He goes to another bar called the Phoenix where he meets the other Blood Wolves and we get a classic western stand off until the tough lipped Fara Phoenix comes along and drives them off. Fox learns a little more about the situation and the chapter ends. You use every scene to really establish this story as a Western. We have the mysterious gunslinger, the cowardly sheriff, the tough no non-sense female lead, we ghastly, dirty bandits, grimy bars, the run down town, spitting, the dialogue; really everything in the chapters contribute to creating the setting. I applaud your effort in creating a realistic wild, wild, west. Western’s are simple and judging by the groundwork laid I cannot say there is much more to the story then what is already established. This is you were talking about so you never know.

To jump off that point this is where some of the criticism comes in. This story is three years old and I wonder if you already had it planned out somewhere? The story is very safe, dare I say cliché in some aspects. You do not take any chances at least so far, everything seems to be by the book. Fox our mysterious stranger coming into town that will solve the problem of Doc Andross and avenge is father because this is still Star Fox. You have adapted Star Fox for a western and for better or for worse you have not strayed much from what Star Fox is. I don’t have to go through all the characters but the story there all involved in is relatively straight forward. Fara the rough and tough bar owner will eventually become smitten with Fox or not since drifters do like to fade into the sunset. Peppy will either die after getting some courage and helping Fox or quit his post. The Bloody Wolves are your typical Western henchman all you need is some nice cigarettes to add that last touch. I wish you put a unique spin on the genre like you have done with past works.

Overall, the story is still good for what it is. Your one for detail and you have a way of slipping in the Star Fox legend into the story nicely. It does work. You have done your research so all the scenes and dialogue is authentic. That is something I believe you like to stress in your writing, to give the readers a realistic experience. You have a way of making every sentence count and that trend continues here. I think you did a great job of drawing the reader in with the first instalment by establishing the basic plot and the main character. Although I think, a story like this would be more effective if it was tight and was only a few chapters or acts. I am sure many writers have done differently but Westerns to me seem to work the best this way.

I am looking forward to the next chapter and it is nice to see you work on something as we wait for various sequels.
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