Reviews for Growing Pains and Orange Bitters
Guest chapter 9 . 1/11
This was cute. I enjoyed this
Guest chapter 2 . 1/10
I fucking almost pissed myself reading this. I’m dying. Casey talking to Raph is the funniest thing ever. I have tears fucking up my mascara while I’m supposed to be working and everyone is looking at me funny.
Shi-one chapter 2 . 3/31/2020
I am under the impression that you don't think much of April. What kind of selfrightious, unfeeling, indignant bitch would take it upon herself to "OUT" someone without their permission and without their knowledge to another person as well as suggest that the outed person has feelings for said told person based only on an unverified hunch is perposteruos! But I realise of course that is to set up further hilarity in the plot. I can't wait to see if it pays off.
Shi-one chapter 1 . 3/30/2020
HOLY HANNA! That was hilarious! The dream sequence and the smoke filled aftermath was so good, I kept rereading it. Please tell me you are a published author right? You have to be. Your writing style is the sweetest perfection. Good lord, this is the first fan fiction I have started reading from you and I had better find all ot it. I hope there' s tons of it.
Bless you for making my day so much better!
Nichalia chapter 9 . 3/5/2019
What a story. You do know that most people just gloss over all this, and go straight to smut, or to humor, right? I wonder if there’s more. Gotta go read your other things now.
mychilipeppers chapter 9 . 7/5/2018
I'll to make sense and not be too mushy as i sit here and try not to cry in agony.

This was and is beautiful.

I don't really know what else to say. I don't like the usual tcest at all due to religious reason (I'll probably get a lot of backlash for even mentioning religion) but I truly felt this story in my heart. It really hit me when Mikey was struggling to keep it secret in fear that his family would hate him. I've gone through struggles like that where I feel like my family is probably the last place I want to go to for help in fear of being turned away. I know what it's like to hold a secet in your heart you can't tell so you spend the days wandering through a haze trying to figure out what everyone's thinking and nights crying and having panic attacks in fear someone knows. The fear Mikey had was REAL. The fear of not being accepted or even ridiculed for being a certain way and not having anyone to turn to is extremly taxing on the body and soul. I've gone through that fear (not necessarily for the same reason though) and you have it written perfectly. I literally had to stop because it hurt me so much and reminded me of the struggles I had and I'm still dealing with. That's another thing. I know things like these never really truly go away and Mikey states that perfectly. In the future the feelings may go away but even the memory that you had that fear and turmoil can be hard on someone and really changes them. I really loved this story. Thank you for writing it.
Vegetass chapter 9 . 12/20/2017
There are no words to describe how much this story means to me, how muchthis resonated and moved me to my very motherucking core, yo. But I’ll try. You see, I always try to find the most heartfelt, angsty, and tragic fanfics, it’s just what I like to read. However, they (thus far) have only been mediocre or even somewhat interesting at best. When it comes to oneshots, I’m usually pretty satisfied at the very end, but with multiple chapter fanfics? It ain’t as easy to get me hooked. BT JESUS CHRIst ON A HOCKEY STICK THIS IS A FUCKING MASTERPIECE! The pace, storytelling, characterization, writing style, atmosphere, it all clashes together into this beautifully complex and emotionally moving MASTERPIECE! You got me hooked from the very beggining, with Michelangelo’s superhero cards and letters, with his confusion and struggles with his psyche and intrusive thoughts, the way he bottles everything up and ends up bursting with emotion, it all feels so REAL! You’re one of the few people whom I have seen tackle the concept of depression, incest and its psychological issues, and eating disorders this well, specially when it came to addressing those issues as both a plot point and as a twist to the reader. You can feel yourself engulfed with Michelangelo’s struggle and inner turmoil. And it came as a surprise to both the characters and me when Leo called him out on his depression, and on how everyone was extremely aware. We all knew that they knew, just the way the idea was portrayed makes it feel sudden and unexpected in the most amazing way possible! As someone who’s gone through and recovered from said mental illness, I could deeply resonate with how his self hatred, isolation, and eating disorder led to him feeling like this, and it made it so much more rewarding when he began to recover. The very end leaves my heart doing flippy mc’flips, I have never felt so heartbroken, joyful, and in so much fucking tears over a goddamn FANFIC! Gotta love getting my heart stepped on!

Keep up the absolutely amazing work yo! I’ll be sure to check your other stuff out as well!
(PS: I am SO sharing this to every contact I have)
Guest chapter 9 . 4/30/2017
Wow your story was amazing. I've sort of read tcest before not like that. Their emotions like Michelangelo and hid families frustration at trying to help him. 10 out of 10
Joanne N. Grey chapter 9 . 12/20/2016
This is going to be one heck of a review. So I'll just start right now...

This story, I should have finished it a long while back. Because I started it like a month and a half ago. But chapter 3 was too much... I couldn't read it. That's the main reason I didn't finish it as fast as I could've. After reading the last part of chapter 2, I was filled with this dread. Like 'the sword of Damocles hanging above your head' kind of dread. It was so bad, I told myself I'd take two hours break before reading the next chapter. The two hours turned, to three, then five, then ten. And two weeks went by with me trying to find the nerves and strength I needed to move on to chapter 3. There's nothing wrong with your writing. Absolute perfection, it is. I finally worked up enough nerves to read this yesterday, after seeing the story on my bookmarks list. I just had to finish it. And chapter 3 was all I'd been dreading, and more. I was horrified, gasping out loud, breath hitching and a really bad feeling in my gut. Like one would feel knowing that they're trapped and when that door opens they are going to be made to walk the plank. I was literally in total claustrophobic panic. I'd totally been sucked into the story. And Michelangelo being my favourite turtle didn't make things any easier for me.
But after the third installment, I was kinda brave enough to continue. But I tell you this was so exciting, so well written, the characters so well potrayed that I just had to finish. And I'm really glad I did. It was wonderful. I was hesitant to read it in the first place because I hate incest related stories (and how on earth are people okay with that) but this was so different. Mikey reacted the way a normal person should, he was not okay. And I was okay with that because the whole situation wasn't okay. And the way you brought out his turmoil, sucked me in...or did I suck myself into the story. Whatever the case I was hooked from the first.

This was super epic. The ending was a sort of bitter-sweet combo. Growing up has always been sucky, and I'm so sorry Mikey had to suffer that much when going through this.

Okay, now I gotta say your grammar is perfect, spelling totally on-point, punctuation stellar. Your work is pretty much perfect. I love it, a lot. Keep it up. Even without the epilogue, without a sequel, the story is awesome. Not that I would mind either ;) I know it's several years too late? to request for one or the other. All in all, totally in love. :)
ashika pl chapter 9 . 11/1/2016
Review for readers (spoiler free):

Despite the summary this is not your typical badly written porn-like incest fanfiction. Nor is it a fairy tale with two princes living happily ever after. It is pretty much written as if someone had seen too many terrible incest stories and finally have had enough and thought 'Geez, I'll show you how to write and what would REALLY happen if one of the turtles (or anyone normal for that matter) would feel illicitly towards own brother'. And that someone happened to be a talented writer.
Primo, the story is very realistic – characters are extremely psychologically convincing; the way they deal with the problem is exactly how I think it would have happened in real life. The description of deepening depression (as if in real sickness, not just everyday bad mood) caused by unwanted feelings is movingly accurate. Like I've said before, you won't find here porn or bad romance. What you'll find is a serious problem that can destroy one's life. There are some scenes, which are weaker, but still overall storyline is great.
Secundo – the style is amazing; it shows definite prowess in the field – it's not too simple, yet it's not full of unnecessary ornaments. It's creative, evocative, full of humour and self-distance (reminds a tiny bit of Pratchett, my idol of writing). The choice of words is superb and little pictures painted with just a couple of them convey all the scenes perfectly. The style moves from light and funny into more angsty one in a very natural and justified way (though it's not like humor leaves the story definitely). And angst is not your typical, whimsy 'my family doesn't understand me' immature angst, but one caused by serious sexual problem and desribed accordingly.
I strongly recommend you to read the story, if you want to see how incest should be written or just want to see how one can make a cartoon/comic for teenagers into something extremely mature. Or if you simply like stories written in great style :).

Review for an author:

Like I've written before I am a great fan of your style. I can but hope to be able to write one day like you (especially with me not being a native English speaker :( ). I don't want to get repetitive, everything I've written above is valid.
Here I'll just drop a little criticism. Hope you're not one of these authors who take it personally. I always welcome it when it comes to my own stories and it helped me improve a lot (still lots to go though).
I personally have found a couple of scenes a bit unconvincing. Maybe not the very scenes, but the way they were written. The biggest issue I had was the whole scene of Mikey forgetting about Raph. I think it was extremely crucial to show that Mikey problems may endanger safety of his family and I was happy you've written about that, but still the very scene could be more convincing. Don makin a bomb he couldn't stop from exploding? That was extremely weird and unwise. And the way Mikey left Raph for me was a rather natural decision and I couldn't understand why all the family was blaming him at all. He went to Raph, cut some of the ties which should be enough for a ninja like Raph and when seeing Leo in a near-death situation, went to save him. What else was he supposed to do? And you've written it like they couldn't immediately go back for Raph anyway (at least as far I could understand, being a non-native). So all the blaming afterwards seemed rather forced.
Also I couldn't understand Raph's behaviour before the scene. I undestand he's not the character to come and apologize and know how to deal with interpersonal problems and quarrels, so shouldn't he accept it with relief that Mikey has come to him to make things better? Of course in his own Raphlike way? But then again I'm not saying I found it poorly written or anything, I just couldn't understand what was happening in Raph's head.
Also the conversation with April. The idea is perfect and did wonders to the storyline but the very scene was weird. Made me think, what the hell Mikey was trying to do at all? Wouldn't it be more natural if he in a roundabout way tried to ask April how one gets over a crush instead of rambling weirdly of crushes in general? It was so weird and again felt forced.
That would be it. I love you. You're amazing. I wanna write like you. Marry me 3

Ah, and evil PS of a nitpicker: In any city or its proximity (couple of kilometers) the starry moonless nights ar the darkest, the cloudy nights are actually the brightest :) :P
icys chapter 3 . 5/18/2016
Since this story was written long time ago, I don't think you'll write a sequel. BUT. I WISH YOU DO because this is the BEST incest fic I've ever read in any fandom.

First of all, I don't normally read incest because it was... ehh and most of them are not so interesting. But this story was very realitic, I never learn how it would be in real-life, now I have at least some insights about what would happen and how to deal with it. Most of incest fics don't pull something like this.

Amazing story with well-written and canon characters. I like your Mikey and Leo, in fact, I love everything in this story. I missed my sleep because I stayed uo all night read and then re-read it again lol.
SunnyStrikerz chapter 9 . 11/25/2015
I love this story! I don't know if there is a sequel to this story (I never checked yet) but I hope there is a sequel to this fantastic story! :3
Guest chapter 3 . 5/10/2015
Ok, I wont lie, this chapter pissed me off! That was cruel what the guys did and I am shocked that Donnie or Leo actually would do that. Then Mikey feeling sorry. Why should he feel sorry? He was the victim. am surprised Master Splinter didn't intervene. And last but not least Aprils big mouth. I thought she would have had more tact than that. Idiots all round!
flikaroo chapter 9 . 2/2/2015
Once I started reading this story I could not put it down. And extra kudos because I don't typically read turtlecest style stories. But you really captured the characters and that's what grabbed me and kept me reeled in. Leo's reactions were spot on and it was interesting to see Mikey's evolution as he struggled to deal with a challenging issue. I'd be interested in a sequel sometime with Mikey returning and how the brothers adapt to a new and improved (or just changed) Mikey. Bravo for a wonderful story.
imjustpeachee chapter 9 . 1/18/2015
Ok so I usually am terrible about writing reviews, but this story demanded that I write one. It was so well thought out and the characters were so spot on I couldn't stop reading! I know this is marked as complete but I saw you were going to write an epilogue. PLEASE tell me you have it somewhere! I am going crazy trying to think of what happens in the future for these guys and I NEED TO KNOW! All in all, a fantastic story.
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