Reviews for Many Years in Passing
Ree-Vance chapter 2 . 2/5/2010
Oh my gosh1 i love how you comletely honed in all of the boys' personalities! But... does hikaru and kaoru really look good with long hair? i don't think so and I can't wait to see how it unflods! Personally i hope Tamaki ends up w/ her but Kaoru or Hunny would be so darling! You know what would be weird tho? what if it turns out that Haruhi actually had a secrect engagement to Kyouya! Wouldn't that be funny?

Lol, keep up the good work!
HikariYamino chapter 2 . 11/18/2009
Aww. that's sad that they are so distant and kyouya is not there! I hope Haruhi ends up with Tamaki, but Haruhi with Kaoru is nice too! But nah, HaruXTama all the way!
Vodka112 chapter 2 . 10/28/2009

no continuation?~
satoshii chapter 2 . 7/31/2008
I love this story.

I'd really like to see it finished, if possible. (:

Please think about it.

Me chapter 2 . 5/20/2008
ChenaChan chapter 2 . 11/8/2007
What a good fanfic! You totally captured the spirit of Ouran High School. Please update soon!
Kichou chapter 2 . 10/15/2007
Nice chapter. So is Kyouya not going to be in here at all? Update please.
midnight-wolf-314 chapter 2 . 10/14/2007
Oh wow, this is so amazing! I love how you've put it together and the story and everything, and please update soon!


Ayla The Librarian chapter 2 . 10/12/2007
please update! I love it! it's a great story.
Nikokami chapter 2 . 9/29/2007
SapphireElric chapter 2 . 9/27/2007
Hahahaha, oh man, I'm laughing way too much, I'm almost in tears here. I love it! Keep up the good work!

I love the contest that's started now! Please update soon
Kanamelover chapter 1 . 9/23/2007
This was soo good! but Haruhi was a bit OOC... I mean she wouldn't of been that happy... I dunno she just seemed a little ooc.. but seriously what does she look like? Has she tuned more feminine in the way she dresses? Is she still merely cute or is she a sassy extremely attractive woman? If she were to put on boys cloths would she still pass as a guy?... Ya know I mean would is she still flat chested? er I feel like a perv for witing that but I wanna know!

Elvishkitty chapter 2 . 9/22/2007
This is seriously the cutest story EVER. I can hardly wait for more...
Kaze Neko-Chibi chapter 2 . 9/21/2007
Yay! A contest! This will be interesting indeed. I guess this will be empasizing on Tamaki vs. Hikaru, maybe? Please keep writing! _ I'll be waiting!
MissKriss900 chapter 2 . 9/20/2007
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