Reviews for To Make You Love Me chapter 7 . 12/6/2016
Wow, I live this story! I wish you had kept up with it.
KittyKatPeterson chapter 7 . 11/27/2015
I do love your writing style. Keep up the amazing work and please update again soon I wish to read more Haruhi Mori action!
Carri007 chapter 7 . 6/7/2015
Oh they are so sweet, especially since, as if be willing to bet, the love potions were fakes :). I get much amusement from Barako and Nadeshiko creeping around, I'm surprised Mori and Haruhi haven't got wind of it yet :). It's a beautiful story, and it's really too bad you never finished.
RM Kox chapter 7 . 9/22/2014
Will this story be finished? It is amazing and adorable and fantastic and I just really need to know. ... :)
Granted Forever chapter 4 . 9/14/2014
This might be my favorite one!(Tho the last one was awesome too.)

I can never get over how good you are at describing settings and characters! It's said so beautifully and clearly. I never have a problem picturing exactly what it looks like.

It's always fun to read one POV first then to see what it's like for the other and you do awesomely. Plus those two are so kawaii! I so wish i could be in Haruhi's shoes, but they make such a cute couple, I live with just reading fanfics.

I wish you luck in all your future stories!( And tests and life and stuff. Y'know, all the excess things. Continue writing forever! Wha ha ha ha ha!)
Granted Forever chapter 3 . 9/5/2014
I really liked it! Except for that swear at the end. I don't like when people swear. But everything else was good.

I loved how you explained the scenery, winter's my favorite season, and your description was beautiful!

I thought you did really good job writing for Hunny-senpai, it was cool picturing him stop Tamaki and help Mori-senpai

I wish you luck in all your future stories!
Granted Forever chapter 2 . 9/3/2014
Awesome! I loved it so much!

To start: I think you have the characters spot on! I've never really written a fanfic before, but I still know how hard it is to match personalities for characters you didn't make. You did perfectly though!

Also reading this, i remember how much I loved watching and reading Ouran. I remember reading the Love Egoist chapter about love potion and how much fun it was! You are so talented. I glad I can read your stories even though we're miles apart, and it's all thanks to the internet.

I wish you lots of luck in all your future stories!
Granted Forever chapter 1 . 8/29/2014
I really enjoyed it! I enjoyed it so much that I stayed up way too late.(Not your fault though. It's 2:00 am where I am btw).

I thought you had everyone's character to a T.:) KyoHaru used to be my favorite but after watching Ouran again, MoriHaru took the crown. It's hard to find fanart, AMVs and fanfics too of this adorable couple, so I'm glad I found a great one right here.

I wish you luck in all of your future stories,
Granted Forever
SMILES-FOR-THE-REAPER chapter 3 . 1/15/2014
update update update update update! pretty please :3 this was FANTASTIC!
Guest chapter 2 . 10/16/2013
lolz i see what the twins did, they gave them potion that had nothing in it most likely a cream of sorts making it seem like the other had fallen love when they were already in love.
x-Misao-x chapter 1 . 5/14/2013
I loved it! I really like your story. I discovered MorixHaruhi since a month xD! But i think its my favorite couple ever ToT

Please continue!
Ira the Shiny Umbreon chapter 7 . 5/12/2013
Ok, I realize this was written in 07, but plz continue!
Ira the Shiny Umbreon chapter 3 . 5/12/2013
What do you wanna bet that the "lve potion" Is water with colur, and that the twins are just nudgeing them in the right direction, (or pushing them off the whole friggen cliff!
fringeperson chapter 7 . 4/3/2013
I hope you update this story again soon. I really do enjoy it!
AnimeApprentice chapter 2 . 12/30/2012
I'm pretty sure it was just colored water or milk...
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