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Jesse Lee chapter 15 . 7/9/2016
Great story, and wonderful romance. The ending was fun and funny. Great work.
scifijoe chapter 15 . 3/27/2015
A great read of a great story. it seems Martin learned a valuable lesson. An expensive lesson and ironic lesson, namely, do not tempt Murphy.
scifijoe chapter 7 . 3/27/2015
As Monique has just found out. Be careful of what you wish for. . . you might get it.
scifijoe chapter 5 . 3/27/2015
hi, Poor Monique. She is trying to fight her and Will's fate. Who will win: Her Pride or Her Heart?

The Shadow knows!
I just love this story and your style of writing.
scifijoe chapter 2 . 3/27/2015
This is such an interesting take on Monique. Easily the most underused female in the series (IMHO). This version of Will is also interesting.
Mimic chapter 15 . 8/27/2013
I'm reading all the stories in the "right order", this is the only one I skipped. But only because you said it covered ground far ahead. So, after reading Good Riddance I decided to come back and read this one before starting with the weedings.
I don't know if you're just that good or God enlightened me, but for some reason I seen to be reading all in the order that is most appropriate for me. Thank you for that, either way.

Betty Director and most of the top leaders from Global Justice were there.
Awwwwwn man, I was hopping for a horde of agents, not because they liked Will, of course, but for the sake of funny *imagines the church loaded with agents*

Gratuitous Kasy and Sheki! Yay x3


I would marry Will Du. A helicopter, come on! He sure is romantic at least.

I'd like to say that I don't comment on some things I think maybe I should because I regard everything you state as normal. Like Monique knowing German. So I only comment about things that stand out to me somehow. You've made a wonderful universe and I accepted it wholeheartedly.

Also, maybe some people think that you saying "black woman" is bad, but, it is only bad if you think there's something wrong with it, which makes no sense at all... If you can say the green woman you can say the black, the white, the whatever.

Forgot to mention before: I want to be Aunt Rose when I grow up.

There where a few things I was waiting to finish reading to say, but.. I forgot completely. Blame sleep deprivation again.
When or if I remember I swear I'll come here back to say, but I've said half of them along the road. So, not a total loss D
Mimic chapter 14 . 8/27/2013
To Bonnie's chagrin the two had more fun playing with the wrapping paper from the outfits 'Nique bought for them than the toys Bonnie had purchased.
Yesssssssssss Kids are awesome. Like little adorable trolls x3 (and these are even green, oh the joy).

Who does a girl have to not sleep with to get a fur around here?

"How come you never got me a rock like that?" Shego demanded before Kim could ask her the same question.
Shego. Always. Wins. Except when she doesn't. And it means Kim is getting her way. Aside that, Shego. Always. Wins. Period.

He pushed the check back toward her, "I can't accept your terms." Rev. Robinson had the deep, and thoroughly unspiritual pleasure of watching her jaw drop in disbelief. "I will explain why, and offer you a compromise."
TAKE THAT BARBIE rich people, pfffft. You can't buy the world! Why Barb have to be straight? I like her D (I only calling her barbie because its funny... its your own fault).

"We need a few years together, without kids," Monique told Will, "to get to know each other better. Don't know how Kim and Shego kept from going crazy."
"Are you certain that they did?"
Not. Craazy all the way. Madly in love, in bed. And just normaly plain crazy with the cries and diapers.

"It's simple, Will's a jerk."
"Excuse me," the man in question interrupted, "but how do you come to that conclusion?"
"Elementary, my dear Mister Du, you're a man. Men are all jerks… With the possible exception of our fathers – although sometimes I'm a little concerned about Kim's dad—"
"Hey!" Kim objected.
"Sorry, but your Mom could have done better."
It is true, about men being jerks. But James has no love. He is funny.

The whole talk until know was so amazing that I wonder bother saying (would have to quote it all, don't know.)
"What you said, just now. You really see this in terms of winning and losing? One of you gets to win and the other has to lose?"
Will looked puzzled, "Isn't that the way it works?"
YES, YES IT IS. DON'T BELIEVE THEM WILL. I'm with a man and I still feel like I'm losing. Yes, I'm a woman "losing" to a man. When I was with a woman I felt like losing in double. Why must you talk about life so well? I can't stop seeing my own life here. I can't review properly like this! Be less realistic so I can make impartial reviews as I was supposed to!

Shego's voice took a serious tone, "Do you think she 'owes you' something for what you've spent on her?"
He hesitated a second, "No… At least I hope I'm not that stupid."
Been there, still there. Life. Sigh. Thats why I don't like Realism. Why emulate real life in the endings? Catharsis is good and all, but happy endings are better.

Kim put her hand on Will's, "You need to know this; she loves you."
"Lord knows why," Shego added.
Oh, I know why. It isn't that hard, is it? o-o

Shego rolled her eyes, "And this is the thanks I get for trying to be honest?"
Kim apologized to Will, "She hasn't had a lot of experience being honest."
Shego snorted, "People don't have experience hearing the truth."
This is sooooo true it hurts.

"I don't ever want to see that stupid dog collar again."
...Me thinks the collar has good uses and doesn't deserve to be neglected.

My reviews that never where too practical where reduced to... whatever this is.
... I'm truly sorry for rambling reviews like a machine gun. When the shame kicks in I'll warn. Blame sleep deprivation.
Guest chapter 13 . 8/27/2013
McDonald's! YAY! Bowling! YAY!
I can't wait to see Kasy and Sheki in this age. The kids you make are so adorable.

Will stared glumly at the three standing pins as Colin laughed at him.
Sigh, its so good to be a child. Kissing! GROSS u.u

Will grinned, the paperwork on this should be a lot of fun.

I was hopping for a little more detail on the mission, but all is fine. I was wondering when Marty would talk with Will. It went a little different from what I expected, but cool anyway.
Uhay for pizza.

Once she was his wife he felt certain she would conform to his wishes.
Yeap, this was scary. Scary ending is scary.
Mimic chapter 12 . 8/27/2013
Will's announcement brought a stunned silence to the private room. Colin spoke first, "So we're related."
"Yes, we are."
The boy grinned from ear to ear, "Neat!"
"I'm related to a spy. NEAAAAATT" gotta love children.

"I don't understand."
"I know," Barb said sadly
Don't worry Will Du, I'll marry you.

Shego rolled her eyes, "You haven't taken Intro to Logic or Critical Thinking, have you?"
"No, why do you ask?" What's this logic nonsense you're talking about? Critical Thinking? Never heard of it.

Milk joke, old as... I have no idea how old it is. But it's always awesome. Shego is always right. Gotta agree with her. I mean, she probably already tasted it. I mean... it's a little lewd to actually say this but... bahh who would PASS the opportunity? It's kosher after all! Food is food, food in the bed is even more fun. But I must say, I wanted to know if Shego was allowed to end the plate.
Glad to see this scene again. BTW, it's my favorite scene so far. Yeap, from all the incredible scenes you've made, my favorite is about milk. Yup.

About Monique... I take back what I said. Take Mo from Will and give him someone better! hahaha XD in truth I was never a fan of Monique, Bonnie is cooler. I like how you portrayed both, and... as far I've read, I feel like for Kim Bonnie is higher in rank than Mon, and I'm perfectly fine with it. Bonnie owns. Monique is a little dull for me... but I like Raven... But I like Kirsten Storms too... THIS IS HARD. And irrelevant. I guess I understand why you people complain about the rambling. I'm a professional rambler.

I know a guy a little like Du, he wins by insistence. I guess this explains why I like your version of Will Du so much. The one in the show is plain boring.

To end the life of this miserable "review": Mon takes things more seriously than Will! He took it so well.
Mimic chapter 11 . 8/27/2013
"You were going to marry the first girl you fell in love with?"
"Yes… Isn't that the way it is supposed to happen?"
She sighed


But all thought was erased at Monique's reaction at the "revelation". LE sigh. Must read next chapter before talking more but, *after reading again chapter one to make sure* the related not-for-a-good-reason came as a surprise. Not a historical one, but you did well, hiding information while giving information. I thought she was annoyed only because they where related. So I didn't see the rape coming. Shame on me. Actually, this reminds me, I saw Barbie inaptitude to have children coming. But I ralely see anything coming, so... I have no idea what this means. Well, forward to next chapter.
Mimic chapter 10 . 8/27/2013
kisssiiinngg under a treee

It was so good. It was so terrible.
I wished for a little more of Barbie, I really liked her. Well, you have what you have.
I was expecting for a little more of drama and Will's parents. But waiting doesn't means hoping, and I sure I liked this way more. It would be a pain to endure along with Mo all that bad stuff. Only knowing is enough, man, I wouldn't complain if things went well.

Must note that I like how optimistic Will is. Never being angry with her. He's incredible.
Mimic chapter 9 . 8/27/2013
NOOO BAD SISTERRRRR you must hear your crazy brother when he calls you in behalf of something that doesn't concern youuuuu!
Okok, jokes aside, I defend Du. How someone is supposed to play by never written rules? How should one learn this rules after all? Arg, people and their silly rules.

This conversation with Kim looks SO different after reading Mon side. Ok, I know it should, but it still amazes me how well you planned the timming.
Mimic chapter 8 . 8/27/2013
Wowwww so cool reading this in Will's POV. I really like the timming in your stories, everything fits like a clock.
Mimic chapter 7 . 8/27/2013
What's wrong with McDonald's? I want my poison to be tasty, thank you.

I love your indirect jokes, showers aren't helping poor Du.

Also, women, always thinking men have to read their minds, and when they manage, the women think there's something suspicious. Arg, always wrong, but always right.
The weird thing is that I'm a woman, but I don't do this kind of stuff, I swear. Actually, sir, how do you manage this verisimilitude when writing about women...

Monique doesn't know what she wants. That's the thing, women always think they know what they want. Except they don't. They're always wrong, and the guy who manages to do what they don't even know they want is the one who keeps the girl in a long term. That's my theory, as a woman, I realized I have no idea about what truly makes me happy. That's the guy job to figure out. I'm glad I'm not in your pants, guys.

And somehow you manage to write about all this so well arggg do you read women minds, sir?
Mimic chapter 5 . 8/26/2013
Whenever I read a character saying his/her mind and I'm enjoying suddenly the character stops and something like "been rambling" or "babbling" I feel "man it was good, why did the person stop? It was just normal talk and not rambling". I never understood what was wrong with just talking a lot. Then I discovered it isn't normal in other countries to just talk and talk and talk until you go to your point. I mean, here its almost impolite to go straight to the point, the listener might regard you as rude. Actually, when someone wants to be direct, the person usually says someting like "I'm sorry for being direct, but...".

The reason I said all that is... well I actually still feel bothered when a dialog is cut short for the sake of being direct! What Monique was saying to Will made perfect sense for me and I was looking forward to hear the rest. Sometimes I feel like something really cool would be said in the stories, but it never does, its sad.

I'm really sorry, this is more a true rambling than a review.

For so, a little bad review to compensate: I don't think its a bad couple, actually, I don't know why Mon is so agains't the poor guy. It think you where trying to please who is against the couple by saying "look, Mon agrees with all of you, but she is eventually changing her mind, and I trying to show you why she did." Which probably is the point of this story, but still, I like the couple. It makes more sense than Mon and Ron, at least. Actually, I think he is the best option for Monique. Unless she, don't know, became lez for MC Honey, it would be cool, never seen it before. And poor Du never gets a couple. The guy deserves some love. So you have all my support.

Here, now this might pass as a review, only a bit.
Now a thank you for you time writing this story for us, like all the others it's great. I need more words to say how great you are, but I'm in a fault. They I'll come by any time, I'm sure.
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