Reviews for New Beginnings
Guest chapter 26 . 10/10
DChan21 chapter 40 . 9/12
Wow great story I really like Nico, she was Hilarious! Thanks for the great work!
lunaatje123 chapter 40 . 8/24
Thank you for the story! It was humorous and while the mystery plot was a bit unoriginal and somewhat predictable on its own (for me anyway, though I confess I'm a bit of a mystery/detective addict, and I always enjoy trying to solve 'who-dun-it' before the reveal, so I've probably got a bit of an unfair advantage on that front XD), it was interesting nevertheless because of the way you got it to work with Team 7 and Iruka as the main cast. It was cool to get away from the endless variations on the original canon story. Also, thanks for not making Sakura a mindless Sasuke-fangirl, I was starting to despair that I might have run out of stories where she is actually written as a real character instead of a 2d bashing target.
LinkyOkumura37 chapter 40 . 5/20
That was so good! I loved all of it! It was really well paced and some of those lines kept me laughing randomly throughout my day when id remember them Thank you for writing it! :D
HelleBelle chapter 28 . 5/12
Gah Iruka is soooo gullible and of course only Kashi would know Sasuke was lying through his teeth.
HelleBelle chapter 26 . 5/12
Really Kakashi at I guess would be McDonald's? Have you no shame my good sir? Wait never I forgot this is Kakashi lol
HelleBelle chapter 25 . 5/12
Welp! thanks to kaka-sensi that special moment was ruined at least for me anyways LOL
HelleBelle chapter 22 . 5/12
I like Dan because he's like the best that can get away with saying certain with jumping the beating of his life. Plus we all well some of us have friends like him anyways...then again that's probably just me lol.
HelleBelle chapter 20 . 5/12
Yo kakashi is like the biggest perv I'm ever meant (well you know what I mean) and I love it LOL. Seriously though why did Naruto change his mind all of a sudden?
HelleBelle chapter 17 . 5/12
Well that's one way to put it LOL
jj chapter 40 . 2/21
That's cute thu I was expecting something different but I like this way too
Nicely done
passanger chapter 40 . 2/23
This is probably the most 'non-narutoish' Naruto fanfiction story I've ever read. It's more like a slightly 'narutomized' modern American teenage drama with some mystery elements. Team 7 is pathetically weak (they almost lost to an insane civilian. Really?) and quite a bit OOC, Naruto got over and forgot about the death of his friend in a few days, and we never found out how a stone monster managed to erase it's victims' memories. The romance was good, though, if not very deep.
jj chapter 7 . 2/21
gah to cute
jj chapter 6 . 2/21
haha poor naruto i love this
jj chapter 5 . 2/21
sasuke saving naruto from naruto fan girls ah the irony
this should really happen at a cosplay convention lol
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