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On A Happier Note chapter 42 . 9/19
That quote avout dreams and reality sounded like it was from Harry potter eh? :D
I beat the Erazor boss battle so far and next week my friend and I hope to tackle that final boss! At first I found the game tedious and the controls were different and it started slow but I really enjoy it now. I think only now i did the palace level do i really appreciate how beautiful and awesome that level is!
And that carpet part was so difficult for me and that was with just Sonic ahhhh
I somehow missed the chapter update opps :)
LoneGarurumon chapter 42 . 8/15
Oh I loved this one. Any situation that forces Sonic and Eggman together for any extended period of time is sure to be entertaining. So mu ch fun to watch him trying to adventure like Sonic too.
One thing I'm wondering though, isn't Shadow immune to poisons? Or am I just mis-remembering the tests they did on him aboard the ARK?
I love how you're finally lampshading just how thoroughly having Sonic's friends along would break these levels btw.
crystaljoy13 chapter 5 . 8/13
oh boi he hatches
...wait if knuckles is here, how will "Sinbad" apper too? two knuckles(es)? oooooo
crystaljoy13 chapter 4 . 8/13
"Candyfloss" omg im ded XD
That last part of Sonic's monologue is so good, I love it!
crystaljoy13 chapter 3 . 8/13
Ahh I get a feeling that by the end of this fic, I might forget the original game plot. I mean, this fic is so good!
Lanydx chapter 42 . 7/2
You just had to end on a cliff hanger didn’t you? With Eggman coming along it’s interesting that he gets to see things from Sonic and Co’s Perspective. I’m really hoping that Shahra doesn’t go through with her double cross. I know what happens in the game, but with the changes you made with the story, anything can happen. Here’s to Sonic taking the dark Genie down before time runs out. The fact that you’ve been writing this for 11 years is impressive.
DEV chapter 42 . 7/2
Wow, dieses Kapitel hatte echt alles: Haufenweise spaßige Interaktionen, zahlreiche faszinierende und spannende Situationen und ne ganze Menge Dr. Eggman. Bin also mehr als glücklich mit diesem Update ;)

Einmal mehr, ich liebe es wie im Grunde die ganze Gruppe inzwischen für das große Finale versammelt ist und sich gemeinsam durch Night Palace schlagen muss. Ich mag mir gar nicht vorstellen wie schwierig es ist so viele Charaktere gleichzeitig zu schreiben, ihre Interaktionen natürlich wirken zu lassen und darauf zu achten, dass jeder von ihnen ein bisschen Rampenlicht abkriegt - aber kann es nur wiederholen, es gelingt dir nach wie vor ausgezeichnet.

Gerade wie Sonic und Robotnik sich im Grunde ständig an der Kehle hängen und keine Gelegenheit auslassen können sich anzugiften ist sehr amüsant, ebenfalls die laufende Nörgelei des Wissenschaftlers an der Festung seines Widersachers, die offenbar nicht alle Standards für einen angemessenen Bösewichten-Stützpunkt trifft. Und natürlich, Eggmans verzweifelter Versuch mit seinen Gefährten mitzuhalten und letztlich einen Looping zu "bewältigen" hat mich wiederholt zum Grinsen gebracht, diese Situationen waren auch dank deinen ausführlichen Beschreibungen zum Schießen xP
Aber ja, ich glaube es hätte ihn tatsächlich nicht zu sehr gestört, wenn ein paar von Sonics Freunden von seiner unangekündigten, etwas radikalen Aktion in der Kampfszene ebenfalls erwischt worden wären :P

Auch wieder ein Lob von mir hinsichtlich der Tatsache, wie sehr du diverse ikonische Levelgimmicks aus dem Spiel selbst in deiner Geschichte so nahtlos einfügst. Beim chaotischen Teppichritt konnte ich mit den Charakteren aus eigener Erfahrung sehr gut mitfühlen, der gläserne Pfad im Weltall wurde von dir wunderschön beschrieben und schließlich das Giftgas am Ende, das ich tatsächlich nicht mehr in Erinnerung hatte und dadurch nicht ganz kommen sah. Böser Cliffhanger wieder mal, bin schon gespannt, wie die Charaktere aus dieser Situation nochmal rauskommen - wenn ich raten müsste wie, würde ich wohl behapten es war ne gute Idee, dass die Ultimative Lebensform und nicht jemand anders von der Gruppe vorangegangen ist ;)

Freue mich wie immer schon sehr stark auf die Fortsetzung und das baldige große Finale :D
Ri2 chapter 42 . 6/29
Night Palace was always a beautiful level. And infuriating. I imagine it's even worse with friends. And Eggman.
YumeTakato chapter 42 . 6/26
I really enjoyed it! X3 Eggman was quite enjoyable to read for banter.
silverheartlugia2000 chapter 42 . 6/26
Aaaawww shit!
Kogarashi chapter 42 . 6/26
I should've expected the cliffhanger...

I'm enjoying the banter in this one, especially Robotnik trying to keep up with everyone else. Knuckles gets some nice moments, too.

One nitpick is that this chapter seems to use the present participle of verbs (ending in -ing) more than usual, and it reads stilted. Many of the sentences probably could have been rewritten to avoid that. (English major, editing focus. Don't mind me.)
Shadow Huntress chapter 42 . 6/26
Oh my gosh! Shadow!
To be honest, I'm glad that Shadow had more "screen" time in this chapter.
He needed a little love. I should have known that he'd get injured at the same time.

I loved the carpet ride! Poor Knuckles (I sympathize with him the most here, as he never asked for Sonic and Robotnik, they just crashed on his island and haven't left him alone since).
To be honest I am looking forward to more Sonic/Robotnik dynamic in the future. I have to admire your Robotnik's ingenuity and patience.

I LOVE your description of the palace. If I ever play Sonic and the Secret Rings, I'm going to be disappointed! No matter how pretty the background are, I doubt that they live up to this!
The motion of the palace, the elongating hallways, the poisonous gas, a fallen friend. Talk about a climax!

I can't wait to see how this ends and how Sonic and his friends/enemies play their parts. Each character is done so well that I don't even know who I want in the spotlight anymore, even Robotnik impresses me. However you finish this up, I'm going to love it! Next time I'll make certain to not miss your update.

~Shadow Huntress~
Shadow Huntress chapter 41 . 6/26
How did I miss your update?!
Oh my gosh! Gah, I feel so behind!
On the plus side, I found out that you updated and, to my surprise, there were two chapters up instead of one.
I love Rouge in this chapter, ever the voice of pragmatic skepticism.
Knuckles too, I like how he is the one to convince Sonic to tell Amy and Tails.
Narrativium detector! That is so funny! At some point I am going to have to look into this game (it's not available on any of my consoles) and find out what all you made up and what all came from the actual story, cause honestly, I can't tell. The dialogue and story line is stitched together so well.
Well, I can't wait to see what happens next and, thankfully, I don't have to.
Onto the next chapter!

~Shadow Huntress~
InsertUnoriginalPenNameHere chapter 42 . 6/26
Yay, an update! Perfect way to celebrate Sonic’s 27th.

Kudos do you for the imagery in the beginning! The way you described the Night Palace was so beautiful and detailed, you really must have spent a long time staring at it to do that! xD

Omg, Eggman trying to catch up to the rest of the group is absolutely hilarious! Though honestly let’s be real, I would probably be having just as much trouble if I ever had the privilege to go on an adventure with that bunch xD so I feel ya, Eggman.

The dynamic of Eggman actually helping them, though, is very interesting to me. While I do enjoy fics that treat Eggman as an actual threat instead of a bumbling idiot, I also like to think he’s not ALL evil, and actually kinda cares for at least Sonic in some way. In a “if something happens to you I won’t have anyone to harass with my evil schemes anymore so don’t die” kind of way, heh. So I tend to enjoy fics where they actually have to kind of work WITH Eggman, as opposed to AGAINST.

Hmm, seems like Sonic’s just getting weaker and weaker...they have to defeat Erazor Djinn soon!

Man, I really can’t see how they’re gonna get out of this one. It’s pretty hard to escape poisonous gas, no matter how fast you are! Can’t wait for the next update :)
ShadAmy1Fan - Shylah McVey chapter 42 . 6/25
Well, since I’m subscribed to you from the Pokemon story, I got an email update for this story and decided to check it out. A full 24 hours of binging later and I can safely say that this story is beyond any adjective I could use to describe it.

I have been dying. Literally dying throughout this whole thing. The reference, the one liners, the character dynamics. This is epic. I appreciate the drama, although I do feel like you’ve made sonic to be a bit helpless at times XD but I’m not complaining. And I really love how you articulated Shadow. Expertly well done.

I’m actually REALLY extremely curious how you’re going to do darkspine Sonic. The only canon dark Sonic transformation - it has a special place in my heart. You’ve done a great job playing with Sonic emotions (lol) and I hope the epic moment doesn’t get undermined in anyway

Sorry no pressure. I’m sure it’ll be awesome. )

I’ve decided that during work tonight (I have a new job that requires I sit in one place and do whatever I want - literally) I’m going to go to your profile and read ALL your Sonic stories. I came across you on a whim and completely random when I stumbled across the poke/sonic story. Which I ADORE btw. And after reading this I realized that you have a lot of talent, talent that I especially look for in my sonic fanfics. I’m going to enjoy your stories )

And I know this was like an insanely long time ago (at least I think so, can’t tell when you’ve uploaded individual chapters, at least not on mobile), but I REALLY enjoyed Sonic’s dream hopefully turned story(?) during the plot bunny things. Amy’s made me laugh XD never read twilight as I wasn’t allowed to, and by the time the movies were out my friends were Harry Potter fans (as you know only one side could be chosen) so I didn’t really have a choice P

Also Tails’ dream made me laugh. The yugioh references. The BEST. XD I find it hilarious and disturbing that Shadow would be possessing Tails. And Knuckles’ dream had me laughing strictly for the idea that KNUX was with AMY. As for actual story plots, I wasn’t really interested in any of them except Sonic’s, but they were all great in their own way.

ANYWAYS! I know you just uploaded for our big blues birthday(!) but here’s to hoping for another quick update! To any of your stories ) _ good luck, hope as always that you’re taking care of yourself, and happy writing!
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