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Katz4 chapter 28 . 10/24
deceased... Cooking pot.. Dead-pan...*Wheezes*
YumeTakato chapter 39 . 10/15
I enjoyed it! X3 I really look forward to the next chapter!
Sturm and Drang chapter 39 . 10/11
Been a while since I've seen this updated, but you did as good as ever. The characters where on pint and the adventure was fun.

What more can be asked?
Strawberry r Kitty chapter 39 . 10/10
Yeaaaahhh! New update! Also I changed my profile name so I'm not a new reader, but a dedicated old one! ;/
So my question is "Is there going to be KnuxRouge?" I don't care either way, I like reading the flirting, (btw that must be hard to write, write? ((Lol puns))) but I was just curious on how it'll develop at all.
Also, is there an official backstory for Rouge? Or did you make that up? Sorry if this was ever shown in the comics or anything but I don't read them (more like I can't find all of them to read) and miss out on backstory stuff.
Other than that, I wanted to say I really admire how you've entwined literary terms and actual physical book examples into the writing. For example, is reading about the characters other than Sonic going off and doing their own thing, actually "hurts" him! It's so cool to try to wrap your head around that! I love conspiracy theories and universal problems like this (dunno if this really counts as something like this but eh) While rereading this to this point, the same jokes that got me months ago, made me crack up again! I love the Captain Jack Shadow part! It's hilarious! As well as how all the males start to flirt with Amy ASAP when they're transformed. And I LOVED that plot bunny joke a few chapters back.
Anyways sorry for long review, I always have a ton to say after reading 39 chapters in the span of two hours. You're lucky I just condensed it all down! Anyways, stay on the Write Path!
Strawberry r Kitty chapter 32 . 10/10
Am I the only person who considers Knuckles really cool and admirable? Like not in the puppy dog way or the "Amy after Sonic" way, but just a simple, admiration for the dude-er echidna.
DEV chapter 39 . 10/10
Uw, Rouge wurde ja recht fix in ihr altes Ich zurückverwandelt - glücklicherweise für einen armen (nun vermutlich auf ewig traumatisierten :P) Fuchs tatsächlich bevor sie ein paar ihrer sehr detaillierten Verwünschungen in die Realität umsetzen konnte. Fiel mir bei "Hamras" Aussagen manchmal echt schwer, ob ich laut auflachen oder mich gruseln sollte, aber meist war es dann doch Ersteres xP

Aber ja, Rouge war zum Glück bald mal wieder ganz die Alte und mir gefällt wie gewohnt sehr, wie treu du sie wieder an ihren Charakter gehalten hast. Wie sie Knuckles regelmäßig hochnimmt ist mindestens genauso unterhaltsam wie ihre Liebe für Funkelndes, aber nicht minder unterhaltsam war es zu sehen, dass sie wenn es WIRKLICH darauf ankommt ihr Herz am richtigen Fleck hat und dafür sogar ihre wertvollen Klunker opfern würde. Diese Balance ist es die mir nach wie vor sehr an ihr gefällt.

Die Prügelei der Helden mit den Skeletten samt Smalltalk war derweil ebenfalls sehr erheiternd, besonderes Highlight war natürlich das ach so hilflose Igelmädchen in Nöten :P
Dachte mir schon vom ersten Moment an, dass das jetzt etwas plötzlich kommt nachdem Amy zuvor noch richtig mit den armen Knochengerüsten aufgeräumt hat, und jap, natürlich wollte sie lediglich eine Rettung von ihrem großen Schwarm provozieren. So süß und unschuldig sie sich im Normalfall auch gibt, manchmal kann sie ernsthaft verschlagen sein xP

Aber yoah, Sonics Zustand gibt langsam aber sicher durchaus Grund zur Sorge. Hoffentlich schafft er es noch zum letzten Level, bevor ihm das Lebensfeuer im wahrsten Sinn des Wortes ausgeht. Auf das große Finale in Night Palace bin ich schon mehr als gespannt - gerade weil diesmal so viele von seinen Freunden ebenfalls mit von der Partie sind. Das nächste Update wird also wie immer mit großer Vorfreude erwartet :D
tolu ogunyemi chapter 39 . 10/9
Whoo hoo! Another chapter! I can't wait for the next one !
Lone Garurumon chapter 39 . 10/6
Squeee, Burning Arrow update. My god... Hamra is HARDCORE. I can honestly say I've never heard or read anyone wish that their enemy's... 'private parts' would grow wings and fly away, that's definitely a new one. Rouge and Knuckles are so cute together. I like the idea (even if it's only implied at this point) that Rouge ended up as the person she is today because of an abusive childhood where she needed to care for herself. I like the development there. Also, I imagine Solomon shouting each line thanks to the caps lock, and it's glorious.
Server lock chapter 39 . 10/6
Your an aweful person making the cast try to dodge pokeballs in your new story. Honestly though I don't really like Amy. Though your interpretation of her is pretty funny and cute.
Her personality is really clingy to the point of obsession rather than love.
BlazePyro chapter 39 . 10/5
I guess it would be pointless to ask if you played sonic and the secret rings XD I played it when it was new back in the days. Not only was the awful controllers but the plot was downright garbage. You also had to replay same stages with different missions if I remember correctly. Collect this many rings, don't touch any barrels, don't attack enemies. To proceed the story... It was such a torture and considering it being the latest sonic game at that year in a long time I suffered myself through it. I am not sure how people experienced the game but I felt the strong lack of freedom SEGA always try to portray

You choose to remake the plot from Sonic and the secret rings Out of all games. I must ask why...why that one? Sonic and the black knight was similar to this one (because of its awful controller and other awful designs) I don't know if I can say it's a fortunate i didn't get that game. But to me black knight seemed to be less empty when it came to story.

So I should probably review the story for real now taking strong consideration of my own experience of the game you basing on. First of that I probably should make clear is that SEGA better Hire you! You made a previously half empty story plot alive! It's incredible you managed to do so. Well let's face thing we all knew is that it needed other characters. Not fake Tails knuckles eggman or any other character for that matter. Genius idea with all the "the story is trying to repair itself and drag people in to fill the broken gaps" although Shadows case was a bit special. And knuckles extremely lucky!

It's a lot to say! my burning hate for most unfinished broken Sonic games started with Sonic and the secret rings. It's like i imagine you cleaning up a mess SEGA made and it's extremely odd to me. Why is it fanfic writers that make Sonic and other characters ten times better?!

It was sometimes hard to read when I got annoying flashbacks of certain scenes or incidents you described. Nailing it is a understatement. At those moments I wish I never played the game so I wouldn't know where this plot was going. Also not find myself getting frustrated with the reminder of my horror.

The flame Sonic wear as clothing in the game have a massive difference here! You know the fire curse did absolutely nothing to the plot nor the gameplay. They mentioned it was shrinking but that's about it. You made that MEAN something! And for that I am really happy about. Also pointed out how sonic could have saved Shahra differently and not cursed on the first page of the story. It's entertaining yet pretty dark and I like it. You also described the evil genie (his name is to hard to spell right) as sadistic. I never thought of that, he never really felt like a villain to me sadly. Couldn't take his apperance nor his goal seriously. Eggmanland suddenly sounds ten times better already who would have thought.

I didn't read this story until now even though aware of its existence because of a major reason.. I seriously don't like the game (shocker I must have repeated that a few times already)
The first chapter didn't really suck me into it like a corrupted story book with a evil genie trying to take over the world of fairy tales. I wish it did though it was certainly worth reading. Probably better question why did I?

First of I really like your other fanfics and after waiting for an update of Shadow high school disaster I counted on perhaps another year of wait update. I read the crossover fanfic, hard not to notice how proud and the also the burning Interest you have for it. not sure if you answer reviews as I haven't really don't it much or at all to u. But I have another question when I am already pyling up a wall of text.

Why is it not counted as a crossover and still stand as a pure sonic plot? Your inspiration is also extremely easy to tell where it came from. Wish that one updated more thou.

I will give this story thou a 7.5/10 good job! But out of all ur work I am still dead set that shadow the high school of distaster is the best.

I am probably missing a lot that I wish to say but this will do! Apologize for this wall of text!
Lanydx chapter 39 . 10/4
Glad this is back on. Im a little taken aback, but not shocked to Rouge's cynical view on stories, hinting at a very unhappy, and possibly abusive childhood. While Im glad for the small bits between Rouge, and Shadow, and the banter/flirting between her and Knuckles is always good for a laugh. Amy sticking up for Shara, and fairy tales in general is very sweet, and her fighting the undead was great. Just please don't take so long for another update. Also hoping for Shara's freedom at the end of the story, come on I think she's earned it.
silverheartlugia2000 chapter 39 . 10/4
I'm beginning to wonder about Sonic's health as well.. but yay update! Nice to see more to rouge other than the flirt btw ;3
SonicDude87 chapter 39 . 10/4
Well, well, well. My birthday came early this year cause my fav. fic has been updated. Love how Solomon complains about Rouge's inappropriate palatial language. But not quite as much as Amy playing the damsel in distress willingly to get Sonic to rescue her. xD Glad you're back Taranea and I am looking forward to the next chapter as always.


Good thing Sonic's DVR, Tails made it. The Walking Dead's new season is almost here.)
Arctic-Starflowers chapter 39 . 10/4
You updated! Hooray! And Rouge finally joined their team, I'm so happy!
AngelofGrace96 chapter 39 . 10/3
hahahahah Shahra the fourth wall breaker is back at it again! I hope Rouge is the last of the Mobians to join the group, it seems like it's getting a little crowded... Although it is incredibly funny to watch her flirting with Knuckles. Also, poor Amy, she was so SCARED (shut it Sonic) :D. Thank you so much for an update, I'm so excited we're getting closer to the finale!
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