Reviews for Burning Arrow, Wildfire Heart
shinshinjane chapter 48 . 7/13
Great story, when is there going to be a sequel? Sonic and the Black Knight?
the lord of eggs chapter 7 . 3/22
"physics are too slow" this ... explains a lot actually
Katz4 chapter 48 . 1/23
Woot! There it is, the finale! Man, it's way past cool to finish this fic after so long. Thanks SO MUCH for taking all the time to write it and putting so much care into it, it's appreciated i swear

I hope your own story is going stellar right now, keep your head high my friend!
Katz4 chapter 46 . 1/23
You know, i always thought it was super weird that sonic only transformed with the rings or hatred sadness and anger like ? Also tbh i just never liked the design much... it's not very themed? And looks like he's wearing sandles, always gave me a really weird beach vibe lol!

Your scene here where each of his friends pulls a ring, so very cool! First rate stuff
Guest chapter 44 . 1/22
There was the distinct sound of a gun being cocked. "You're up shit creek without a paddle, bub."
Katz4 chapter 41 . 1/20
Man the comment section on this site sucks! AO3 has spoiled me. I know I've commented here before because I've been spotting my name in the notes but damn if i remember anything i ever said haha and it's impossible to find them again!

I moved on from sonic before this fic finished but i always remembered it as one of my favorites! I have been getting back to Sonic lately and I was sooo excited to read this again! Its been a blast, this story legit makes me laugh out loud everytime.

And as of this chapter, I'm entering new territory! I don't remember any of this and I'm so excited to see how it ends!
Guest chapter 29 . 1/16
Guest chapter 10 . 1/12
This is such a great chapter
Man this thing is fun to re-read years later!
Ward Of Regret chapter 43 . 12/27/2022
Sonic's selfless heart is on full display here- even with Shahra's admonition that he does not have much soul power left, that his technique will drain some of his precious little life remaining, Sonic does not hesitate at all! The pain he is going through really garners sympathy- he is truly willing to undergo so much and does not let it wear him down or show how much he hurts, for the sake of his friends and the stories of the Arabian Nights.

Poor Shadow, somberly, quietly, picking up the purple world ring- flatly and calmly not giving away how much whatever emotions and feelings he felt truly affected him. He has had a lot of sorrow in his life already, hasn't he. :( And Rouge, trying to ferret out of Shahra what exactly her relation to Erazor is- she knows something is up that the more trusting, kinder sorts like Tails, Sonic, and Amy might not pick up on with Shahra. And that rings even more true with Eggman's own prediction that Shahra will betray the group. Can't wait for it all to come to a head!
Ward Of Regret chapter 42 . 12/26/2022
One of my favorite things about the opening of this chapter is Amy, noticing how beautiful the structures are, romanticizing the fact that it's made of dreams with a wistful expression, contrasted with Sonic, Tails, and Eggman's back and forth snarking about evil lair design and Eggman's ineptitude at adventuring and Tails taking offense at Eggman's quip against his namesake- I've likely talked about this in my reviews before, with all of your fic, no matter which genre you are writing, it's always so in character and reads like something so naturally in the characters voices. I loved their back and forth verbal sniping they participated in on the carpet ride as well, with Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Rouge and Shadow getting a good chuckle out of their situation.

I love that it ended on a cliffhanger note and can't wait to read what is in store next!
Ward Of Regret chapter 41 . 12/26/2022
I love the appropriate level of both somber feeling and hope in this chapter! Sonic having to come to terms with the life flame truly diminishing itself and his life force, and how with Knuckles insistence he finally tells Amy and Tails the severity of what he is enduring. But, still managing to put a confident spin on it to reassure them that he's not going down so easily.

Shahra's melancholy words to Tails, that, this being one of the last chapters of the Arabian Nights, and it being a poem, meant that it didn't have to make sense, it just had to be beautiful. It helped to really embody the sense of bittersweet finality of the proceedings and what awaits everyone. Good work as always, Taranea!
Ward Of Regret chapter 40 . 12/26/2022
Taranea, that was such a touching tribute to Sir Terry Pratchet! And what's more, it also fit very well into Rouge's world view and gave her an affirmation and newfound belief , that it is alright *TO* believe, that everything will turn out okay in the end. It was also a very sweet conversation between Shadow and Rouge before they both turned in for the night, and I love how they both are so good at giving the teasing back and forth comments-

"Probably shagging one echidna." "OY."- was probably my favorite part :)

and also still share that deep friendship and concern for one another. Very heartening to see! And it was a lot of fun to envision the silly antics of the desert volleyball match, Amy exploding the ball into the horizon, Rouge and Tails flying up 50 ft in the air to volley it back and forth, a nice chance for the crew to stop worrying so briefly about their quest and let loose and have fun! Especially as the stakes of what could happen are starting to creep up upon Sonic, and despite his devil may care nature, and his reassurance of Tails and Amy, he's starting to worry a little bit, as well. Wonderful work as always!
Ward Of Regret chapter 39 . 12/26/2022
Hello, Taranea! I am so sorry for such a large gap in reviews for your stories as they consistently have always been some of my absolute and utter favorites here on ff . net and you capture everyone so marvelously. I am going to try to rectify getting you some more well earned feedback for the stories you put so much love into! With the Sonic 2 movie and Sonic Frontiers recently my adoration for the series has come back around in a way that has been dormant since Sonic Forces back in 2017, so revisiting your stories is such a huge treat and joy.

I absolutely loved the depiction of Knuckles and Rouge here- Rouge's relentless teasing and tormenting of Knuckles and her still having that somewhat aloof nature where at first glance, you wouldn't think she'd care- but she does, deeply, and she saves Knuckles in such a way reminiscent after their fight at Meteor Herd- it was sweet but also emotional and fitting for the two of them. And it was very nice to get a glimpse into the backstory you have given her as well and how it shapes how she feels about their situation right now, being a bit disdainful of the very idea of fairy tales.

And I love, love, loveeeee how Amy tried to put on a damsel in distress act for Sonic to come and save her, even as he rightfully points out that just a moment ago she was perfectly capable of flattening the skeletons with no assistance. Sometimes, Sonic, you just gotta let a girl be saved!

Hope you are doing well, Taranea, and I hope to have more reviews for you as well!
RedsterTheGamer chapter 3 . 10/25/2022
I really like how you adapted that opening cutscene!
No one chapter 48 . 9/27/2022
This has to be one of the greatest stories I've ever read, thanks a lot for writing it!
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