Reviews for Creed Bratton's Day Off
pleasekillmeijustwanttodelete chapter 2 . 9/20/2007
Very amazing.
Alex Wert chapter 2 . 9/4/2007
Oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear oh deer... hey there's a deer outside my window. Usually it's just groundhogs.

I'm glad you're posting again. It makes me appear more sane.

The camera crew filming Creed in the shower (I hope it's not still me)... was creepy yet believeable, though I'm sorry to hear about Ringo.

John Travolta is forever corrupted for me now that I've seen him as a fat woman. Now I'm picturing that in a bubble.

Then there was Creed's second section, which is just priceless: "and sometimes I just take pictures." was great, but then "when the Law says she'd ready." Wow.

Poor Lonny.
Dina C chapter 2 . 9/2/2007
Funniest line in this chapter was the one about Creed drying himself off with the bath mat.

The Dwight prank that Jim and Karen pulled was kind of lame, but I like it that way because it just shows how superior Pam is at pranking and being Jim's significant other.
Dina C chapter 1 . 9/2/2007
Good setup chapter. I have lots of comments...even took notes as I was reading. How geeky is that? Liked Jim's TH and his comment about Dwight's attendance record. Very funny thing about Dwight considering comicon a religious holiday. Fitting.

I'm not sure Michael is smart enough to understand stem cell research, so that was making me a bit uneasy, but then I felt better when Ryan said he probably learned it off of Comedy Central. (Since I don't watch CC, I don't really get that, but I'll trust you.)

The LotR fanfiction bit was totally in character for Dwight, BUT, I really feel like you broke the fourth wall there a bit. That's a theater term which refers to things like actors coming down off of the stage and interacting with the audience. It tends to freak people out. In the same way, as readers of fan fiction, somehow referring to fan fiction ruins our ability to suspend disbelief. Like a magician showing you how the trick is done.

Loved the Big Turkey, Big Crabby nicknames. Did you make those up yourself or was that from an episode?

Creed's bit was gross (very fitting). The Hai Karate was funny because it fits his generation and his delusional self-image. His real name was bizarre. Is it an anagram?
LunaMystik chapter 2 . 9/1/2007
Very funny so far! I just love the way you write the characters.
Moony44 chapter 2 . 9/1/2007
Oh my, I loved this. I love every line that Creed says in the shower, I found it all very humorous.

Then in chapter two, the last line was classic! I don't know any other ways to tell you I love this story, except to please update! I feel like I'm actually watching an Office episode!
I Heart Edward Cullen chapter 2 . 8/31/2007
Oh, you are so on the same page as me. Owen Wilson was my favorite actor for years and years... he eventually got replaced by Adrien Brody (is it something about the noses? Who knows.) but his suicide attempt really rattled me... he was a bit of an idol for me when I was young and impressionable, and he's always seemed like such a happy fellow, and not so prone to the sort of drama that tends to follow around Brangelina and the like. He was kind of a part of my childhood, and it was really disconcerting to have something like that happen... I guess, to finally realize that he's a human being, and something seperate that what he plays.

But yeah... Darjeeling Limited, I just found out about that the other day, and to have two of my very favorite actors in one movie- I almost fainted. Kind of creepy, how Owen's all wrapped up in bandages for it... self-fulfilling prophecy or something. Eek.

I actually looked up Lacanian analysis (and the real Creed). Jacques Lacan. I've always been interested in psychology, so it's cool. Didn't make a lot of sense, but that's probably just because I skimmed over it. _ I did do a report on Necrotizing Fasciitis last year though! Didn't quite know what I was getting into though... all nice glossy chemical terms aside, a pretty major eww. Don't quite blame Dwight, for once.

Saturday Night Fever indeed. XD I laughed for a long long time at that. And you calls 'em as you see 'em? Funny, I just had a guy friend of mine say just that about the difference between VW's and Beamer's...

About Ch. 2. Seriously, it's the subtle little things you put in there that are what always set me off! Like Creed toweling off with the bath mat. That never would have even occured to me, but it's so CREED, and so well done and just... weird. And I had to read the bit about Quality Assurance twice... but very good. And I loved Karen's line about Jim's fetish. XD

And Dwight the zombie... perhaps Jim will just have to keep him chained in the warehouse like Shaun of the Dead's buddy who's name escapes me. But he probably will find Dwight's reaction to his pranks a little lacking when all he does is moan about human flesh. Pity.
Cousin Mose chapter 1 . 8/30/2007
So...exactly how old is this girl that Creed woke up with if her father was in the house? And why do I suddenly feel the need to shower with lye?

A fantastic opening salvo here, Jack, one that gets straight to the insanity without cutting any corners. I love that Jim has busted Dwight on his fanfiction habits-another throw back to a previous Jack story? (I can't remember which one, but I'm sure it was one of yours.) Andy as a pot smoker with Creed as his supplier? It all makes sense now. Perhaps those WEREN'T mung beans he was growing in his desk...

Excellent job, my friend, and here's hoping you continue this soon-to-be classic in a timely fashion!
I Heart Edward Cullen chapter 1 . 8/30/2007
Geez, Jack, way to FINALLY start updating just when I'm not around to review... *sighs*

Oh well, I'm not mad. I'm just happy to have something new to laugh at. XD I forgot how much I really love reading your stuff... It's too good. And I did read your other thing! I will review... soon. I promise. Pinky swear. I know it's juvenile, but I'm agnostic, so the whole hand-on-the-bible thing doesn't hold much sway for me.

ANYWAY. What's the big idea, taking John Travolta from Jim and giving him to Dwight? Seriously, Pulp Fiction is a favorite of mine and I'm not going to be able to watch it with a straight face even more. NOT EVEN WHEN PEOPLE ARE GETTING THEIR HEADS BLOWN UP ON ACCIDENT. What will people think of me, when I'm bursting out laughing, thinking about Frodo putting rings up his arse while they get a nice coating of brains? It will totally ruin my reputation. At least I still have Saturday Night Fever... *sigh*

Pam's story of middle school torture really hid a chord with me. See, I had this teacher (who was an atheist) for Sophomore English who I quite liked. A year later he got fired for using the Book of Genesis (I think...) in the mythology section. Sigh. He really was a nice guy... Pity. But, sadly, reality kind of works that way...

But enough about me! More about you! Loved the bit about the "religious holiday," (very subtle). And stem cells! You have to praise Michael's ability to adapt. I bet he has one of those Darwin fishies on his sebring.

Andy the pot head... would explain quite a lot. Hmm. And nice tie in to your other story, with Creed the cradle-robber. *thumbs up*

Long names are so fun. I think my cat has... 4. And a middle initial. And some roman numerals. My horse has 4 too. Although I usually just call him Ringo, due to the fact that he has total Beatles hair.

Ertmoed. Did you just type that with your elbows or what? XD