Reviews for How to Succeed in Sexual Blackmail Without Really
280b29 chapter 1 . 8/30/2007
Oh, God. I'm listening to this commercial right now, and it's, like, "Do you suffer from a lack of stamina? Does she consider you a "Minuteman"? If so..." and something about "Her worshipping you", I'm completely cracking up, it's three-thirty in the morning, and you just won my undying love. Seriously. You can't belive how fucking ecstatic I was to see my favorite net author write my OT crack. I can't even tell you how amazing you are. Glurfgle. There are no words. NO WORDS, I TELL YOU!

Er, flagrant caps-lock abuse. Save the caps-lock! Donate -!

Oh, fuck, do I need to sleep.
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