Reviews for Come Tomorrow
commando91802 chapter 14 . 7/21/2008
I love the concept of this story. I suggest working on the grammar a bit for this chapter. please update soon!
JJFicFreak chapter 14 . 6/30/2008
so far, this is tha BEST sam/bee story ive EVER read, keep goin :)
Rentrox8 chapter 14 . 6/16/2008

Love it! Keep going!
Exodiano chapter 14 . 5/29/2008
well... its an unusual plot... I like it, but Bee's death? I think that's too much... and what about Sam? what did he do about the Autobots? (It's strange to see them as a barbariuos and opportunistic race...)
SwordWielder17 chapter 1 . 3/24/2008
I've never actually done this before, but it cannot be helped. I can't stand it any longer. You don't so much ignore grammar rules as beat them over the head with a club. Despite what some of your reviewers say (which is what prompted me to leave a review myself instead of shielding my eyes and running away), your writing style isn't unique, and it isn't good. It's horrifying. I've never seen anyone fall so desperately in love with run-on sentences in my life, and that includes going to an elementary school and reading their little stories. Honestly, those kids write better than you do. How old are you?

Writing like you've just run a marathon and are trying to speak is not good writing. Writing like you're watching porn and touching yourself-"yeah...yeah, the middle of summer...yeah, that's hot"-is not good writing. Periods are your friend. Commas and all of those other punctuations marks are desperately waiting to become your friends. For the sake of humanity, read a book before trying to write, and learn some grammar.

I could content myself if the grammar issues were all that were wrong, but when I looked at this story, my horror grew. You have no concept of how to characterize anyone, your dialogue is cheesier than skinemax, your plots are atrocious... And you seem to have no concept of biology. I've read decent Mpreg's before, and they take a lot of effort to justify. This? This looks like a sad crackhead's demented dream. If you really have betas, I can't imagine what they must be telling you, aside from giggling and giving you a thumbs up. Sam in heat? Sam pregnant from a hologram? Skip that, Sam pregnant from a Non-biological extra-terrestrial? Without any justification whatsoever? Stop. Just stop. You're killing a fresh and innovative fandom. Stop.

Occasionally I get glimpses of decent grammar from you, which always has me perking my ears in hope until I reach the next paragraph and deflate. If you really want to improve: consult a book on grammar-there are plenty to be found in your local bookstore/library, and they're necessary even in fanfiction; get rid of all the ellipses; and work on plotting and characterization. If you can clear up the grammar, the rest will become tolerable at the very least, if not good.

Like I said, I've never felt the need to write such disparaging comments before, but I couldn't let this slide with a bunch of people recklessly praising you. You'll never grow that way. You'll never learn without criticism, and though I was harsh, it really is well-intentioned. I don't want you to stop writing. I want you to GROW as a writer. You seem passionate enough to manage that, or, at least, I hope you are.

With hope,

Roquette chapter 14 . 3/23/2008
no! its a cliffie! *bounces in seat* you have to update fast! its a mater of life and death...for me at least. _
Gallifreyan Ginger chapter 14 . 3/23/2008
ACK! 0_0 You can't end it there! Need more! Looks like the little one's coming!
Yin7 chapter 13 . 2/10/2008
This is really good.

I really want to know what the baby is.
RuneNeko chapter 13 . 1/15/2008
Wow, okay, that was pretty awesome, hehe. I love your style of writing, it's so refreshing after reading story after story where the writing style is almost the same. I love it so far, keep up the awesome work!
Gallifreyan Ginger chapter 13 . 12/26/2007
Dammit Bee! Your place is with Sam and your son! Grr!
Roquette chapter 13 . 12/26/2007
O . im so excited i could wet myself! Sam is close! i am curious as to what Bright will look like...or
GrilledCheeseOreos chapter 12 . 11/16/2007
ok, NICE, but still a bit confusing here or there (the sudden scene changes are weird)
Ariaeris chapter 12 . 11/15/2007
Another cliffhanger? Geez, are you trying to keep me on edge. I'm really not liking Optimus in this fic. Also Bright, that's a cute name. Finally, *ahem* Go BeexSam!
Gallifreyan Ginger chapter 12 . 11/15/2007
Oh man...bad crap keeps happening...they better be careful...with Sam so close to his due date he's lible to go into premature labor under enough stress!

Gah! I can't wait to see what happens next!
Roquette chapter 12 . 11/15/2007
a! no!

why do you keep doing that! just leave us hanging, why dont you.

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