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CrystalOfTime chapter 6 . 10/3/2015
Yannami chapter 6 . 4/17/2013
I know that this fanfic is old but stiiiiill! I'm hoping for an update! I love how everything is thought out; it feels like the continuation of the actual anime! And by the way, Takeshi is a hilarious character! I wonder what's going on with Izumi- how does she not know her name? Why does she keep changing? Where doe she get her strange 'etiquettes', and WHO IS SHE?

Anyway, I love this fic! And the pig bit frm Takeshi's pocket had me laughing out loud (you shuld feel guilty. I got a god dose of 'shush-es' from that...)!

The first few chapters made me feel all nice, 'cause Kazuki's friends and Mahiro can finally see him battle again! I like reading/ watching those parts! The reactions of civilians to these things (especially when Kazuki is involved) always make me feel all giddy. It's Yeah...

OMIGOD! PLEASE UPDATE! This is the best "Buso Renkin" fic I've seen so far!
Soumya.S chapter 1 . 6/12/2011
this is really the best Busou Renkin fanfic on the site...

i really like the way you develop the story. it totally feels like the continuation from the original.

and yeah unless you are trying to break your previous record of updating after a year, PLEEEEEASE UPDATE!
ChaoticOrder123 chapter 3 . 2/18/2011
Obviously, this is an old fanfiction with little chance of update. However, after reading the chapter, I'd like to offer my 2 cents on the OC. The fact you even insinuated that the OC could fight and beat Kazuki... that breaks my suspension of disbelief. Disregarding the Victor transformation, Kazuki defeated Bravo without that powerup. That alone should put him above the OC. As a Victor he was fighting more or less equally with Victor for a month on the moon. Victor was capable of tanking island vaporizing blasts and had an AOE that extended across the whole horizen. Lets not forget the fact he is fast enough to escape the pull of earth's gravity (mach 26 and insinuated to near relativistic speed)

Far out of any other alchemists league. Should be far above your OCs league.

Such a waste.
adrogoz chapter 6 . 12/9/2010
It's me again! I agree with the comments saying that this is the best Buso Renkin fanfic on the site, and I think your designs for Takeshi are brilliantly thought out. I also agree slightly with the (VERY long) review saying about how he gets treated worse than he should but then again a lot of the time he deserves it.
adrogoz chapter 6 . 12/9/2010
It's me again! I agree with the comments saying that this is the best Buso Renkin fanfic on the site, and I think your designs for Takeshi are brilliantly thought out. I also agree slightly with the (VERY long) review saying about how he gets treated worse than he should but then again a lot of the time he deserves it.
adrogoz chapter 1 . 12/5/2010
Cool, I love Buso Renkin and can't wait to see more. One question is Papillon going to be in this?
DarkJackel chapter 6 . 2/3/2010
What an odd person this Izumi is. I wonder what she has in store. Also one must wonder what baring, if any, the difference in the Homunculous crest signifies. One way or another I'm sure things will come out.

Good job with this chapter, building the suspense with whatwill/could happen.

Thanks for the work.

kaz chapter 1 . 2/2/2010
I much enjoyed your story thus far and I hope you continue. Buso Renkin is one of my favorite manga and just this weekend I went to a anime convention called "ohoycon" in Columbus,OH as Kazuki Moto, kaugane and all. So good luck and I will continue to check in.
Lord Destroyer chapter 6 . 1/22/2010
If you're accepting any OCs, I've got one for you

Name: Connor (family/surname unknown, forgotten even)

Age: 15 DOB: unknown, possibly forgotten.

Appearance: 5ft 10in tall, black hair with blue high lights parted to the left, right eye red, left eye dark blue. Slim build with as much physical strength as Rokumasu. Wears blue short sleeved shirt with Superman's symbol on it. Wears blue denim jeans, fastened by belt with wolf head belt buckle. Aslo wears a blue denim jacket that has Superman's symbol on both shoulders, and a wolf's snarling face on the back. The jacket reaches down to his elbows, rather than to his wrist. The wardrobe is complete by a red pair of boots. Also carries a straight bladed military saber on his left, and a Colt .45 on his right.

History: Orphaned at four years of age on his own birthday by a massacre that nearly claimed his own life, he now lives with half Japanese aunt, who took him in as her own. His entire left arm so badly ruined by gangs, that it has been replaced by a cybernetic arm that resembles sort of like the prosthetic arm of Ed from Full Metal Alchemist. The massacre could have been the works of homunculi, but also could be the work of regular humans, criminals mostly. Had been approached by the Alchemic Regiment due to the uncertainty surrounding his family's masscre, but he rudely told them to leave, and not to bother him ever again in a very cold manner.

Personality: Rude, mean, cold, distant, arrogant, and yet hides his kind, gentle, caring nature. For that reason he looks down and insults people that he thinks are inferior, or knows to be indeed inferior than him. He shows his softer nature only around little kids, otherwise it's in your face mean and rudeness. He also likes Goths since he can sort of associate with them, but he also likes warrior type woman. He acts like a knight in armor when it comes to those who can't defend themselves. He'd rather spare and give second chances to his enemies. He will mourn the lives of his enemies even if they die somehow.

Skills: Despite sporting a gun, he's a mediocre marksmen at best. Despite having a sword, his swordmenship level is that of an apprentice. He did study Korean Tae Kwon Do, but he never went beyond the white belt. He might play some strategy games such Fire Emblem series, but he's no tactician. The only real skill he's got is cooking. He was given a Kakugane as an incentive to join, but he uses it as a coaster and a freesbie, while possessing rather poor throwing skills.

Fact: As he is right handed, his right arm is a bit stronger than his mechanical left arm. Then again, he did tweak his left arm to be the weaker one. The left arm comes with built in analog watch with magnetic compass, and an ear wax remover of all things.

He was approached by Hiwatari the first time the Regiment try to recruit him, but he merely belched in Hiwatari's face before walking away. The second one to approach him was the one with the Bubble Cage, who he promply beat the crap out of his metallic left arm, for the reason the man swung the wrong way. The third one was Inukai, who he threaten to kill. Even Tokiko approached him, but he ignored her all together, only because he was babysitting his younger cousin. It was Chitose who gave him the Kakugane in order to intice him join. He asked her out after kissing her, but when she turned him down, he told the entire Regiment through her to stop wasting his time. The number on the Kakugane is 10(X).

The one time he did activate it as a Buso Renkin, he got both a shield and lance. He used it only to itimidate bullies. The shield resembles that of knight's with a snarling wolf's face on it. The lance is five foot long that's ten inches at the widest with three foot long handle. The lance shines with the glow of a moonlight like that from a full moon when charged up with energy.

There's a crystal at the end of the handle, both the crystal and the lance tip are the ones glows with moonlight. They can also glow red in color as well. What the both shield and lance are capable of doing is unknown, since they were used in combat.
Alien26 chapter 6 . 1/6/2010
That was a piece of crap! I never want to see this story agai- (Hey! Who the hell are you?) Uh-oh... (sounds of the imposter getting his head handed to him from a baseball bat.)

Now, where was I? Oh yes...

Dude, it's like they ran into the stereo-typical anime otaku girl! Awesome! But who is she?

Update, man! Update! Lest my baseball bat thirst for more!
BrazeRancor chapter 6 . 1/5/2010
Izumi huh? She reminds me of Shinobu. If that's so, where is Beefsteak? Ah well. And the roll of OCs continues. And I can't say I'm disappointed.
TokikoHyuuga chapter 6 . 1/3/2010
Hmm... I was really expecting the ninja to be Kakashi, you know, with the uniform and everything? I guess not... I'm not a big fan of Kakashi anyway.
TokikoHyuuga chapter 6 . 1/3/2010

I was gonna DIE if u didnt update!

Anyway, great chapter, and please UPDATE SOON!
anonymus chapter 6 . 1/1/2010
Well first off, i hope that what I'm abut to say will be spelled correctly and it won't be anything harsh and all. Catpain Sanji, i for personal i like your fic. The story, the's just that i don't like about the characters. I mean, altough i liked the way you portraited your OC, i just well, don't like the way your characters interact with him. I mean really as far as i read i see that almost every character despises him, hates him, and i don't like that. I can tell that what your doing is using comedic aspects as the anime is but even these have some sort of limit. I mean the beating that takeshi always gets from Tokiko, or the harsh treatment he recieves from the other characters, you know the cold shoulder, is just very wrong and sad. The way Gouta has negative toughts about him, the way Kazuki's sister and friends see him as a goofy, weird fellow who don't know what to make out outta him, how Kazuki practically doesn't do much anything to stand up to him as a friend in some troubles, or the constant beatings that sometimes do not lokk in a comical manner at all, the porr fellow. Now i don't mean to sound offendul or something but it's almost like you intentionatlly make these things or describe these things about him. If you hate those self-insertion characters, i agree with you because i despise them too. It's just that, it's like your an OC basher. I agree with you if your a Gary or Mary or Suey or whatever -stu person, but as far as i know that's not the right thing do do. And what is it with all you other writers out there that are supporting him with this and not giving him some help or advices. Instead you cherr at those harsh treatments for poor old Takeshi. I for one am an "correctly created oc" lover and i like to see good OCs meet, interract and develop by time with the characters from an anime. Not taking their spotlight, fame or characters but just being as equal and important as them, you undertsand me Captain. I want the OC to, yes, be treated not so good at first but by time being a trusted and fine well character. In your case i want this Takeshi to, you know, be treated in a different light by all or most ofthe characters. Sure he may be a sleazy, sly, alchoholic, slightly perverted fox boy, but evem those type of OCs deserve a better role or acceptance in a fic, in this case yours. I wish that as time passes by, the characters, especially Tokiko, would warm up to him and accept him as a friend. PLease hear my wish Captain Sanji, because like i said, i don't have any ill toughts about you. A person like me who is an anonymus viewer has great admiration from well written fan fics from well written authors. And your writing is quite skillful and ilustrative. The way you described the plotline and the kakuganes and the action scenes, i liked that. And Buso Renkin is probably one of my most favorite animes ever, and i know quite well about the characters personalities and emotions like humour, anger, sadness at the right time. So please listen to my words Captain Sanji, i like your fic, i really enjoyed it so far, it just disturbed me a little your little OOC you did with characters that were so mean, indifferent and harsh to your Oc. And please don't do this just to show your hate for it because like i said, well written OC deserve a good role. I hope to see that the characters will mellow down a little for Takeshi and accept him as a good friend and partner Alchemist Warrior, but that also includes Takeshi to be a little self-aware about his behavior and his feelings for one of the characters (you know who). I shall continue to read your story to see if it will go well and hope that it will be improved with time, and i repeat i hope i didn't sound offendfull. It's just a request of mine that i hope you will think about and that its for the best. Keep up with the good work Captain Sanji! Signing out!
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