Reviews for Harry and the Elixir of Time
GaryH2y chapter 31 . 5/12
People are crying here! Awesome ending, i kind of want harry to be IMMORTAL. Lol.
missgsmith51 chapter 31 . 4/20
I would have thought Lucius was one of the Obliviated DEs. If so, how did he know what the Diary would do? I'm just glad Draco had grown into a person of integrity ... even if I do think he and Harry were a couple of doofuses for communicating with Tom Riddle. At least Harry remembered what Amaterasu had said about the "evil boy" and let her deal with said boy and his book! Good girl!

Thank you for a lovely story. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm glad Peter got his just desserts and the others lived.
missgsmith51 chapter 30 . 4/19
I guess some things never change. Will Harry EVER become comfortable with Flooing, Apparition, and Portkeys? I guess flashing and brooms will always be his preferred mode of travel!
missgsmith51 chapter 28 . 4/19
Well, we can see that Peter was well and truly a total rat in every sense of the word. I wonder what will happen to him now.

Has having a burning day - or whatever it is called with Harry's Phoenis - cured him of all his afflictions?
missgsmith51 chapter 25 . 4/19
Something tells me there was a problem with Remus's transformation ... or non-transformation. I hope the cure didn't kill him.
missgsmith51 chapter 21 . 4/19
Poor Harry! He spends an inordinate amount of time in the hospital. Perhaps Snape and Harry should just move right in and live in the Hospital wing! At the very least, they need a magical door that goes from their quarters to Poppy's office. That shouldn't be too hard for a magical castle to handle.

"They were surrounded by Death Eaters." Oh, crap! This can't be good.
missgsmith51 chapter 17 . 4/19
No one seems too happy with Sluggy in your stories. Is he a poor teacher, a poor potions master, too selfish to brew the potions Poppy needs when she needs them, or unwilling to brew unless he is paid extra for it? Or is it something else? (Or do you just not really like him? I know he is quite the unsavory character in a story I read recently, and his canon self is hardly a model of integrity.)

"Death Eaters!" Uh-oh ... This does not bode well.
missgsmith51 chapter 15 . 4/19
More time travel. Ugh! It always makes my head hurt.

I think it's about time someone took Vernon to task. And how does he know about Harry's specific "weaknesses," unless he did certain things deliberately? I'm curious about this situation.

Well, I see Ron is being his "git self" today. He really doesn't listen much. After all, even if Harry had been upset about things, it isn't as if he had any choice in the matter. What's done is done. The fact that Harry already seems to love and accept Sev as his dad makes things a lot easier. Ron thinks he has it do tough sometimes, but he couldn't even begin to understand Harry's life before he came to Hogwarts. As a child who has always been loved and cared for, Ron has probably never really had to suffer anything harsher than a swat with the wooden spoon, no Quidditch for a day ... or if he was really, REALLY bad, no second helpings on pudding! It will be interesting to see how he moves forward from here.

I hope Harry and Sev are safe.
missgsmith51 chapter 13 . 4/19
"I also intend to leave them a small thank you present for all the care they awarded you during your stay at their house. Afterwards we shall return to our quarters at Hogwarts, where we will stay over the summer." Oh, I am SURE they are just going to LOVE that little "present." (All of them will probably be in therapy - or a rubber room - by Christmas. Hehe)

Lucius is forcing his way into Harry's mind ... and HE was one of the potential guardians? I certainly don't think Harry should ever be visiting Draco without Severus. EVER!

"Harry was very excited to meet someone who could write so many lies in one book." Is Harry going to run off Lockhart before he even gets started? It would be nice, wouldn't it? I hope Hermione isn't going to act like a twit over Lockhart this time. I know it's canon, but we can always hope. [My favorite way of dealing with him is what the kids did in "Angry Harry and the Seven" by Sinyk, the last three segments of Chapter 36. (Ch 21 is kind of important, too, to help you understand where Harry got the idea For what they did in Ch. 36 .)]
missgsmith51 chapter 11 . 4/19
Well, it seems that not only Harry but all four kids (save Cho, who is obviously a butthead) were pretty loyal about things. Ron and Hermione didn't rat out Blaise and Draco, who in turn spoke up on Harry's behalf, even though it revealed their own guilt. It looks like Harry is helping pull some from both houses together.

It's rough to place so much responsibility on Harry for the Quidditch cup. Whatever happens, someone is going to be annoyed with him. Not really fair ...
lucky333123 chapter 31 . 4/19
I love the ending!
missgsmith51 chapter 9 . 4/19
It looks as if Harry finally knows there are people who genuinely care for him. That should help him feel better a lot sooner. I just hope it works out that Harry never has to see the Dursleys again. They are eeevil.
missgsmith51 chapter 8 . 4/19
I wonder if the Dursleys (especially Vernon) have ever heard of the self-fulfilling prophecy. Too bad there isn't such a thing as a self-punching nose. Vernon needs one! Actually, Petunia and Dudley do, too.

I hope Snape, Poppy, and Minerva have some serious payback scheduled for the Dursleys. They really deserve it, and I'd hate for them not to get everything that's coming to them. **nasty giggle**
missgsmith51 chapter 7 . 4/19
Uh-oh! Did he fully transform into his Phoenix? Or did Wuirrell do something to him "long distance"?

I have to say that I am stunned that Dumbledore would suggest Harry go to the Malfoys ... Or is Lucius a good guy in your fiction?
missgsmith51 chapter 5 . 4/19
"The students are very nice in both houses. So I am quite happy to belong to two houses." This statement, together with 1) Ron going along with Blaise and Draco to check out the third floor corridor and 2) Harry acting as Seeker for both Slytherin and Gryffindor, suggests that relations between the two houses are improving.

Ugh! Poor little Harry can't seem to catch a break. I'm assuming a bludger to the head.
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