Reviews for Return of the Potteroops
AnimationNut chapter 15 . 8/9/2011
Voldemort and coffee is certainly an interesting combination :) Terrific job! I love it.
moredancing chapter 5 . 5/3/2011
I'm going to review this once and for all, after reading these Oopses over and over again and giggling as much now as I did the first time. One word: BRILLIANT!

I quite agree with many things: COFFEE! and Snape SQUEEEEE! and and and... the list would be endless so all I will say, though it may be obvious by now: I LOVE THEM!
imatruenut chapter 15 . 1/7/2010
quite funny indeed.
BlossomQuill chapter 15 . 11/29/2009

Cat xx
Envy and Fury chapter 15 . 6/24/2009
Awesome story. *smiles with extreme cheerfulness, how scary* It's really good, keep going! *goes high and grins really big which freaks quite a few people out* please update soon!
A True Weasley chapter 15 . 6/6/2009
i love it! just as good as the first one!
mctwist chapter 15 . 3/3/2009
you really, really need to update. This series was so good!

I'll keep waiting.
8deleted8 chapter 15 . 5/15/2008
LOL! love every chapter you wrote!

update soon please!
nope7777 chapter 12 . 4/1/2008
Why was Brom disqualified? Did he try and get Saphira to kill the competition? LOL! But I love Brom! I cried for him... didn't cry for Dumbledore (haven't figured out why yet...)
Kimmeth chapter 15 . 3/22/2008
That was amusing, but Herm's philosophy does wring very true...

Glad to see update!
excessivelyperky chapter 15 . 3/22/2008
A fine tribute to Sir Arthur! Bows. Very well done.
Jess.91 chapter 15 . 3/22/2008
Confunder. Ha. Bless.

Loved it.
Lady Alinor chapter 14 . 1/18/2008
HILARIOUS! I just read straight through both stories, and loved them. Please continue. You've got a very unique and wonderful sense of humour.
jen3572005 chapter 14 . 1/9/2008
the secound series is comin along quite well. please continie;)
kiwidynamite chapter 14 . 12/16/2007
Wait, WHAT? I confused...ah well. quarter to midnight means I have license to be confused, right?
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