Reviews for Prince of the Dark Kingdom
abhinavvemuri123 chapter 96 . 5/5
Harry is not growing in power, true he can offer sacrifices to god's but that's not his power yet and you clearly intend to not make him powerful as it can be seen in the statement by Dumbledore
abhinavvemuri123 chapter 37 . 5/4
Up until now it was all plot and fun, now it seems dragged
Microwaver chapter 10 . 4/30
e ex i 9
Guest chapter 148 . 4/19
Ohhh my god... You're updating again... I honestly thought the author was dead or something to abandon this awesome story at this point... But I'm so excited... I literally screamed when I randomly decided to reread this and found an actual update...
sarusch1 chapter 148 . 4/18
Holy shit you’re back?! I thought something bad happened to you! I’ve missed you so much! This is the best news I’ve ever heard
chaotix1 chapter 148 . 4/16
hope u update soon!
AudiArcher chapter 131 . 4/13
I was stupid about the caning thing. I refuse to admit to having triggers, but if I did that’d probably be one.
And I was also stupid about that having been the ONLY subject in my comments. Because this IS the BEST FANFICTION IN EXISTENCE. Sooooo probably should’ve mentioned that also. I was just too wrapped up in my personal betrayal by Snape.
I’ve been reading day and night for days and days. Sleep? Who needs it. Work? Speak screen. Tv? Never heard of it? Friends? You mean Hermione? Responsibilities? You mean to the packs or to Britain? Life? I LIVE IN THESE PAGES NOW
AudiArcher chapter 72 . 4/9
What the flying frick! Again? He whipped him again? Why is no one else bothered by this?
AudiArcher chapter 42 . 4/8
Oh. And Snape is giving Weasley private tutoring? Specifically so he can beat Harry? Whyyyyyy? Snape is reminding me of the evil Basilisk from Antithesis by Oceanbreeze7. Just cruel and evil the whole time and we keep expecting something else.
AudiArcher chapter 41 . 4/8
I looked through the comments to find solace but I didn’t see anyone else mentioning it. Snape whipping Harry really upset me. He contradicts himself in his “lesson” that rules are there for a reason on two obvious points. 1) I Harry DIDN’T break the rules to inform Snape of Hermione’s disappearance then she’d be dead long before he knew there was a problem. So fuck that rule selectively.
2) if Harry DIDN’T rush into the chamber, Lestrange wouldn’t have had any motivation to take down the wards to allow them out.
So in review, first rule break gave him an opportunity he’d have never known he needed to save his goddaughter. But if, by some miracle, he found out and then went into the chamber without getting Lestrange to agree to lower the wards, he and Hermione could’ve been trapped down there indefinitely (assuming he managed to killed the basilisk and Umbridge). Lestrange didn’t ever have to inform anyone of what happened and she could’ve rid herself of a mudblood and a rival.
Snape keeps betraying Harry’s trust. I feel so disturbed by his whipping that if Harry forgives him/doesn’t get revenge I’m going to set something on fire. I don’t know what yet but I doubt I’ll need matches or a lighter to do it. Just the inferno of my rage.

I just feel so betrayed by Snape again and disturbed by the whole thing
Emma chapter 148 . 4/7
This is quite possibly my favourite fanfiction of all time! This is the fifth time I’ve re-read the story and it just gets better! I’m so excited that you’ve come back and can’t wait for another update. Do you know when you will be able to publish another chapter? The cliffhanger never gets any easier to accept! When you say you’re going to remastered the story, what exactly does that entail? Do you have any sort of timeline? Obviously I understand that with real life it can be difficult to re-write fanfiction but this is the only story I’ve ever continuously read despite the fact that it’s not finished so I’m incredibly excited that it’s been picked up again even though we’re thought it was abandoned. I love the characterisation, particularly of Harry and the dark Lord and their subsequent relationship. Although I like the relationships everyone has to be fair. I also really really really like the cultural explanations especially the paganism and the werewolves. Like I said I can’t wait for another update and hope that you are well and that we will be able to have another chapter soon.
the starrose chapter 148 . 4/5
I am so glad that you’re taking this up again! Looking forward to reading more!
Guest chapter 148 . 3/28
I am so happy you are back. This story is, was, will be... so amazing and OMG I am excited; I have been waiting for years for this lol.

Thank you for all your hard work.

Can't wait XD
iceicetiger chapter 148 . 3/26
I cannot tell you just how excited this announcement made me! I continue to come back to this update and read and reread it. the excitement remains the same. welcome back and oh my goodness I can't wait to see what comes next from you.
SpaideZ chapter 1 . 3/25
Just a Spade casually dropping by
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