Reviews for Prince of the Dark Kingdom
Samira Sky chapter 2 . 9/14
'That slimy, greasy, lügender, diebischer, Bastard. Ich werde ihn töten'
Is better than
'That slimy, greasy, lügen, diebstahl, Bastard. Ich töte ihn'
Guest chapter 1 . 9/10
I don't think I can ever enjoy another Harry Potter fanfic after reading this masterpiece. The relationships felt authentic, sentence structure was smooth, several characters were deliciously altered from canon, and Voldemort was the best part in my opinion. Not ridiculously evil cuz reasons, and the relationship between Harry and him gave me goosebumps. Please return to finish this work of art. :(
Guest chapter 147 . 9/6
God Damn I hate the fact that I got so far into this just to realize about 3 chapters before I finished that there was no way this was completed. To whoever you are if you ever seer this, I both hate and love you. I love this story the depth and clear determination you had in writing it. The story line the character all of it. And I hate you for getting me hooked, reeling me in and then just leaving me hanging. One day I hope you come back. And even if you don't finish it I hope that you leave your notes and your time line for this story. So myself and all the other who sunk in to the very core of this story may have some closure, even if it's in it's roughest form. I curse and thank you.
broken5pieces chapter 16 . 8/30
Okay I immediately scrolled down when I read about the howling- is it Remus? Or Sirius:)
jaron5 chapter 10 . 8/30
This is what I call a horror story. The Weasley siblings separated.
broken5pieces chapter 7 . 8/28
There was another story with Hermione with the Malfoy's- I'm not sure who copied who, or if it was unintentional.
broken5pieces chapter 5 . 8/28
For the first time in my life I have found a fic that feels and reads like an actual published book. Amazing.
Rainstrom chapter 89 . 8/24
Their reunion was really satisfying. Beating the shit out of each other, and making up like Shounen protagonists.
Rainstrom chapter 84 . 8/23
Somehow, I really can't picture Voldemort saying "Gotcha" at all.
Rainstrom chapter 28 . 8/21
Tom Riddle is going to die. He's way too possessive and impatient, and his yandere-ish insistence on being Harry's only friend is going to impede Voldemort's plans someday.

Also, this fic is amazing. I'm glad I found it.
infinite eternity chapter 114 . 7/24
Wow, there's so much going on. You're really good at weaving a bunch of different storylines while thankfully not confusing the reader. Super excited (and admittedly anxious) about what's next! 'O'
infinite eternity chapter 89 . 7/20
What a jerk *sigh*
infinite eternity chapter 73 . 7/19
Aww I was really hoping Tom would get caught. Ah well, I'm enjoying the story! Super interesting
infinite eternity chapter 37 . 7/8
why doesn't Voldemort just legimize (sp?) Tom?
infinite eternity chapter 3 . 6/30
Wow, um... this reminds me of Nazi Germany. Those happy kiddos all going camping and learning how to follow orders and shoot guns and massacre Jews
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