Reviews for Prince of the Dark Kingdom
Pandamega chapter 148 . 9/8
Such a good fic, i hope you’ll come back to it some day!
multifandom-fanfic-writer chapter 89 . 8/16
such a BRILLIANT chapter and reunion... and so funny! those banter lines are just HILLERIOUS
multifandom-fanfic-writer chapter 85 . 8/16
knowing that harry is carrigans reincarnation makes this chapter hit so different! and dumbledore casually mentions carrigans death but i wonder what exactly happened there... i also love how you wrote Dumbledore as having learned from his mistakes (aka Lotsa secret keeping) and now freely shares info that makes so much sense!

333 god amazing story
multifandom-fanfic-writer chapter 11 . 8/11
its re read time 33 i can only leave one comment per chapter so i prob wont leave as much comments this time so i can leave more comments at later pointsalso i just love the bella/snape rivalry... such juicy tension!
thecloudgazingfreak chapter 3 . 8/2
i love harry already
Apollo117mc chapter 148 . 6/9
man this should have been a book lol. One of the best fanfics I have ever read hands down. Seriously so good man I only wish you had finished it but otherwise one of the best fricking fanficks here man :))
xiayiwei168 chapter 148 . 5/24
pls update
Azrael chapter 148 . 4/30
A well written story with a truly despicable, abhorrent subject. THE beaten wife syndrome story by excellence. The fact that the wife in question here is a child only makes it more vile.
Read it only if you're into this kind of shyte or, if you're like me, have a severe case of morbid curiosity.
No wonder anyone hast touched it ever since...
Jack Kanoff chapter 1 . 4/27
Chapter 1- Harold sounds cringe but atleast it's better than something like Henry
Lady GryphonInia chapter 85 . 4/20
There are never ENOUGH gays lol Don't worry ;) Good story!
Kalvorax chapter 148 . 4/5
finally had the time to finish reading this after stopping around ch 86. For some reason this story always lives rent free in my head. Now I remember why... because it's just that great.
a cool kid chapter 105 . 4/3
Every time I remember he’s Prince Harry I giggle a bit
Hello chapter 16 . 3/20
Ooof great chapter. You made Harry finding out his origin very believable. Not contrived at all, which sometimes I note in 'big reveals'. Another thing I love is the warewolf culture in this. So fleshed out and intriguing.
Hello chapter 15 . 3/20
Phew, yeeahhh, that was fun. Brilliant, could picture the whole match.
Hello chapter 11 . 3/20
Hahaha, that was great. Always love reading this chapter. That final line is just perfect. Very fun antics. I always like the fics where Harry does more with his parseltongue than the original books. It was such a wasted opportunity. He could've had legions of snake allies, basilisks, whatever else manner of serpentine creatures. Instead he does.. nothing? Anyway, I don't remember if he uses his parseltongue much here, but there's so much I'm just starting to remember again, that I'm so excited to keep reading.
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