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Butterfly's Shadow chapter 22 . 9/26/2007
Shadow here again,

Zim - I'd love to help you take over the Earth... just as long as I get to torture a few humans I dislike myself! Plus, I got to make sure I stay top fangirl, just for you. Plus I'd love to have the power of controlling part of the human race. And I've got to say join the mutated pineapples!

Dib - I guess it sounds pretty cool... not as cool as Invader Zim, but still pretty cool.

Gaz - I often get people asking me really stupid questions too, and it annoys the hell out of me.

Gir - Of course I'd dance with you, you're so cute. -does a little dance with Gir-

Jack - the color changing was the best part. Instead I'm going to give you some walnuts that'll explode when thrown! Enjoy.
Grogie13 chapter 22 . 9/26/2007
I gave you an inspiration? YAY!

Tak and/or Gaz: Do you guys like the song, "Listen to the Rain" by Evanescence?

Dib: YOU'RE HEAD IS NOT BIG! And, uhm, sorry for making you uncomfortable. ;

Purple: Yep. You're popular.

Red: Hmm, I GUESS I can be your insane fangirl. WITH A BASEBALL BAT! -whacks Zim with the bat- Hehe, you thought I was gonna hit you, dincha? Nope. I like Zim less right now.


Dib: I'm an insane fangirl for Red and Purple. I'M MORE INSANE FOR YOU BECAUSE YOUR FREAKINESS IS SEeh... NEVERMIND!

Gaz: You have a chainsaw, a gun, AND! -dun duh-duh-duh DUN- a BG15 Grenade Launcher! -smirks, in fear that I will be killed if I smile happily-

Tak: I like your style in your episode. I think the BBQ sauce was a nice touch.

Zim: How'd ya like getting hit with my bat of DOOM?

Jack: -hands him a flamethrower-

Dibsthe1 chapter 22 . 9/26/2007
Dib: I've seen the size comparison model sheets, and your head is no bigger than any other skool kids's head. Whoever says otherwise can't think of a new insult even after 6 years. Ignore them... and KEEP ignoring them! Instead, think of how you'll feel when you defeat Zim! Those who hate you for chasing Zim forget what Zim would do to us if he got the chance. "Dance planet"? Who's he kidding?

AND you're not crazy! We've seen the aliens and soulstealers etc. on TV. You're not being paranoid if some people really DO hate you. *I* certainly don't hate you! Gives Dib a big pile of new paranormal investigation equipment, a new DVD on aliens, and a great big hug... but NOT tight enough to make him pass out! Thanks for keeping earth safe!
Darkest Midnights chapter 22 . 9/26/2007
I'm back...

Dib:Your head is big and your crazy.

Purple:Your no fun.(zaps him with a laser.)

Red:Your no fun either.(zaps him with a laser)

Gir:I'm a FANGIRL!

Zim:(flicks a piece of meat into his mouth.)FEAR ME!

Gaz and Tak:Still cool.

I'll be back later!

Mew Mew Ice!
Empress of Spiffyness chapter 20 . 9/25/2007
It's not a question, but

Either Tallest: I could, er, take care of some business on Earth -wink, wink- -cough-IcouldkilZimforyou-cough-. Ya know, just incase you would like my services. -._-.
Empress of Spiffyness chapter 21 . 9/25/2007
OMG! Here are my questions:

Dib: I am your biggest fan! I love everything you do and say! Here's my question; WHY ARE YOU SO AWESOME-TASTIC!

Skoodge: What happened after you were taken away by the Hogulus?

Tallest Red: I know it's not a question, but you are the most almighty of any tallest!

Tak: One word; ZaTr. -runs away-
Grogie13 chapter 21 . 9/24/2007
-laughs- You guys never cease to make me laugh.

GIR: Why did you put peanuts and soap in the waffles on the episode, "Zim Eats Waffles"?

Zim: How is it that your squeedly-spooch can digest peanuts and soap?

Zim: You're a wimp. And you're stupid. Deal with it. But, on a scale of one to ten, your cool-ness comes to a six.

Gaz, Tak, Dib, GIR, Tallest Red, Tallest Purple: Y'ALL ARE AWESOME AND GET ELEVEN'S FOR COOL-NESS!

Zim: Yeah, everyone's better than you.

Dib: Why do people always say your head's big? IT'S THE SAME FRIGGIN' SIZE OF ALL OTHER CHARACTERS! Oh, and, do you have any spare SpellDrives?


Gaz and Tak: I think your clothes are awesome. YOU guys are awesome. How did you become so awesome?

GIR: Can I ride t3h Piggie with you?
Teya Yashitoda chapter 21 . 9/24/2007
Zim: Aw... how... creepily sweet o_O If you squint your eyes a little... Anyways, yeah. Which race of aliens do you hate the most?

Dib: Yes, please do come investigate my alarm clock. Its freakin' me out! Last night, I set it for 5:30 AM and it went off at 3:42 AM! Stupid clock! Btw, Dwicky was the counselor that pretended to believe Zim was an alien to figure out what your "real" problem was. Oh, and for silly fangirl reasons, I must ask: boxers or briefs? xD

(Ok, that was creepy...)

Gaz: Er... Sorry xx;

Tak: O, grapes! I love grapes! And doughnuts -drools- Cream-filled donuts are the best. Whats your favorite type of cookie?

Red and Purple: Would you ever consider forcing Tak and Zim to work together for s-ts and giggles? Because we all know it would be super amusing. xD

Jack: Ouch xX;; That would hurt. Thank goodness you're resistant to fire xD I'll make sure to give you a brand-new flamethrower for Christmas! -shifty eyes-

Lenny: Aww, why don't you trust yourself with it? I managed not to destroy the moon (although there was that one incident with Jupiter...)
Mommaleasey chapter 21 . 9/24/2007
Hey Dib, do you need to support your head on a wooden stool in order to take a shower?

Hey Red, did ya get that rubber duckie I sent ya?
Amras Felagund chapter 21 . 9/24/2007
Hello, everyone. I am Amras Felagund, a dimension-traveling elf. As you can see from my pointy ea- wait! Everyone in this show has pointy ears! Who knew?

Ahem. Anyway...

Zim: Don't worry, I don't like ZADR either. I don't like any guy-on-guy or girl-on-girl pairings AT ALL. Have you ever played 'Shadow the Hedgehog'? You get to kill humans and conquer the world in that game! You should play it; it should give you some practice conquering Earth.

Dib: I am DIGGING the scythe-look, Dib. Also, have you ever considered taking some of your paranormal activities to a city called...ooh, I dunno, Amity Park? I heard they're experiencing a sharp surge in spectral activities there.

Gaz: I think you're kinda cool. I mean, sure you're a little creepy, but then, that's you, isn't it? Quick question: who would you rather hang out with: Dib or Zim? (Hint, Gaz: Don't answer 'neither')

GIR: No questions for you. -locks GIR in duty mode- There. Things should be a little quieter now.

Red: ...BTW, smoke-screens. -dumps smoke-screens into room; they belch out clouds of smoke-

Purple: ...BTW, lasers. -dumps lasers into room; they fire off randomly-

Professor Membrane: So Professor, what do you think of that strange green child that your son is always hanging out with? You know? The one Dib keeps saying is an alien?

Tak: Y'know, considering that your episode is titled 'Tak: The Hideous New Girl', I don't think you're hideous at all. In fact, I find that you're rather pretty. Even with your human hologram activated. Just wanted to say that. (Not that I have a crush; just saying that whoever you choose to be with will be a lucky son-of-a-gun!)

Skoodge: Just so you know, I feel bad for you, pal. You work so hard, and you get the short end of the stick (D'oh! Didn't mean to make a 'short' pun). But anyway, you got my sympathy, and if you need a shoulder to cry on, I'm here for you, buddy. Also, I have a question for ya: what are Irken antennae for?

Well, better get outta here before the Tallest have me lynched. -hops into another dimension-
ItsukaFuuryu chapter 20 . 9/24/2007
Dib: *pouts* fine. anyways. do you have last name at all?

Zim: Um...WHO has the penguin army? Okay here's the deal. How does co-ruler sound? And before you refuse think about this...I have snacks.

Jack: -hands him a granade- just in case

Lenny: You get ur own penguin servant since you have to put up with this insanity _give penguin servant to Lenny-

Gaz- So how did you get you're skull necklace anyway?

Oh, just as a random fact, penguins make the best taquitos
Zim'sMostLoyalServant chapter 21 . 9/24/2007
I'M BACK! And Zim, I've come up with an AMAZING plan to take over this dirtball(and by "I've come up with an AMAZING plan to take over this dirtball", I mean YOU'VE come up with an AMAZING plan to take over this dirtball).-whips out diagram-OK, first we round up all your experiments(i.e. the brain-sucking mutant, the flesh eating demon squid, that robot groundhog thing from "The Girl Who Cried Gnome" episode, the gnome-bots, etc.)then, after we blast the planet from orbit, we unleash them on the pitiful dirtmonkeys and let them run amok. Then, we give Jack a few flamethrowers and let him have some fun.

Oh, and speaking of you Jack, let me clear things up for you. A servant is treated better than a slave. So, I'll be chilling in the employee lounge while Dib is forced to wait on me and Zim.

Anyway, that's all for now. See ya later.
Darkest Midnights chapter 21 . 9/24/2007

Zim:No offense but you kinda suck and your a cool wimp.

Dib:Your head is big and your crazy.

Zim:(throws a piece of meat into Zim's mouth)NEVER YELL AT ME


Purple:You suck

Red:I want you and Purple to give Zim a hug and say he's the most greatest invader it or I'll kill you.



Oh and do you fear me Purple and Red?~Nya
Merdina chapter 20 . 9/22/2007
Yay! I'm back with a question for all of you.

Now. As the few people unfortunate enough to be my friends will tell you (during opening hours at the asylum), I'm in love with the idea of love. So. Could the following people/Irkens please describe their ideal guy/girl. Appearace, species and personality.








Thanks! Oh, and Red? Dancing with Pur just wouldn't be the same without you! Please join us! I have nachos...
Treestar of SunClan chapter 20 . 9/22/2007

Tak - Why is it that every Irken I've seen (except for Tallest Purple) has these pink-red eyes, and only you have purple ones? Are you related to Tallest Purple in any weird way? WOO HOO, I LIKE WEIRD.

Jack - Fire IS awesome. But can it stand against WATER? Probably. -shrugs-

Oi, Lenny - Are you actually writing this with your brother, or is he roleplaying you?

Nuther for Zim - I thought you were shorter than Skoodge. (REVEALED IN 'THE NIGHTMARE BEGINS'. o3o) But in the Hobo 13 episode you seem taller than him. By a bit. And stuff.

AND ANUTHER FOR ZIM - (I liek torturing you with my questions... OF KITTEN DOOM! -laughs- so you better answer them, unless you want to meet my white feline youngling with ANIME EYES! And you will die of over love-ness.) If you take over the Earth, you need to know a lot of languages. And are you gunna turn ALL of Earth into a dancing planet? Or just some countries? If so, what will you do with Israel?
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