Reviews for Heaven and Hell
guitarlover56784 chapter 75 . 11h
I liked this chapter. I always believed that the dragons were something bigger than they were portrayed in the show. Even the supreme kai of old couldn't bring goku back to life without sacrificing his own life, yet shenron and porunga could bring them back easily. Back from the dead? No problem. Repairing the planet? Not an issue. Suppressing a memory in every single human without affecting anything else in their brain? Why not? Lol, they can also be used to put into effect new supreme kais. Say if you wish for "Can you help fix the supreme kai imbalance cause by majin buu, and make new supreme kais born this generation?" Anyway, your stories are still my favorite, I have read them probably a dozen times by now.

Btw have you seen the new bog and akira toriyama's interview? About goku most likely never using any other transformation other than ss1 again? What do you think of that?
aco305 chapter 75 . 4/23
Love this chapter! I love gaining information like this. I figured the dragons were going to have some big impact in this novel. Maybe they get their power from the same source that gave quietus his power? Also glad to see Raven's mate and their plans alittle, although I still wish I knew who he was! I do have a question, one that if you can't answer ill completely understand, but is Raven's mate an OC or is it a character that we would know? I only assume you've kept the name secret for so long because we would know who he is if you said the name.
warriorofdark chapter 73 . 4/7
Man this quietues is quite the foe the battles with him are epic can he even be beaten.
Stewart chapter 73 . 4/7
Glad to see chapters coming regularly. I can't wait to see what happens with the dead Sai-Jins. I am guessing they were originally the Tanarian counterparts in the other realm before somehow ending up in the "good" realm.
aco305 chapter 73 . 4/7
Oh wow! Gogeta lost?! Not how I was expecting the fight to go. Good thing Dabura has already thought of a backup plan. Can't wait for the next chapter!
aco305 chapter 72 . 3/26
Thanks for answering me! Quietus is stronger than I first thought he was, so I'm glad you clarified. Good chapter, glad to get a little update on how the galaxy is handling the invasion. Can't wait to get back to the fight!
aco305 chapter 71 . 3/19
Nice to see Gogeta appear, if I read the story right, Gogeta is Ssj2 fighting Quietus? Does that mean Quietus is stronger than Super Buu? Great fight so far! I wonder if Gogeta will be able to win before the time limit runs out. Can't wait to find out!
aco305 chapter 70 . 3/16
Oh man! Bardock didn't even get to fight back? That's disappointing. But here's to Gogeta about to kick some ass! Hopefully they do the dance right the first time
SoulAuron chapter 70 . 3/15
so short this charpter, though its actually in line with how the charpters were before you made them long ass (the way i prefer), still its seems kinda like you made it this short just to get this dem clifhanger :P
guitarlover56784 chapter 70 . 3/15
Oh you cannot leave it there! Fine pout. I will await the next chapter. Really didn't expect bardock and the spirit bomb to fail though. Although bardocks wife would have been dead still, and they wouldnt have been at peace without each other. I look forward to the next chapter
chris2828 chapter 70 . 3/15
This just keeps getting better and better. I get excited when I see that you've updated. Question are you going to finish the Gohan story that you started? Are we going to get an explanation on where Saiyans actually come from? anyway great chapter. Till next time.
Son of Whitebeard chapter 2 . 3/15
warriorofdark chapter 69 . 3/4
Im predicting that next chapter gokus going to ask vegeta to do something that starts with f and ends with n
aco305 chapter 69 . 3/4
Great chapter! I love the way you showed the same character growth with vegeta that the canon series did, but with a much different circumstance. And do I sense a fusion coming? Can't wait!
Shinen no Hikari chapter 69 . 3/4
GOGETA! Vegeta's not going to be happy about this
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