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TheUnquietDead chapter 10 . 6/4/2016
Isn't Jareth's Ka gone though? Cause the elven a**hole gave it to someone else...Please finish this story if you can. I really need to know how Quinn and Jareth combine once more and if this time it's going to be properly done. BTW I absolutely love your Quinn character. I had to read all of your stories one after the other, I couldn't stop!
Rahera22 chapter 10 . 10/13/2015
This is an awesome story...

Please tell me you continued it?

I would love the read what happened next
BaconBaker chapter 9 . 7/1/2015
P.S. GEEZ! You'd think they would learn to stop messing with the Two Made One and his Champions! They keep losing so why not pick on somebody else? ('Course, then we wouldn't have these awesome stories so I shouldn't be complaining!)
BaconBaker chapter 10 . 7/1/2015
I was delighted to see another installment of the Forged series! The whole set is one of my favorites! I realize this has been on hold for quite some time, but I just wanted to leave my praise and encouragement. I can't wait until they release you from the bonds of writers block! I'm sure you've probably had lots of people fuss at you for the long wait but I believe there is no time limit on a good story. My own fics have been on hold for a few years, one because of a brick wall and the other because life got in the way of my writing time...perhaps now that I've got free time again, if I could make myself stop reading fics I could finish mine!
Nakia-Park23 chapter 10 . 4/14/2013
I do hope you find time to continue this. I'd love to find out more & see Sarah with child. Plus Quinn is always so much fun when he's out & I love Deana's character.
Vicantis chapter 10 . 1/28/2013
I swear i have fallen in love with this group of stories... and there have been a number of parts where i've died laughing at them. Would love to see you finish this, but I understand what real life is like. hope inspiration comes to you for this story sometime. I have fallen in love with all of the characters. not just the usual sarah and jareth grouping. all of the Labrinthia group.
FeyFaerie chapter 10 . 9/8/2012
Ack! It ends there?! And 5 years is one hell of a hiatus! D':
RavennaAngelline chapter 10 . 6/4/2012

Okay, so I've read the entire Forged series to this point. I really hope that you are able to get back to this one at some point. I am certain you will be able to get out of the corner your muses wrote you into, lol.

Fantastic series, it breaks my heart that Quinn and Jareth are seperate again... and dammit all, why doesn't someone smash Elise's statue and bind the ever loving shit out of Robin? Or kill him or something! And that stupid elven Scribe... ooooh boy I wanna punch him in the nose. And Robin. And Elise, I'd like to knock a few of her pretty fae teeth out. *grrr*

Hopefully they get this prophesy figured out and merge the Two-made-One once more - PERMANENTLY this time!

In the mean time... I've got a whole lot of your other fics to read through!
Andromedia Aberth chapter 10 . 2/21/2011
Much as I'm worried about Jareth, I seem to have a problem.. I think I prefer Quinn..
Dreaming Key chapter 10 . 11/26/2010
This is the first review I've written, so please bear with me _;;. I've been reading alot of your stories, since I found Pika's Deviant Art Comic, and her work pertaining to one of your stories... "The Possession" I believe. I've been reading through most of your stories, currently this one and "Repercussions."

I just thought I would let you know, I enjoy your writing immensely and I hope you keep with it. I can't wait to know what will happen with Quinn and company with Forged King, and with this story I also enjoyed the tie ins with the chapter names and movies. "What is light without Dark?" eeeeeeee! Legend's own Prince of Darkness! Even NeverEnding Story's Luck Dragon Quote! I adore it! I have to admit, there are times I find myself a very picky reader, but the way you right... it makes me laugh, giggle, and cry, and cheer for the characters.

There's really nothing more I can say. But please, please PLEASE! continue to write. I look forward to your upcoming prose, and hope you never stop.
GenkaiFan chapter 10 . 4/8/2010
It is too bad this story is on hold. It sounds intriguing. Just what corner did your characters write you into?

BTW, what's your SCA name? Or Rennie? As a Rennie merchant that mostly stays in Michigan for the most part, I think we are neighbors or have even met.

I hope that you will finish this story sometime in the future.


THL Ana Linch de Yuebanc

The Knotty Wench

knottywench at yahoo dot com
Tsuki Doriimaa chapter 10 . 3/2/2010
Hey this one's turning out pretty darn intriguing! _ I wait eagerly for more to be posted! _~ ::waves as she rushes for work:: Blessed Be darlin'! Ja!
FluffyNevyn chapter 10 . 1/27/2010
hmm...this does need completing. Writers block sucks. I can safely say that it looks like this will, when completed, be the last one in the set (what other villians do you have left?)

Good show, writers block sucks, I would gift you with hammer of smiting, but i ran out last week D.
lonely 27 chapter 10 . 11/20/2009
lonely 27 chapter 9 . 11/20/2009
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