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Inspired Soledad chapter 42 . 11/10/2016
Just a little over eight years since you've completed this story and all I can think about after finishing it (in a day mind you) is "Why in all of my many years reading fanfiction since it was published here had I not yet come across it to read it?"

Everything in this story is so natural flowing and I absolutely love it! The relationship between Ash and May is not forced as I have read it in others, but very well developed and realistic to their characters. The plot, history, and backstories for almost every character we have grown up with and come to love is so detailed that they mesh so perfectly together! Also, surprised to see Paul as such an evil character in this but won't be the first to admit it's a nice twist to his character.

There are probably not enough words to go around to describe how well written this story is and I applaud you for your hard work. Thank you for bringing your vision to life in such a beautiful story. It is now a new favorite of mine and I can't wait to read what else you have written here.
Ilizjon chapter 42 . 7/31/2016
The first thing that I did when I first noticed this story, was going to the reviews to see if it was good or not. I read there that the main character dies at the end, and that casted me off it for a long time.

When I ended reading all of the other Advanceshipping fanfics that were worth reading on this site, I decided to come back to this story. And now, after two sleepless nights I can surely say that Ive made a mistake by not reading it earlier.

This story is... special. It isnt similar to any one that I read earlier. It is not written in very advanced English, which is a great thing for me, because it isnt my main language. Also, there arent any grammatical errors that would hurt my eyes.

About the main plot: I like how you made all of those backstories. You did a wonderful character development for all of the characters, even for Team Rocket :D The history itself is quite interesting. You had a great idea about putting some Pokemon mythology in it. About character relationships... well, I was kinda surprised when Silver appeared to be Dawns and Ashs uncle, and that they were siblings. But it still makes sense. Next thing: Paul and Giovanni as a son and a father: in every story that I read, Paul was the good guy, who pretended to be bad. Here we have him as a true evil, and thats something new to me, i like it.

And at the end: May and Ash. I knew that it was an Advanceshipping story (otherwise I wouldnt read it :v) and I was mentally prepared for another kissy-kissy kind of plot between them. And you surprised me, because it was something different. The way they acted towards each other, especially at the end, was pleasant to read. Without great confessions of love it looked more natural to me, and I appreciate it.

When Ash sacrificed himself, I could nearly feel Mays pain. I wondered how youll be able to end this story, and I wasnt disappointed by the epilogue. I guessed that May will have a child with Ash when there was this "moment" between them in Vermillion City, but it was still a little surprise for me. and finally, about Ash being an Ho-Oh: It also makes sense, after what happened to his father earlier.

Summarizing it all, the only thing that I regret is not reading this story earlier. Its very emotional and well-written, if anyone has any doubts about this, I highly recommend to read it.

Matkin22, you did a great job :D
mongiseri chapter 42 . 7/2/2016
I’m in awe as I am writing this review, because this fanfiction is one of the most complex, detailed, and beautiful piece of Pokemon writing I have ever read so far. For the last few days, studying for my finals have been rotting in the trash can because of this story was super hard to break out of it in the middle. Now that I’ve finished it, I may as well leave a review before returning to my studies…

The story. The story of this story had lots of things going on and was a bit confusing to fully understand every single aspect of it, but you have succeeded in tying it together into one in the end. Every sub-story had it goals and it was nice to see them eventually get together in the finale. They were filled with creative ideas of your own I’ve never seen in other fanfiction before and every single one of them had nice turns and twists during it, which was very interesting to read. The shipping was a nice addition to it and personally, as a rabid AdvanceShipper, it was a very pleasant feature to go through. The final scene was one of the best, as it pulls off intensity, action, and anguish outstandingly in the same time. Ash’s self-sacrifice was done in a very heroic way and the despair was very bitter to me, but in a good way. The epilogue was a good addition to the story and I’m glad that May was able to move through the shocking incident and go on with her life.

The usage of characters was well done, with them ranging from frontier brains to an OC. The interactions between them was done in a realistic way that I could picture them saying and doing the same thing in the actual anime. The details of scenes lacked a bit in the beginning to me, but it got better as the story went on and in the closing parts, it was done in a masterful way. The various vocabulary that you used were a nice addition to the story and it has definitely helped me in learning a few words.

Of course this tale has some flaws, one of it being the lack of information on what exactly happend to the Rocket Trio, Giovanni, Mewtwo, Drew, and all the other characters. Although the deficiency of those data made me to think about what could have happened (which was pretty fun and challenging to do, actually), it made things a little bit vague and ambiguous in the end. Another fault would be a bit of inconsistency in a few parts of the story line, but it all played out nicely in the end. The grammar and spelling had some problems but they were very trivial and was actually done in a better way compared to other authors.

Overall, this fanfiction is a piece that definitely goes in to my personal “Top 5” list and is definitely on par, or even exceeds May’s Crush, which I also really enjoyed. It looks like you haven’t been writing for quite a long time, but I’ll definitely read your writing when you decide to come back. Thank you for all the fun I had in the last few days and hopefully I’ll get to read more from you in the future.
Sajin James chapter 42 . 6/5/2016
epic.. awesome story though the ending was a bit depressinganyways that's where the spice of the story lays. Good work. Thank you for this splendid work. Best wishes
Queen Sunstar chapter 42 . 3/13/2016
This story is awesome! I enjoyed every moment of reading it! I hope my next Pokemon story is just as good!
GazPDLS chapter 1 . 1/9/2016
Honestly I think think this is the best Fanfic I have ever read, absolutely brilliant mate.
CedricDiggory01 chapter 42 . 12/27/2015
ONE OF THE BEST STORIES EVER! Not only because of the great plot but because Ash died but reformed into Ho-Oh.

I don't think anyone has taken it to the point where Ash dies so great job!
Paul McKinnon chapter 42 . 5/27/2015
I'm... surprised. Not happy Ash had to die but... yeah. I'm probably not going to read this again... for fear of going into depression. It happens sometimes when there's a character death. Yeah...
DodgingKing chapter 42 . 5/22/2015
Another one of the first stories I got into from Fanfiction. I remembered the best parts of the story - that it was taken place into the future, with what seemed to be a championship battle instead turned into disaster. And that the story had Advanceshipping - one Pokemon shipping that, while I am not loyal to anymore, still have some fondness for it.

I loved the main plot, the subplots for the most part in the story, and the ending which was perfect. The one thing that really disturbed me (even as an Advanceshipper) was how Drew was depicted in the story (at least, his backstory leading up to this story). It felt a little...out of place. I didn't mind it back then, though.

Regardless, I liked this story a lot. Though I felt that this story should've come after the 'prequel' was written (let alone started)...when Matkin22 started that project after this one I felt that particular project might fall through due to lack of interest. But yeah, even if it's been ages since I read this...have to give credit where credit is due. Good story for Advanceshippers.
gage chapter 42 . 5/3/2015
i just want to say you are trulyan amazing writer. i hope i can more pokemon stories like this in the future
Lover of Pokemon chapter 41 . 2/21/2015
Great story! I liked it until close to the end of chapter 41. Even then, I waited, only to be disappointed by chapter 42. Tbh, there were a few different ways of resolving the plot, and I do not think you took one of the correct ones. In my opinion, a better ending would have been one in which Ash and Arceus survived. (Yes that would have been cliche, but sometimes it should be, and I think this is one of those times.) this story was epic, and as such it should have that type of ending. Instead, you redirected it elsewhere, and it simply does not fit. Overall, great story. I'll be saving this on my computer with my edited ending if that's ok with you (I won't publish it, so you don't need to worry about plagiarism.)
Bulbreon chapter 42 . 2/14/2015
That was the most beautiful ending I have ever read *Wipes tear from cheek* This was so beautiful
Bulbreon chapter 21 . 2/14/2015
Oh snap. That just happend
Bulbreon chapter 19 . 2/14/2015
I knew it was Richie right after you mentioned the Tyranitar like 3 chapters ago.
Guest chapter 13 . 6/23/2014
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