Reviews for Loki's Favorite
wandering on the road of life chapter 1 . 9/8/2007
Awesome! I like it even though many of the characters are OOC (in my opinion). This is most likely based of the manga so the personalities of the character's confused me.

I'm not flaming or anything but I just can't seem to imagine Loki's children getting scared by the 'muffin man'. I think you went a bit overboard with that.

None the less, your story was great. I also enjoy LokixSpica fanfictions myself. I even wrote a few!

I'm just too nice... Every time I see someone who doesn't have a review yet, I give them one. Especially if I like the story and plot. A sequel would be nice. I'm looking forward to that soon! (Just try to tone down a bit please? You fic has a lot of action and it just get's too hectic for me to read comfortably.)
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