Reviews for Full Circle
Sachiko V chapter 1 . 11/15/2017
That was beautifully written. There was something really surreal and poetic about the whole fic as you brilliantly tied it with the concept of the Meidou 'full circle' and the series' theme of time traveling. How they lived 500 years up to modern time, how the matured Inuyasha watched Kagome grow up from afar, how -despite 500 years passing- Sesshomaru was pretty much suspended in a point in time because of what had happened. Hope Inuyasha could eventually take pride in knowing he was the only one Sesshomaru would ever have ;)

I also love your reasoning behind Inutaisho's intentions with leaving Tessaiga with Inuyasha while leaving Sesshomaru to find his own legacy. It makes a lot of canon sense.
stacieblue chapter 1 . 8/8/2015
oooh juicy
SplendentGoddess chapter 1 . 9/24/2014
Really liked this one. Never thought I'd find myself feeling sorry for Sesshoumaru, but damn...
Luvis Blynd chapter 1 . 5/11/2013
This is an amazing one shot!
CandiesAndOtherDisasters chapter 1 . 7/30/2008
WOW! That was amazing! So well written and the story behind the story was incredibly good. I admire you and envy you at the same time. Again in one word: Wow.
Viktoria chapter 1 . 3/28/2008
wow I really loved sesshomaru here.- so self tormented - beautiful ending.
Onyxlight chapter 1 . 2/21/2008
WOW... This was emotionally gripping and beautifully written. Well done!
HPTR Fangirl chapter 1 . 9/12/2007
Really interesting and well-developed InuSess story; another thing I liked that you made Sesshoumaru the uke, which quite hard as well as rare to find, especially wih a one-shot story written so maturely with lots of angst and drama. Adding light humor to the story especially te part about how touchy and sensitive Sesshoumaru got about his left arm being dismembered by Inuyasha, added spice flavour to the story. Furthermore, you've also discaded the usual theme, written by many fanfic writers, that either of them being is in heat, ready to pounce on one another and have sex with no care in the world.

Full circle,the name of the fanfic as well as the major theme in this story, came to complete pass, it began with Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru being together, it ended with that, with Inuyasha acknowledgeding (no matter even if he loved Kagome very much) that Sesshoumaru was an extension of himself, a part of him which he needed desperately. Especially a part to feel love, care, and reconcialation. No matter how much they tried to hate each other (in their younger days) to stay separate and away from each other, they were still together, even though as enemies. Even in the modern era, when the Sesshoumaru lived with Inuyasha they tried their damn best not to pry into each other's personal lives, but still their bond of desiring each other didn't go away. Instead it became even more stronger. They realized that they liked to be near each other no matter what happened, how they even tried to move on in life, with the exception of Sesshoumaru.

Comparing the inu-youkai brothers realtionship as brotherly and un-brotherly or incestous was just added a touch to the story. Though many in cultures, people use honorifics to designate relationship amongst friends friends and family, by not making them use by Inuyasha to Sesshoumaru and vice versa in this fanfiction, you have made a nice concept for their desirous relationship. Furthermore, using recent spoilers of the Inuyasha series, just added a lot of depth and gravity to this story; your ideas and conceptare well stated, clear, and to the point. It allows the readers to realize what they are reading, and why and how each events happened and the reasoning being it.

"Sesshoumaru smiled, his strange youkai smile that was full of hate. “But after we were caught, if anything touched me, if I touched myself, immediately, against my will, images of you would appear in my mind.” Inuyasha looked at him with shock and horror, and Sesshoumaru continued. “Every time I gave myself pleasure, it was worse, the thoughts of you were stronger, no matter how I tried to fight them. Soon I could no longer continue that, for at the slightest sign of arousal, you were there in my mind, and I would choke on bile. My atonement, for using you for my pleasure.”" This paragraph was quite painful and hard for me to read. I just cried out, with tears running from eyes, whe I heard Sesshoumaru's confession about how he denied himself the feelings pleasure, gratification, and contenment just so that he could let go desire for Inuyasha. In other words, Sesshoumaru contemplation that feeling empty would let him move on in life; but instead it did just the opposite. Very few writers have this profound effect on me. Even though he was blank and aloof when confessing about his loveless life, it was still filled with raw emotions that could cut through the heart of even the most sadistic person.

"Sesshoumaru neither lover nor brother to him, but feeling almost like an extension of himself." was one of my favourite lines throught this story.

Nice fic, and I hope you write more brilliant stories like this in the future. Have a nice day.



PS: May I add you as a friend over at LJ. I realy have a hard time find extremely good InuSess story authors or any uke Sesshoumaru yaoi writers over at LJ. My LJ id is sparkling_dew
whee chapter 1 . 9/11/2007 was a bit awkward to read, and somehow Inuyasha's character seemed to almost replicate Sesshomaru's. Otherwise, I really liked the story, even though I get angsty every time I read it.
Werewolf of Fire chapter 1 . 9/9/2007
This is amazing! I love how you write. I love how you think. I'm practically speechless!

This is great with it's more solemn tone that's sprinkled with humour. My favourite line would have to be: “It grew back, you big whiny baby.” Because at first I'd thought Sesshomaru had said it (my eyes were going to the other side of the page when I first noticed it properly) and I giggled my ass off when I realised it was Inuyasha talking to Sesshomaru.

I love how you compared their brotherly and not-so-brotherly relationships at the beginning of the fic. Though I don't understand the proper terms to older brothers and whatnot, I can see your point and I can't help but love it. You state things so clearly and interestingly!

I also like how you didn't have the boys pounce on one another, as though cats in heat at every chance they got. I find a quick get together unrealistic considering their relationship in the show (alas, it's the only thing I've seen!). I love how this progressed slowly and naturally and still didn't make it to the point of being loverly. It's frustrating (I kinda wanted to wring your neck), but at the same time I can't help but love it.

“Time has treated you well, little brother.” - Bwehehe... I had first thought you'd suddenly have them spout words of endearment, but I'm really pleased to say that I grew to love this fic even more once I'd hit this point. I love stories where Sesshomaru and Inuyasha do get together because of loverly love, just as I like fics when they simply form a truce, but there is something just far more fulfilling with reading about them not really loving each other in the traditional sense, but still caring enough to stay together (or perhaps feeling a need to be beside the other? As Inuyasha said, they were "utterly isolated"). I see it as their own form of brotherly love, though many might think different.

I don't understand everything in this. The signifigance of Sesshomaru's sword for instance, the 'Bakusaiga', is completely lost on me. I haven't read any of the manga and it doesn't appear in the anime (or it hasn't yet, either way, I haven't heard of it). Could you explain what it is? What its powers are and what it signifies to Sesshomaru?

So what I'm trying to say is: I love this story to bits. You're an awesome writer and I find myself bowing to your greatness.

Lovely work. This is fantastic.

- Woffy

PS: So... I really wasn't as speechless as I first thought. And you wouldn't mind me adding this to a C2 I'm staffed in, would you? If you do, let me know and I'll remove it immediately.
Harlyn chapter 1 . 9/9/2007
It seems to be a remarkable skill of yours to take pairings I'd have thought impossible, and make them work really really well.

Nicely done, as always!
doraka90 chapter 1 . 9/8/2007
i just like your story
Empatheia chapter 1 . 9/8/2007
Hoo-ee. *_*

I didn't think I liked Inucest. Apparently, however, I'm more than fine with *yours*.

"Deux ex Sesshoumaru" and "rad tattoo, man" made me laugh, and most of the rest made me want to cry and comfort the both of them.

I think the image of Sesshoumaru dripping on the hardwood floors and Inuyasha scolding him for it is going to stick in my head for a while. XD