Reviews for My Need of You
Akari-chan chapter 1 . 9/9/2007
Hello! It's zephyr_design from LJ, remember me~?

I'm glad you're back on writing MÄR fics. They tend to be PhanAl and it's wonderful to read anything for my favorite ship. AAnd actually even though PhanAl romance isn't my cup of tea, I realy liked this piece dearly, because you didn't made it sound rushed or anything. It's hard for me to believe in love going on between them (hatred, fear, lust, all the pack of strong emotions, but not love) but you actually made it sound not OOC.

I specially liked the tidbit of not!porn, but oh well... It was really subtle and it worked out very well with the piece.

One remark, "watching the youth writhed underneath him" should be "watching as the youth writhed underneath him" yay!