Reviews for Hand of Sorrow
Lamanth chapter 1 . 9/10/2007
First: Tala get a grip or I’m going to deflate that massive ego of yours by shoving a pin in it.

Second: What’s up with us all (well you an me) suddenly killing off the people closes to Mimi?

Third: This reminded me so much of me! I wanted to be alone to show my grief but I wasn’t, I was surrounded by friends who just couldn’t handle the fact that for once I didn’t want to be the strong one. And I wish I had had someone there to save me the way Kai was there for Mimi. Distance can never separate true friends, but I do sometimes wish that you could be stood right beside me.

But yeah, enough of that.

OH MY GODS! ! ! That was amazing Dodo, the description you used I could just see everything playing out before my eyes. And the emotion ... WOW! And poor Mimi, it’s so hard when you can’t help but love someone in spite of all the horrendous things they’ve done to you. That woman was a bitch, tell me where she’s buried and I’ll go and dance on her grave - warring hobnail boots!

And WOW... another fic that can go in both C2’s! (dances) It sucks that your can only add a fic to one C2 yourself doesn't it? You just have to hang around and wait for someone else to add it to the other one, not that I’m hinting you understand. Just that if you feel like it;


I’m so sorry I have no idea where that came from. I think Muse is trying to take over the running of the body again. But anyway I loved this so much Nix and it’s going straight on my faves list.

Love you so very much