Reviews for Ginny, Hermione and the Half Blood Prince
kaet100 chapter 11 . 11/12/2007
Good chapter. It's useful to remember to notice what happens outside of the immediate environs of Harry once in a while!
Al chapter 11 . 11/12/2007
keep up the good work, I think it's rather clever x
Marc Price chapter 5 . 11/5/2007
awesome story, cant wait to read the rest, it just sounds right, it's how i think Ginny and Hermione are like ;-)
mj-hedwig13 chapter 10 . 11/5/2007
o loved this chapter! cant wait 2 read the next 1!
Oviedo chapter 10 . 11/5/2007
I liked this chapter, yes it was a bit of a filler but sometimes they can't be avoided. But i thought Ginny said more to Harry, she got all hissy when he was like "sorry i forgot."(about her being possessed by Voldemort) and she said something like "lucky you" or "easy for you" something along those lines. Who's POV is it going to be in next chapter?

PS who are the sugarbabes?
Freja Lercke-Falkenborg chapter 10 . 11/5/2007
Hey, good idea! I'll admit to liking Ginny's entries far more than Hermione's, though. Hermione seem either grumpy (and really not very fond of Harry) or quite uncharacteristically in love (though I agree with you there, it can't really be avoided). Please, could you incorporate some friendship between the two of them? It makes me a little sad when there is none. Other than that, I really like it. Oh, and bonus points for the disclaimers...;)
kaet100 chapter 10 . 11/5/2007
A nicely done story. Well done.
xCams chapter 10 . 11/5/2007
niice )

i'll be waiting for next chapter
xCams chapter 9 . 11/4/2007
next chapter pleasee D

i like the way u write )

but hermione is not being... umm.. very hermione-ish /

too girly for my own like xD

but still... ur ff rocks
vissen chapter 9 . 11/2/2007
I loved the sotry, and I can tell that you have an easy time writing from Hermione's point of view :3

Write more!
pheonix786 chapter 9 . 11/1/2007
Loved this one, Can't wait for the new one!
mj-hedwig13 chapter 9 . 10/31/2007
aw i loved this chapter i cant wait 4 the nxt 1!
Leaves Of Grass chapter 9 . 10/31/2007
It's a good chapter!

I really like this story!

keep going! )
beama chapter 9 . 10/30/2007
Awesome chapter!
Azure Drake chapter 6 . 10/30/2007
great chapter. This is so amazing, i love the perspective. you tie everything together so amazingly.
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