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Gre3nleaf chapter 12 . 2/13
I am so sad you never got to finish this! D: Only one more chapter too! :'(
Teddy1008 chapter 12 . 11/7/2014
This is a really good story. Are you going to write more? Or maybe a sequel?
riptocs chapter 12 . 12/29/2012
eh shame the prank didn't work out quite as planned...things always tend to go wrong...
Guest chapter 12 . 12/18/2012
Arwen ndomiel chapter 10 . 10/4/2012
Love this story 3
Can you write more stories about Elladan and Elrohir as elflings and their pranks and childhood adventures
please :D
Gwedhiel chapter 12 . 8/12/2011
okay you are officially going to be listed as one of my favorite authors. need i say more? story of excellence beyond description!
Raina Meldamiriel chapter 11 . 5/22/2009
When are you going to continue this work of art. its brilliant easily my most fav story i love it . please update soon
Raina Meldamiriel chapter 12 . 5/22/2009
absolutely fantastic it was brilliant. well done
T'Kath chapter 12 . 7/12/2008
Dear Esteliel,

What a great story! I love the way you portray these Elvenlords their beauty and esteem as well as their joy and pranks. What a shame that the original prank on Glorfindel backfired so badly, but thanks non the less, for it gives a marvelous story of the Twins growing up. By the way, there is a TBC at the bottom of the story. I hope you didnt abandon it...

Hannon-le for your stories,

grimnessreaper chapter 5 . 6/1/2008
oh my i cant wait to read about glorfindels little accident.
jada951 chapter 1 . 4/17/2008
mischievous at the get-go, these to elflings!
Susan W chapter 12 . 3/8/2008
Oh My! Most Excellent! You, Esteliel, absolutely had me laughing out loud at this chapter! It was hilarious. But poor Erestor! Being duped by that great prankster, Celeborn, was the best of all. Oh boy! When Erestor finds out the truth.. ;) :) snicker! I would love to be a fly on the wall as Glorfindel tells his story to Erestor about his day.

"Erestor bemusedly shook his head. “Glory, what…”

A broad, bright smile appeared on the Balrog Slayer’s face and the famous son of Gondolin pulled the stunned Seneschal into a very tight hug. “Ai! Hannon le! Goheno nin!”

“Let go, you oaf!” camed the muffled gasp from the shaken Seneschal. “Glorfindel! What is wrong with you?”" snort! :) :)

Loved Celeborn portrayed as such a wily fox! He was perfect in both his acts around Erestor and then with his grandsons, Elladan and Elrohir. He sure put a fright on the Twins and they'll be more careful of their pranks next time. Er! Maybe! ;) :)

It was sure great to see Glorfindel's reaction to Erestor bending down to tie Celeborn's bootlaces.

"Erestor proceeded to tie the unruly laces…for the seventh time this day!

Above him, Glorfindel’s eyes nearly dropped out of their sockets!"

Bwahahaha! :) :)

And the following scenes as Glorfy must take on the challenges of this lost bet..

"“If you tangle your bootlaces in one more statue or other protrusion, I shall personally strangle you,” the Chief of Defenses hissed to his silver-blond companion.

“Hush, Glorfindel! You have fairly lost our bet,” the Sinda smiled smugly, clumsily dropping his spoon…again!"

Fair! Ha! ;) :) One can hardly wait to see if Glorfindel finds out the truth and how he'll get back at the Golden Wood Elf.

Aww! There was a good scene as the Twins make their apologies to the Elves of Lothlorien and to Imladris. But just as Erestor thought, it will not be forgotten by Haldir and the Galadhrim. There's the tale for next time with the Twins taking on their training in Lothlorien.

I'm finally caught up to you and now I too must wait for the next chapter! sigh! Soon, please!
Susan W chapter 11 . 3/5/2008
Finally getting to this chapter! Yay!

Ah! Celeborn finally gets to the point in asking Erestor his favor. Hmm! Something seems fishy to me!

I had to laugh as Erestor proceeded to tie a double knot in Celeborn's boot laces. snicker!

"Noticing that the laces on the Elf Lord’s boots easily came loose, Erestor proceeded to tie a double knot, but now he drew the wrath of the Sinda down upon himself.

“I must beg of you, Lord Erestor, do you wish to put me on display with my bootlaces tied as though I were a small elfling?”

Of course, everyone would know that Celeborn had not tied his own boots. ;) :) snicker!

"With a bow and a nod, the Seneschal left the room – missing the mischievous glint that appeared in the Sinda’s eyes as soon as Erestor had turned his back!" Hmm! Okay, what is that Elf up to Now?

Aww! Loved Glorfindel's warm speech to the Twins about bearing up to the punishment and taking responsibility for their actions.

Love the punishments meted out. Writing lines, helping with the laundry, cleaning gear, what youth of any race would want to spend their time doing such things when trees are calling and the great outdoors are there to explore?

heh heh heh! Loved the bit about the laundry being ellith's work. snicker! "Stomping his foot on the floor in frustration, Elladan indignantly bit his lip. They would have to do female work! The idea!" :) :)

"“Yesterday afternoon the back of my leggings turned red and a raging fire burnt in my backside unlike any I have felt since my grandfather applied his hand there,” Celeborn spoke sternly, now that he had their attention once more. “I believe it to be no more than fair that I returned the favour.”" Oh dear! One can just see the looks of astonishment and teary eyed embarassment on two elfling faces that they would be spanked by their Daerada.

Well? Did he or not! I must go to the next chapter to find out, eh?
Susan W chapter 10 . 3/1/2008
Aww! Such a sweet and tender moment as the Twins take comfort from Glorfindel's hug of reassurance. "The twins quietly pressed themselves against the broad chest of the Chief of Defenses, hiding their faces in the white-golden brocade, weeping softly as they nestled in the Balrog Slayer’s embrace."

"“Nínim-nín, be a good elfling and tell your father what you have gotten him for his begetting day,” Celeborn teased, tugging on a strand of his daughter’s silver hair.

“A pair of bottom-warmers,” Elrond chortled." snicker! Celeborn is going to want Elrond to work on his bedside manners if that kind of response continues. ;) :)

And the truth is finally out of the bag! And Celeborn has the sudden realization that he might have been the one to instigate the prank on Glorfindel that went afoul. "The silver-blue eyes slowly widened as a terrible thought crossed his mind." "Celeborn hid his face in his pillow and groaned from the bottom of his heart." and the confession; "“I asked them to avenge me,” he confessed quietly."

Me thinks that next time Celeborn might give a little more thought before he tells a certain two little elflings to prank someone in his honor. ;) :)

What punishment will the Twins receive for their deeds. Confessing to and asking for forgiveness from the 16 warriors will be a frightening task for the elflings. But what more will they have to do to complete their punishment.

Onward I go to find out.
Susan W chapter 9 . 2/28/2008
Most excellent! I loved the bit of background history for Celeborn and Glorfindel. Shame on me, but I never read "The Silmarilion". After reading some good fanfics where the author dabbles a bit into the history to give depth to a character, it has made me want to read more into the history of the Elves. Some day I may attack that volumn, but not right now, as I enjoy the fanfics here too much. :) :)

Celeborn is still in pain, however, the stubborn elf cannot help but banter with Glorfindel and chide him for "brattiness". snicker!

"“Lord Glorfindel approaches with a prisoner!” one of the look-outs had announced." snicker! Oh boy! Poor Celeborn! A most un-regal position to be in draped over a horse as he is upon entering Imladris and in view of it's citizens. :P

Not the auspicious entrance that one would want to have!

"Erestor clearly remembered the pranks that had been played on the company of Elves under his command during the Last Alliance. As they had traveled south along the banks of Anduin, it had been downright frustrating to wake up and find the outside of their tents adorned with garlands of yellow flowers, or to find their bows and tack gracefully decorated with pink and purple ribbons."

This one was hilarious, and then I came to the drawing of "Erestor-in-dress" prank which was even better, especially as Gil-galad and Elendil shared a copy of it at the high table. :) :) snicker!

Aww! I love this sweet scene as Erestor must try to comfort two little elflings who still have no idea their prank has gone awry. "Erestor stared blankly at the opposite wall. ‘Elbereth, help me,’ he prayed, wrapping an arm around each of the elflings."

So now the tale has been told and the dear little Twins must wait for their parents to give them punishment. That wait must seem like a lifetime!

Ah yes! But first the elflings must disobey once more and go check on their Daerada in the Healing House. That is until they heard their mother's tone of voice while she spoke to Celeborn. snicker!

"Elrohir and Elladan swallowed uncomfortably when they recognized the sternness in their mother’s voice. It would be very unwise to enter the healing room now." Doh! ;) :)

They definitely were not expecting this; "A sudden firm hand on Elrohir’s shoulder and in Elladan’s neck made the elflings spin around in fright.

“Glorfindel!” Elladan wanted to exclaim." Oh joy! ;) :) "“I want to talk to you, elflings.”" I can hardly wait to hear what he tells them, but I must wait for tomorrow to go on to the next chapter. sigh! Too late and I'm too sleepy! :(

I was going to PM you, however, that must also wait until tomorrow now. sigh, again!

Onward I go!
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