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Arachnide chapter 1 . 4/17
You know it would be a nice idea if you made a follow up story of this one where leo persuades mikey to spar with Master Splinter and also leo persuades mikey to try his best. In the aftermath everyone is astonished by how long he lasted against Splinter, of course he didnt win he has a lot to learn still.

Anyway, I really liked this story and i believe you are right in your speculations about mikey. You did great writing this oneshot, it came out very nicely. Good job, keep it up, I am sure you can do a lot better.
BrightLotusMoon chapter 1 . 8/22/2016
*nod* Indeed. One cannot teach Mikey to be better than oneself, it really would be like trying to teach the wind to be still and not dance. Canon Mikey is and always has been the most athletic, acrobatic, naturally organically talented, and while he is a loud and bright ninja, he is also the epitome of creative ninja. He's a hurricane, and really the only thing to do is teach concentration, attention, focus, fulfillment.

The freckled Mikey of the 2012 CGI Nick Toons show is officially ADHD now. It shows. As someone with ADHD married to someone with ADHD, I know how it feels. I'm inattentive; my husband is hyperactive. Between my ideas and his actions, there's a lot of art around the house.

Most people don't actually understand what hyper-focus means in ADHD, however. Notice how Mikey is quite capable of doing a specific or difficult task with fevered joy and intensity to near obsession. Cooking, drawing, reading, comics, absorbing television facts. Our attentions are everywhere, sure, but every so often a beautiful Shiny appears that draws us in time and time and time again...and we become Masters. If Mikey actually were to seriously dedicate himself to his ninjitsu training, that could become a hyperfocus. And then the world would be in serious trouble. Michelangelo would either save the world or destroy it all by himself.

See, I am also Autistic. Many autistics have ADHD. We have special interests, or focuses. TMNT is, in fact, one of my special interests. Mikey is my special special interest. Thus I do a LOT of character study on him and his interactions with the other characters. It's how I confronted the head writer of the 1980s cartoon and discovered that David was the one who completely altered Mikey's personality from the sensitive, artistic, light-hearted Mirage comic character to the dim-witted pizza obsessed surfer dude that became the mascot of the franchise. Any time Mikey is portrayed as sensitive and creative and powerful, I do a little dance of glee.
flikaroo chapter 1 . 4/8/2015
Mikey is indeed really talented in the martial arts and his natural athleticism, he would probably be better than all of his brothers if he wanted to.
SakuBloss chapter 1 . 2/9/2015
Love your Mikey fics. Just absolutely LOVE them :D
Guest chapter 1 . 1/12/2014
Mikey does have a lot of talent! I think that if Mikey ever became serious, he does, he could bet all of his brothers and he has raw talent too! I love Mikey so much! I aslo look at the little things that Mikey does in the new show! Hes so cute! Loved this story! :D
Just Black Sugar chapter 1 . 1/7/2012
Nice work, I really like see Mikey in this way :D

animegirl9894 chapter 1 . 10/14/2010
i completly agree if mikey focused more he could truely kick leos ass. mike has real potientle(spelled wrong i know!)
ilovemyboys chapter 1 . 8/2/2010
I totally agree with you on what you said about Mikey. I think the other turtles do envy him in some regards as well. I also keep track of when Mikey shows his true, made skills! (Don't forget he's the "Battle Nexus Champion" both times he competed.)

And also in TMNTFF Mikey saves the day on more than one occasion. If you haven't watched that season I can give you some great Mikey episodes!

Excellent story, I very much enjoyed it!

So my question is, do you take fanfic requests? If so I got ideas that are Mikey-centered!
stephie 23 chapter 1 . 3/21/2010
I agree, I think though Mikey might be even more powerful than Leo... :)
finem chapter 1 . 5/16/2009
Thank you! Mikey is just bursting at the seams with potential isn't he? I mean, just look at the insanity that he busted in the Grudge Match episode. 'Chucks with his feet? I mean come ON! That was insane. And awesome. Add to your other observations the fact that he also lasted the longest against the foot elite when the guys first ran into them, and I think we have a solid argument. I think he maybe lacks confidence...or he just really needs to feel like seriously bad things will happen if he doesn't step in. Like, he knows that his sensei and bros will take care of everything, so he doesn't have to worry.

Anyway, great story and great evaluation of Mikey's skillz. _
Rebell chapter 1 . 12/14/2008
Well, I wasn't asking for an explanation on how this fic came to be about, but I love that you mentioned some of the (ahem) 'mad-skillz' that Mikey has developed in the new series. I personally loved the fact that Mikey lasted the longest against the Turtle-bot, and constantly bring it up whenever I come upon the 'Mikey is just a goof-ball' debate.

Of course, my support could be because he's my favorite, but still! Michelangelo is amazing and there's no two words around it. I loved this fic, from Leo's point of view about his younger bro, it's awesome. Amazing, you brilliant person, you! ;)
WaterSoter chapter 1 . 12/8/2008
I completely agree with your observations of Mikey, I so agree that he could indeed be exceptionally good. Wonderful story!
Katanagirl16 chapter 1 . 9/19/2008
Me likey!
Sarahbelle Saunders chapter 1 . 9/15/2008
O-o-o-o-oh... awesome. This really inspired me. For what, I'm not really sure. Would you PLEASE tell me a few episodes where Mikey ruled? Like the Triceraton/key snatch thing? Or (random) when he dressed up in a weird little dress? Thanks for writing this anyways! ...Would you PLEASE do a sequal/more musings like this? Please? (I fail at puppy-dog eyes. -_-;)

Mikey'swldBGRL chapter 1 . 4/17/2008
I am pleased that there are others out there who caught that snatching of the triceraton's key as a stealth that his brothers don't quite posess. I love how you have done Mikey's character justice with this story of yours. Good Job. It would be great if you would turn this into a loner story.
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