Reviews for Guilt
quibilah chapter 8 . 11/10/2009
Well, I got it to work! I rellay liked it. I Think you should write an epilouge or something showing everybodys reactions to the news. I would definetly read it. Anyways, great job, can't wait to read more of your stories.
quibilah chapter 2 . 11/10/2009
I am very interested in this story so far, I love how you are portryaing everything. I hope that I will be able to read the third chapter soon, as every time I click on it a network error occurs, strangely it's only that chapter. Anyways great job so far can't wait to read the third chapter.
TiaRat chapter 8 . 9/20/2007
Interesting take on Sam and Jack's control issues. It could certianly be plausible.
7 League Boots chapter 8 . 9/13/2007
Wow, Jack was really messed up! Very plausible take on the aftermath of Kanan's little journey. Hot; never thought about Sam and Jack each wanting to be in control. I hope he lets her be in charge sometimes! Started out sad and tragic but a happy ending after all. Get of earth card, that is, Jack! Good read, thanks for sharing.
lovestruck1990 chapter 8 . 9/13/2007
Are you going to continue this, it's really good.
7 League Boots chapter 1 . 9/12/2007
Ok, when chapter 1 starts our Awesome I KNOW I'm in for a really really good ride! This is Sam dead-center: all her angst, brilliance, femaleness, soldier and friend. An intense insider look at a tense period in SG-1 history that adds to its power. Sam can't decide to grieve or not and it's apparent she's in pain. Aha, that "draught" is telling! Poetic phrasings leave me drooling at times ("-all she accomplished was a lungful of air with no trace of him on it"; "his total maleness, he just oozed pheromones, ones that she could not resist, she could almost taste him on the air")- yipes, girl! Like a shot in the um, arm.

You're so cool to post it complete. I'd marathon it but alas I've discovered this at work so, not. But I'm on it!