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Lola 7bunny chapter 64 . 8/21
when it said he stood by his wife I thought for a minute that it was Minerva you was saying was bumbles wife hehehehehe
TimeTraveller-1900 chapter 18 . 8/20
What did the Potter ancestors say to Lily?
Anon chapter 48 . 8/19
So what in the actual hell kind of reaction is that? After resolving not to give them a penny, he gives them a lot of money and property after his deadbeat, abusive mother attempts to torture him?
TimeTraveller-1900 chapter 55 . 8/19
What happened to Reece, anyway?
crazzyredhead chapter 112 . 8/16
Love this story so much wish there was more would love to see if harry gets any other masters what is wizarding world like ect
Does lilly ever get her magic back does she move and fall iin love
Marlene472 chapter 109 . 8/14
I thought Severus and Harry got an Order of Merlin 3rd class for Eileen's potion?
crazzyredhead chapter 63 . 8/3
I got blood poisoning once it sucks so much
Took me a month to get better
cutpaste trolls chapter 1 . 7/19
At burkeleah1992 RE: The Contact

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AdamKadamon chapter 112 . 7/12
Let me preface this by saying that this story is definitely worth reading and has quite a happy ending with several wizarding world problems resolved.
My main nitpicks are some logic problems (ex. in a certain hospital scene, it was mentioned that it was only the second time that Harry met Ollivander when in fact, he'd meet him two other times earlier during the wand weighing for the Triwizard tourny and to replace his wand after) and how forced the harry-neglect felt with the rest of the Potters. Lily has an "excuse" with her mental condition. The others, especially James, really didn't. Going from loving your twins to neglecting one of them, with no direct outside influence, is very weird.
As mentioned however, the story and the journey was quite enjoyable. Thanks for this story, author!
Guest chapter 112 . 5/30
I think this story is alredy pretty good, just 2 or 3 spelling mistakes
Guest chapter 81 . 5/29
Interesting but a very logical choice for Eileen to 'suggest' researching hermaphroditic creatures. If the invertebrate research doesn't pan out, perhaps vertebrate species known to exhibit parthenogenesis? Logically, it should be easier to transmit the ability from one vertebrate creature to another, rather than invertebrate to vertebrate. It might affect the potion so that the resulting fetus is genetically only the 'mothers', but hey, it's magic. Who knows? Maybe it would work!
Guest chapter 5 . 5/27
why didn't he get the wand with the core thats the same as voldemorts?
Chadd Hawkins chapter 1 . 5/20
oh hey u idiot s[op posting fucking shit and calling them harry potter stories
Guest chapter 112 . 5/11
Oi boa noite,sua fanfiction foi uma das melhores que já li só acho que apesar de tudo o James potter no fim ajudando ele a voltar no tempo talvez o harry poderia da uma chance pelo menos dele conhecer os netos mas mesmo assim amei toda a história muito obrigada pela oportunidade um grande abraço e muito felicidades.
Busymom75 chapter 54 . 5/11
I think that this might be the very first step to a potential friendship, at the very least, for Harry and Sirius, especially as Harry has admitted that he has not removed Sirius as his godfather. Baby steps...
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