Reviews for FIGHT ME!
guest chapter 1 . 2/9/2020
What does RYOGA think of the bet?!
Perseus12 chapter 1 . 9/3/2017
You reap what you sow, Akane Tendo!
shadowfan999 chapter 1 . 11/15/2013
i love this fic,finally akane got what she deserved:D
anon chapter 1 . 10/17/2012
Akane is one of my favourite characters and I was curious about this "Akane-Bashing" fic. "Fight Me" was humourous in a sadistic sort of way and ridiculously out of character. You must really hate Akane to write something like this and I'm wondering the Anime version was the catalyst.
You can either like or hate a character (It's your opinion) but you should have taken into account (or perhaps this was a troll-fic) that it was posted into a Akane/Ranma category and the couple has alot of supporters so I'm not suprised by the amount of negative reviews. I would just to point out that Ranma and his other fiancees are not saints. But hey each to their own opinion.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/30/2012
i hate this!this is so rude!its shows only of the writer having no respect to someones art..if you really hate akane why dont you make your own character not ruining other's creation'/work..this is the worst ever disgusting story i've ever read.
Megan chapter 1 . 5/27/2012
Thats not canon Akane, she would never keep her Promise.

I a. waiting for the he cheated line
B33r chapter 1 . 2/6/2012
Great, the best ranma and akane fic ever

Deversity is good, if everybody sticks to the canon it becoms dull and boring
Cool 53 chapter 1 . 1/23/2012
Good Story i was verry verry amused :-)

And may i sugjest a nother category ranma beats akane would be nice

Please add more
maryjane5000 chapter 1 . 1/8/2012
Love it just wish it was longer
soulfire524 chapter 1 . 12/16/2011
I noticed it said Akane bashing so I thought I'd put in a word. Considering Ranma and Akane are the cannon couple for Ranma 1/2, its actually quite disrespectful to the creator. Rumiko Takahashi knows her characters better than anyone else, so obviously you are relying on bad information or you've haven't bothered to actually pay attention to the characters at all. I do find it interesting to debate with others who have a point of view that is a little different from my own, but I rather they actually atleast sound somewhat intelligent and not like the sort of people who if they don't like what they hear they'd talk louder and not even listen to the other side, in other words, they based their opinions off a highly juvenile conclusions which spawned from lacking intelligence. This is not funny. Yes. I'm aware this said Akane haters only, but this sort of writing insults not only Akane, but Ranma and the entire Ranma 1/2 series. Its NOT funny. The best writers research their topics thoughoughly, and if you want to write fanfiction for Ranma 1/2 its suggested you go back and READ THE MANGA AGAIN and pay attention to it. I've read it multiple times for over 5 years and took time to study the characters and their expressions, backgrounds, and reactions to events that happened and Akane is the only one who actually cared that Ranma had an opinion at ALL, she may have a short temper and jump to conclusions BUT she was always quick to forgive unlike Ukyo who can hold a grudge for over 10 years! Her grudge against Genma is one thing but Ranma was six at the time and Shampoo uses potions and tricks Ranma. That's why they were NOT chosen as the leading Lady for Ranma atleast. If you hate Akane so much don't even bother with Ranma 1/2 because Ranma and Akane are the cannon couple. Find something else and stop trshing the entire series to bash one character. Really you insult the creator as well. Find something else to watch or read. This isn't even writng its just garbage. I want to encourage your enthusiasm for writong but I can't do that. If you want to write for Ranma 1/2 you need to research it better and get your facts straight, that's the only advice I have for you. Well, good luck in your future stories.

How OLD are You? Nevermind. Bye.
Bad chapter 1 . 9/24/2011
Nice, im just supriesed that Akane, dosent call Ranma a cheater and skip the consequences of the bet, I liked to see p-chans Face at the Vet
TheLegendOfKatt chapter 1 . 5/30/2011
If your such a Akane hater why put this in Ranma and Akane when its clearly not them being a couple! this is not the place for akane bashing! but for Ranma and Akane coupling!
GeorgeTobor chapter 1 . 10/8/2010
Just a bit extreme, Akane is not that ugly, if she were tied up I would pay 10 yen. She would need to be restrained for my safety. I'm not fond of Akane either. She is too violent, even Kasumi says so. The good Akane does is wiped out by her temper and violence. Sure Ranma said S/He was better built, but that is only words, Akane hits Ranma with a table when she should have stuck to words. There are some good Akane centric fics but the thing about them is somehow Akane is changed.

If I were Ranma, people(and pandas) would die or at least be crippled for life. Honor be DAMNED! No one gets to use me like Ranma lets others use him in the name of "honor".

Now write a fic where Ranma "defeats" the Ice Queen.

And Kasumi should have taken the engagement if she had any honor. She was eldest, it fell to her. I hold Kasumi negligent. She could have done more to stop the chaos.
Fyoex chapter 1 . 3/27/2009
Ah ha ha, yeah i don't really like Akane either.
Suusaa chapter 1 . 9/8/2008
I respect your opinion. If you don't like Akane, that's fine. But I'm a convinced RanmaxAkane fan so don't put your story in this category! That's kinda rude, you know.
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