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Simplycassieopiea chapter 3 . 1/2/2013
Your really good at writing fight scenes, I don't know how you do it but you do it well. It's so descriptive and it's easy to follow along
Simplycassieopiea chapter 2 . 1/2/2013
I LOLD when I read the note, every story needs a comic relief and the Koopa bros are the ones for this one. I'm getting sleepy but I'm going to keep readin until I fall asleep chao or ciao
Simplycassieopiea chapter 1 . 1/2/2013
Oh that was full of action I'm wondering what the next chapter will hold. I can see what you mean about Soni personality. Shadow is much more serious
Riku Courtier chapter 1 . 9/5/2009

~Riku's Music Lover~
RaDiCaLmE chapter 18 . 6/21/2009
KRUMPING! great story, love the plot humor!
maranic chapter 13 . 10/8/2008
Yes! hear it is and thanks... man how many time did i have to say that!...oh well here's the next Chapter! GO! MARIO!

Luna woke up it was next morning it was weird she had a dream of her and Mario she was human she and Mario was one witch confuse her and thats all she could remember. She then try to rise to her feet but there were arms rap around her she turn to see in the back of her but it was hard but she could see it was Mario she turn to face him all the way and to get out of his hold. At last Luna then stood up she was surprised to see that Mario was still asleep. Luna smiled at the way Mario slept the female Lucario then remember about the snow storm then. she felt cold again of last night of the pain she had but the pain soon went away when she heard a song that Mario sang it made her sleep peacefully she wonder what was wrong with her the more she stared at Mario she wonder if he would stay with her but she knew it will never happen they are not meant to be not only because she was a Pokemon and he was human but she left out the part in her dream, that she did not tell l Mario that she saw a female human. She will be Mario’s lover. This made her wonder why she did not tell him. Besides I’m Mario’s guardian or I’m supposed to be doing. Said Luna. Mario’s the one seem to be doing that said Luna sadly Luna turn to see Spyro and Cynder that was happy to see her ok I’m glad your ok Luna. Said Cynder. I’m fined thank you. Luna then seen a Pokemon that she never seen before. Mewthree then smiled hi I am Mewthree it nice to see you are ok are you guys hungry I got pizza that human likes to eat and it is pretty good. Mario sat up so fast and said pizza! Where! Every body looks at Mario in surprise. Spyro then smiled and then chuckled and said I guest your Wright Mewthree humans do love um pizza.

Mario ate nine slices of pizza. Man that was good pizza said Mario. the others was not really hungry but took one as well I’m glade you enjoy that Mario you are welcome to stay hear as long as you want but for now you should rest I never thought a teen can eat so much in five minute said Mewthree Mario did what he been told because he now had a tummy pain Luna look with worry and ask if she could do any thing for him Mario said he will be fine in no time. Spyro then said well that could be the choice but what about the city of those people. Mario we can’t stay hear too long we got to help them. No! don’t go there you will be the one joining them as well yelled Mewthree every body looks to her. Mario look at her as well. What do you mean Mewthree. Can’t speak… I can’t speak of it the fear is so great the terror is endless lost souls forever gone no hope at all and soon we will all fall…fall…. There was a chill of fear in the air Mario stood up the pain was now gone and said No! your wrong evil can never win because if good is gone evil can’t grow with out it. Hope is not from a great hero or god it is in us in are hearts there is balance between good and evil and it must not be off balance and I will make sure of it I will fear no evil as long as I’m alive and dead. We can work together Mewthree we can unite with others and we will rain down the power of light and we will win I swear….. Mewthree look at Mario and cried and flung her self at Mario oh Mario with those words I feel more faithful Mario hug her gladly as she dug her face in Mario solders the others was much better well and felt more warm in side. Mario then said well let go help those people shall we and we leave at night when those man like lizard are gone. Mario you should know that I have a brother he is helping theme his name is Mewcline he is very powerful and…. Dangerous Mario finish for her Mewthree nodded Mario was now thinking what to do then he said do you know any one else that helping them. No Mario just him he is too powerful for me alone I tried to get other to help me long ago but they failed and met there faith I was spared by him when he should of killed me when he had the chance to. And i still don’t want you to go Mario it is to risky for a human. Mario smiled and said as long as you have faith in me that is all I need from you all. Of course we do Mario… wait are you saying you going to go in there by your self if you are I’m am not letting you said Luna. Yes I am Luna you and the others are going to wait for me under stand I will be fine I promise I am only going in to see what is happening that all said Mario. Mario it just not safe. Mario walks out of the cave my friends if your my friends you will stay hear. But Mario… said Spyro but none said nothing Mario was happy he knew they would stay

Mario had no problem there at all there was nobody working as slave there were no Pokemon’s or human at all Mario was alone it the city no lizard men notthing something is wrong. Said Mario. Maario… Mario froze it was the same voice he heard in his dream before my… king. The voice whispered in Mario’s ears Mario spoke and said who are you show your self. Mario then heard a evil chuckle Mario realize now that he had a bad feeling about Mario seen something coming closer Mario stood his ground ready to face who ever or it was but Mario could see that the person or thing had a hood over it’s head Mario saw it’s black like tail and it had a paw like Mewthree then Mario saw that it’s hand glowed black and it made a big rock fly tour him Mario saw it coming fast and Mario punch with his fist and shatter the rock like it was nothing Mario than said my turn Mario then threw a big fire ball it shot out like a bullet and by surprise Mario hit the creature and Mario burn the stuff that the creature had on Mario saw the Pokemon that Mewthree was as well it was angry and said they took all from me and you will not take from me as well you will die. Mario wonder what he meant by that they took those fools but they did not take me they will pay starting with you human! Mario knew that this Pokemon was Mewthree’s brother Mario then heard Mewcline shout out some words called hyper beam Mario saw a huge blast that was bigger then Luna’s aura storm Mario jump out of the way in time and the blast hit a building that was huge too huge. Mario then seen Mewcline fly up way in the sky and heard Mewcline shout out shadow storm! Mewcline unleash hundreds of shadow ball at Mario. Mario saw this and ran for cover he then saw to building they were tall he needed to get to high ground so he wall jump between the two building it was more easy than before and he got up on top of the building that was when Mewcline stop and smiled at Mario you one of a kind, human I never met. I could used you what do say about my offer human. Not interested but why don’t’ fight for us Mewcline for good. Said Mario. what never! And how do you know my name human. Said Mewcline. Your sister told me all about you. She will pay as well but no time for fun for you and I must end it now Mario then felt his body or his heart bing grab by a hand or some what but it was being squeeze Mario body was being lift up as well Mario never felt pain like this be for then heard him self scream in pain so loud that Luna could hear and feel the pain that Mario was going thru. Mario! He need’s me Luna then ran out of the cave Spyro ran after her. Cynder stay hear with Mewthree we will be back . Mewthree knew it was her brother but is confuse of what going on and hope Mario is ok.

Luna wait for me said Spyro but Spyro knew she will not wait so he started to fly to catch up in no time he was past her but he lower him self down to her Luna get on my back will get there faster! Luna looks at him as she ran then she jump and perfectly land on Spyro’s back. Hold on with all your might as Spyro went higher to the sky to hide in the clouds

Mario could not bear it any more the pain was too great. human I could have been done with you a long time ago but I like you human I want you alive I can make you a legend you can have anything you want work for me and you get what ever you want I feel greatness with in you what do say for my finale offer. Said Mewcline Mario did not say a thing Mewcline got angry at this we be like god’s we take over this world are darkness will swallow the light away all will bow to me and you if you want that you be rich beyond you wonderers dreams what do you say. Mario look at Mewcline with a new look in his eyes Mario then yelled out light will always go on forever and I fight by it’s side I will not let you win as Mario said this he broke true Mewcline’ dark powers. And Mario glowed with fire all around him and it got bigger. Mario was eyes glowed the ax was in his eyes Mewcline seen this and was happy he can have a fight that no one or Pokemon could take him he then glowed to black fire was all around him Mario and Mewcline’s was in the air and sky all got dark the storm was back again it rain hard the wind was so great that the giant rocks flew with it. Human your power is great too bad me and you could make a great team. my power is beyond yours. just then their was tornadoes bigger than any others before thunder was every where Mario was not scared at all Mewcline was surprise now Mario had no fear in his eyes it was like he was not the same person that Mewcline saw just then Mewcline flew to the air more higher he was about 200 feet higher then Mario was he then smiled and was charging a attack for Mario look up high at him Mario put one hand up tore Mewcline and said internal light!

Spyro and Luna was now there and it was hard for Spyro to keep control by this storm Luna saw that Mario was ok but then he seen Mario release a blast of pure light and Mewcline blast out pure darkness the blast was so great that it shook the whole world so greatly that in split the earth in half. Mario then said you will fall light will prevail heart will stand forever I will return home and you will not stop me! Mario roared. like that the light engulf the sky the darkness and Mewcline as well no imposable ah! As the light was blind then like that it was gone Mario saw that world was back to normal the city was ok the world was back to it old self Mario was glade but it was far from over his quest is still a long, long one Mario then close his eyes to sleep he was weak. like that he was falling downed Mario! Luna yelled out but they were to far to save him just then Mario was floating downed Mewthree was there and was shock of how powerful Mario is she had him. Luna smiled and was relief both Spyro and Luna went down to see Mario when they got there Luna jump off Spyro’s back and ran to Mario to see him but he was asleep and he was at peace my king you are the one I knew it said Luna as a tear roll down her eye what do you mean king said Spyro. Luna did not take her eye’s off of Mario but said I will tell you as soon as we get Mario back at the cave I wonder what happen to all the people said Cynder as she came Mewthree was sad and said they must have been taken to some other world we must fine a way to save them but first let get Mario back to my cave. all help Mario in any way they could and Mario then said in his sleep light will stand…..forever. Luna. Made a sad like smile. Evan in his sleep he still fight always the evil.

Cynder stayed back to see if any thing or some one was there in the empty city she told Spyro she be fine but Spyro did not want to leave her or Mario but she told Spyro that Mario needs him so Spyro did go even if he did not like it. Cynder walk for an hour and she reach the middle of the city at last and stood there wow it is very big hear just then. said Cynder there was a flash of light and a portable that was purple and blackness open a rip in the air two creatures fell from the portable Cynder was scared she did not know what to do she wanted to flee but some thing told her to help them. Just then the portable close at last Cynder stood still for a long time then at last Spyro arrive in a blink of an eye Cynder are you ok Mewthree is with me and… who are they? Said Spyro Mewthree went in front of them to the two creatures she then close her eyes to read there mineds only because the two was unconscious she saw great good in both of them and at last she found their names Sonic. Blaze. So that’s there name It ‘s ok Cynder they are good but they need help let me teleport us all back for I can treat them with more care and like that they all was back in the cave and Mewthree was at work with them in a room in the cave

She put both of them on a bed Spyro and Cynder watch as Mewthree place her hand on Sonic and a blue glow on her hand went all over Sonics body Spyro saw great wounds on sonic but they slowly got smaller in twenty minutes went by both. Sonic and Blaze was now asleep in peace all they need now is rest said Mewthree I will stay hear and watch them why don’t you two see how Luna and Mario is doing Spyro agreed but Cynder wanted to stay with Mewthree and Spyro had no problem with that at all and went off to see Mario. In aother room that Mewthree had in the cave.

Mario had a blank dream as he sleeps Luna watch as Mario slept in a bed that Mewthree had got for Mario personally Luna did not know why she could not take her eye of Mario he had great a body he’s so handsome for a human if you were mined I …. No! What am I am saying. Luna now knew she had to leave the room who know what she will do next but she could not she cared too much for this human. Spyro was going to walk in but he hear Luna yell out why do I feel this way for you Mario do I love you but how why did this happen to me why do I feel this way to you. Said Luna she wonder if Mario could hear her in his sleep. Little that she knew Spyro heard it and decided not to enter the room. but went to go out side to leave Luna alone with Mario for now as he left he could hear that Luna was now singing to Mario now and it go like this.

Lucariana’s song

I never will leave you. my love will always be thru for you always ,always.

I promise I will stand by your side and fight to the end of time I swear

With this love I bear with all my heart to spare. I will always be there yes I will be there

I never give in I promise. I will fight just to be with you my love …my love

for so long I wait for you and now I will never let you go because if your gone I would cry you a river and forever shiver if you ever leave. so please as you please me not to leave. love me for you and me can be as one please because I love you forever my love yes forever my love.

Luna cried but soon went to sleep with her paw in Mario’s hand and she will tell Mario the way she feel soon but not yet not yet…

Spyro wonder how can some one love some one when they are not the same kind as them. Cynder then came out to meet Spyro both look at each other and went closer to each other. So how is the one name.. um. Sonic and Blaze Said Spyro. They are ok Mewthree said so, and how is Mario and Luna. Said Cynder. Spyro had to think for a second and Said they are fined. Both dragons talk for awhile and hope they will return home. After this is all over.
maranic chapter 3 . 10/8/2008
hear you go Antoine and thanks for taking the time for me to fix it. GO! MARIO!

Chapter 3

The next morning Mario woke up he saw a fox face looking at him real close Mario got startle and yelled yikes. Luna what are you doing watching me sleep. Oops sorry mas..mario I was just making sure you were ok because well your sleeping on the grass when you have a hey house set for you and everything Luna then blush then look always because Mario was still looking at her well your father said I did have one but I don’t remember why I slept hear on the grass all I can remember is a song that your tribe sang it sounded like I heard it some where but can’t place it… OH well I’m kind of hungry for some breakfast and maybe we can leave and you tell me what happening out side of the forest where you said there is human and do what must be done. Luna help Mario to his feet and they met up with Juku who seat them down and had some breakfast they had cook fish, bananas, sweet potatoes berries and other weird stuff that Mario never eat be for but it was all good finally it was time to go Mario said goodbye to the Lucario’s he wonder if Spyro and Cynder left long time ago but he knew they had there own path to follow Luke went up to Mario Luna was by Mario side if Luke did any thin funny to Mario Luke smiled with a peaceful look on his face and shook Mario’s hand Mario gladly did so Luke then said Luna take care of him and I’m sorry I act like a riolu Luna hugged her brother then Mario and Luna was off Luna was in front of Mario only because she knew the way they walk for good hour none spoke to each other then Mario broke the silence Luna what is wrong with the place we are going to is it a city Luna made a sad face as they still walk well Mario yes all the cities are in great danger human and Pokemon alike are fighting each other human’s fighting Pokemon human fighting human. Pokemon fighting Pokemon’s it some thin I don’t under stand it but there all out cast to my tribe and other Pokemon and people that are in the forest some where but no where near my tribe thank goodness Mario was now confuse again how are the people call out cast when they are in the city should the people who now lived in the Forrest be out cast Luna then look at Mario I can tell you why it is like that but I think it will be better if you see it for your self Mario did not answer he knew it was the other way around by the way Luna said it Mario now wonder if the real world he from was new York Brooklyn but his life was like going hear and there witch is now confusing now he can’t now remember his father and now his mother for some reason. Hey Mario wait we want to come with you guys Mario look to see Spyro and Cynder who landed by them Mario smiled and was kind of glade to see the two dragons. few me and Cynder was looking for you when we came back to the water fall that me and Cynder wanted to see and Juku said that you were heading this way so we got hear in time be fore we lost you and we want to go with you no matter were ever you go Spyro said and smiled I will love to have to come but I don’t want to but you to in trouble if any thing go wrong said Mario hey no big deal we can take care of our self said Spyro but Spyro aren’t you two still hurt. Said Luna. We be fined as long as we don’t fly to long and get in any fights Mario wonder for some reason and dug in his pockets he then saw five mushrooms of healing Mario then gave them to Spyro and Cynder what are theses for Mario you will see when you eat them Spyro look at Mario then eat the mushroom so did Cynder they felt like there self again there wounds was gone and they were mush stronger Spyro spread his wings he was twice as big and taller then Mario and Luna as well this is great now we can fly you Mario of were you must go Cynder walk up to Mario and said I been annoying you I’m sorry Mario smiled and said really, I never no you did, but I hope we can be friends. Said Mario. Cynder look at Mario and said yes, yes of course we are and I’m glade we met you to. Do wish to get on my back and ride Mario. Said Cynder. Mario smiled and said sure if you don’t mined thanks. This would be much faster and easier trust me I know. Cynder giggle a little and said. You said it as if you had wing before. Mario smiled to be honest I do know how it feel to have wing’s and fly but it a long story of how I did so. Cynder was now curious of Mario of how his life was like. Even Luna wonder how Mario’s life was like. Spyro told Luna to get on his back as well. Luna had no choice because if Mario go’s so does she. Spyro then said are you two ready Mario and Luna said yes. Spyro smiled and said ok hear we go and both dragon’s took to the sky Mario was happy again he felt the rush of wind in his face that he never felt for a long time. So Mario are you ok back there said Cynder Mario look at her and said what was that I can’t hear you the wind is all in my ears just then Spyro and Cynder was gliding slowly Luna was kind of having fun, she never flew be for and it felt great Luna look where Mario was with this speed we be there in know time we must stay strait ahead and we get there Mario look to where Luna was pointing at the sky. Not to far Mario could see that the red sky was red like fire and lot’s of black clouds they never spoke because a view like that there is evil or some thing not good at all. Thirty minutes went by when are hero’s got there it was like a waste land. Mario was looking he saw thousand of people they were all slaves to some looking humanoid lizards that have whips even Mario then seen Pokemon’s working hard as well they were building some kind of big statues witch Mario and his party could not describe just then the one of the humanoid lizard wave a hand to his comrades all wave there hand in a wired way. some kind of dark portal open and all the lizards men went in and the portal closed when the last lizard man went in all the people stop what they were doing and looking like nothing happen the Pokemon did just the same this is bad Mario. Said Cynder. I know Mario said. This is not supposed to happen when those creatures came hear. Father said nothing about those things I’m confused said Luna. Spyro was shaking his head and said so what should we do. Mario look at Luna but she was in her own deep thoughts. Mario did not say a thing Mario look at the rusty city for long time then he said we will show are self to night when thing are more settle Mario saw that the people and the Pokemon’s were fighting amongst them self for food and territory. Every one agreed.

Mario had fire started with his hand Spyro was amazed by that so was Luna they sat next to the fire it was some how real cold the they all could see there breath Mario then felt a gust wind that was so cold that it made him jump in pain Mario look to the sky and saw that there some how in the middle of a blizzard the fire went out every thing happen so fast that Mario just ran for cover. He yelled to everybody to get to some kind of cover Mario some how felt a gust of wind that swept him off his feet, Mario never felt such wind for a long time in his past adventure Mario saw that Luna was flying like crazy. help me the wind is too strong Mario had deal with this kind of wind be for and started to ride the wind. Mario hope that Spyro and Cynder was ok as well Mario got to Luna and grab her paw Luna saw this and grab on to Mario with dear life. She never felt like this be for she was depending on Mario a little to much. Mario smiled an said hold on we will make it we must ride with the wind fighting it will not help us Mario try to see if Spyro and Cynder was behind him but nothing. Mario saw that the place was now cover with 3 feet of snow Mario and Luna was in the air for long time Mario wonder if the wind was taking them some where but where. 30 minutes went by and they where still in the frizzing air Luna was starting to shiver and she felt sick. Mario was worried that it they don get out of this Luna might not make it at all. Then all of a sudden Mario felt him self binge pulled by some kind force like a hand grabbing him Mario blink and he found him self in a cave still holding on Luna Mario laid Luna downed and look to see who save them or wanted them

Hello any body hears. Mario! Please don’t leave me please.. Said Luna out loud. Mario saw that Luna was asleep when she said this. Mario went to her and put his hand on her head. She was very hot and shaking. Mario had to do something but what Mario then saw that something in the corner of the darkness of the cave Mario saw some kind of Pokemon he seen before as well but just could not placed it. My name is Mewthree, I am not a foe I am hear to help you said Mewthree she walk to Luna and put her hand on Luna’s forehead Mewthree close her eyes and her hand glowed blue and soon Luna stop shaking. Mario was amaze by her and said thanks for helping us my name is Mario this is Luna and there is four of us that was out there I need to get them and fined them if you don’t mine. Would you watch her for me um.. Mewthree. No Mario, you stay hear that storm is for no human to be in you will die. But I’m surprise you and this Lucario name Luna survive it this long. But anyway don’t worry I will fined Spyro and Cynder for you I deal with this storm lots of time but get some sleep I promise you I will fine them for they are dragons and no storm could kill them am I Wright . Mario did not want to know how she Knew Spyro and Cynder names or how she knew they were dragons. But deep in his heart he trusts her and believes her words. Mewthree took her hand off Luna’s head and said there. She will be fine she will wake up tomorrow feeling ok and as I promise, I going to look for your dragons friends Mewthree look at Luna one more time and smiled at her then look at Mario she really care about you. And it is best you stay with her as well and you should get some rest to. Just then Mewthree was gone like she was never there at all. Mario was felt strange inside just then he look to see that Luna was shaking again. No... No go always leave me alone stay back said Luna in her sleep. Help me father, Luke please Maariio don’t leave me. Mario felt sad for her he could not do much for her but make her comfortable but how there where in a cave damp but kind of warm. Mario sees her shiver even more. Mario sign and lay behind her and rap his arms around her to keep her warm but yet she still shiver Mario than thought about a song that he knew nothing about but sang it anyway which was odd for him to do. and it go like this.

Mario’s song.

Let my wigs fly you always from the cold.

Please let my heart warm your soul.

You are not and will never be alone. Because I’m

Hear to the end I will never leave you my friend.

I promise that not even the abyss will have you.

I will never let you go. For I to need you to

Together we will win or together we will fall.

For it is you my friend that is worth fighting for

Let us rise together with the sun let the light free

you And me.

Let my wigs fly you always from the cold.

Please let my heart warm your soul.

You are not and will never be alone.

Mario stop his song and saw that Luna smiled peacefully in her sleep and he to felt sleepy but he had to wait to see if Spyro, Cynder and the one called Mewthree come back with them. But sleep took over and he slept and both Mario and Luna was warm in the cave. Just then Spyro, Cynder and Mewthree appear out of thin air Spyro and Cynder smiled that Mewthree said they were hear but no one disturb Mario and Luna but both dragon went to sleep near them. Mewthree said that she will return with some food and stuff to keep them warm and comfortable thing like beds that she will fined for them. she knew that’s what human sleep on. Then she left and disappeared out of thin air once again….
maranic chapter 2 . 10/8/2008
hey! hear is Part two of Mario's new biginning Let'sa GO! Mario!

Chapter 2

Mario meets Spyro

Mario did not know what to say only because there were many Lucero’s looking at him. Master are you ok said Luna. Yes Luna I’m fine it just why are the all looking at me like that. Luna smiled well master if you must know and if I may say they never had a human in the ducal village before my tribe stay’s away from human contact and my tribe tell the forest if they can keep human away. You mean no human ever seen your kind be for. Sais Mario. Oh there were there was one human

And one Lucario was befriended by him and this human name Aaron also knew how to use the power of Aura the Lucario learn much from him oops! Master I’m sorry I’ll tell you the rest of the story later if you want but my father is waiting for my return to bring you to him he wants to see you. Mario nodded Mario then saw a small like Lucario’s Mario found it quit and he new they were strong as well Luna told Mario they were called Riolu that will some day be Lucario’s it took Mario and Luna five minute to get to a hey like house. Luna went in then Mario. Mario saw and old wise Lucario he was gray but his eye was like looking at red rubies and was sitting on the soft grass as was surprise to see them but kept as if he knew they was coming but he did not. so you’re the chosen one not what I expect but I greet you all the same my name is Juku leader of my tribe. may I ask what is your chosen one. Mario made a peace sign with his hand the name Mario it nice to meet you it a pleasure to meet you Juku. No the pleasure should be all mind. My daughter why do you stand there. There should be feast get your brother and get some help we must have are guest feel like home now go! Yes.. Father said Luna. master I shall return she look at Mario with a sad expression Mario just nodes’ her eye was not red like all the other Lucario’s her eye’s are golden like the Ax he had to amity she had beautiful eyes. I am not proud of her she will be punish later for not telling me sooner about your arrival I’m real sorry for this. Mario look at Juku and said no it is fined please she did help me a lot please don’t punish her Mario spoke Quickly Juku look at Mario with a look of surprise then said sure if that what you want you are my guests hear is there any thing you want me to do for you. well you can have Luna stop calling me master I just want her to be my friend if it’s ok with you Juku look at Mario for awhile and finally Juku said sure if that what you wish. Just then a green Lucario step in side and said my leader the prisoners are awake Mario look at him. The Lucario look nerves but bowed at him and Juku. good you may leave now Luke so then Luke did. That was my son Mario he will soon take my place but Luna she will be going with you to take you to human territory but come with me let see who these prisoners are shall we so Mario and Juku went to see who they.

Spyro woke up at last I’m glade your up Spyro. Spyro look to see were the voice came from then he seen her it was Cynder she was better but still badly hurt but ok. Spyro to was hurt but glade to be alive to see an other day with Cynder. Spyro were in a cage what do we now. We do the same thing we always do blast out of here. Spyro took a deep breath and blew but he could not he was too weak. Darn I am too Drain out said Spyro. I tried to as well but nothing. Said Cynder Let’s see who captured us and why Spyro look and saw some Lucario’s. Spyro what are they said Cynder as she stood side by side by him I have no clue but will fine out. Hey why are we lock up in hear let us out we did not do any thing to you. No talking will soon fine out if your friends or foe Spyro was irritated now. Fine with me can we least have some water the Lucario look at them. and then turn to look at one of the female Lucario give them some food and water the female did so and came back with some meat berries and water she put them in the cage then left .Cynder hear it safe I some how trust them but just in the case. Spyro taste the water to see if it was poison first and both dragon ate and drank all. After Spyro and Cynder was done 15 minutes minute went by and the Lucario that was guarding went on his knee hello my leader these are the prisoners. Mario was writ be hide Juku as the guard spoke. Spyro then said hey you. Your from my dream that I told Cynder about you help me save my kind. Are you sure that him Spyro said Cynder. Mario look confuse and said do I know you well not exactly but I believe your name is Mario is it not you told me in my dream saying hope is made from the heart you me and others will save all universes or some thing like that of what you said. Please were friends not your enemy please hear us out Juku smiled. And said let them go I believe them. Mario was glad Juku would let them go Mario was not sure what he do if Juku leave them lock up. Besides Mario is kind of found of them and new the were friends when Mario eyes met Spyro’s eyes for the first time in history.

One hour went by and Spyro was taken care of his wounds Spyro laid down by a fire Mario, Juku, Luna and Luke Was all there as for Cynder she was with some female Lucario’s being taken care of and getting some rest Mario could see that Spyro was very tired as well Mario then said are you sure you don’t want to rest first and tell us your story later like tomorrow. Mario said worriedly. No I fine but thanks for your concern but any way. I’ll tell you how I got to this world me and Cynder was walking on are world we talking about the past of when we met and how I save her from the darkness but suddenly we were attacked by some thing we could not see it was too fast what ever it was it torture us we was no mach as well I did every thing in my power to stop it. It was immune to my fire power, ice power, thunder power, earth power, and my dragon friary even Cynder tried to attack it but it was no uses and we gave up just like that then the thing that attack us was a dragon a dragon that was blacker then black and it eyes was…. Well there no eyes at all when I look in it empty sockets I felt a fear that I don’t think no one could describe in made me fear of a fear that me and Cynder not describe. because the more we stared we seen lost souls with in them is spoke to me and said your time has end at last. Your soul is mine it said and open up it’s chest and we seen many faces they moan in agony and pain some even scream at me it terrified us…. But then a bean of light came and hit the chest off the evil dragon and then the dragon was engulf by the light then gone just like that. We turn to see who save us it had the same thing that you ware right now Mario. He was kind of on the short side he had a mustache or that what he said but he did not tell me his name or he was. but he did say I was the leader of my universe what ever that means but then he wave his hand and me and Cynder came hear then me and Cynder was knock out cold when we got hear then I had a dream where I could not see any thing but… you Mario and like I said be for you said. Hope is made from the heart you me and others will save all universes. Witch I’m still confuse about and you know the rest of when we got captured or found what ever way you want to put it. Spyro then yond. Thank you for you story Said Juku you should get some rest we talk some more tomorrow. Spyro agreed and went to find Cynder to see how she was doing. Now Mario I’m sorry for the delay of the feast and to celebrate for your arrival. Mario looks at Juku and said I think I’m not in the mood Wright now. If it’s not to much trouble can we not have a feast I just need to be alone for now if you don’t mine me saying. Juku smiled and said the feast will continue but you don’t have to go if you don’t want t. But if you change your mind Mario you are welcome to join. with that Juku stood up and walk away to help with the feast then. Luke look at Mario and said how can a kid help my tribe it would be better off if I had the Ax but if I had my way I would take the ax from you Wright now if I was tribe leader. Mario blue eyes met the red ruby eyes Mario did not look mad but firm and said If you can look deep in eyes my spirit is no child my friend only in body I am but you will not understand if you don’t open you heart to see the truth Mario then stood up and walk always in the forest to be alone for now. Luna look at Mario with amazement then at her brother and said how could you say that Luke he is the one I know he is. What make you so sure my sister you are always easy to believe and trust? Just like a human always douse. Luke said. Lana got up angrily and said how dare you say such a thing, you act more human then the rest of us. Luke stood up and said tell me my sister would you take this human’s side instead of your own flesh and blood your own brother not to mention that you have no choice to call him master and obey him of what he wants. remember you told me when we were Riolu’s you told me you would never obey a human because a human capture mother, stop bringing up the past Luke it happen a long time ago and you promise not to speak it out again. Of that human that has been hear. Why should I you broke your promise to me that you would never befriended a human. What I had no choice father gave me this burben I had to break that promise and you know it Luke. Luna was now very upset with Luke. Then why did you not run away you had the chance to. You know I love are tribe just as more as you love them I can never leave. but now I have to leave and I want to. Not for the tribe, You or father but for my self and my master that you so much despise, and brother watch what say to my master be for we were talking to the one called Spyro father told me that he talked to my master that I won’ t be punish for not telling father that we were on are way I could of told the a Butterfree but too much was on my mined and I don’t have to call Mario master any more because father said it is okay Mario told Father I don’t have to and Mario is what Mario wants to be called. So Mario is what I will call him and I don’t care what you think. I believe he is the one and he will save us all! And yes I will take Mario side then your’s brother. And fare well I have some work to do said Luna and walk away to the feast.

It was finally dark Mario had a long time to think and was now very hungry Mario then heard foot steps Mario knew it was Luna and she had food for him. Luna sat on the soft grass with Mario she gave the food to Mario. I come to see if you were ok and hungry Mario took the food happily. thank you Luna I was getting hungry and I am much appreciated. No, Mario thank you for all the trouble that I put you in and saving my butt from my father when he punish he will punish me. For get about it. It was nothing… oh how was the feast Luna. Mario finally ask. It’s okay well it would of been better if you were there oh and the one called Spyro and Cynder was there and they had a good deal of a meal. Mario was glad that both dragon’s will be fine but he can’t under stand when Spyro said he saw him but he saw Mario as his old self that he once was before witch confuse Mario even more he did not Know where to start from but Knew many is counting on him not to mention many are Waiting for him for his return back to the mushroom world. But he has to wait only time will tell only faith can decide now if he ever will return. Luna look at Mario with a sad expression Mario do you feel alone is that what you think Mario snap out of his thoughts and look at Luna the humanoid fox stared at Mario. Mario was amaze by the Lucario. Her eyes glowed perfectly in the Dark Mario I want you to know your not alone I hope you know that, and that I will be by you side to the very end I promise Mario then saw Luna crying Mario was touch by her words he knew she meant them and felt warm in side Mario held her in his arms Luna surprise that Mario did this but she let Mario do so and fell to sleep like she never fell to seep be for in this human arm. Mario was surprise that she did that but Mario smiled and pick her up in his two arms and still did not wake her Mario then walk to the fine her hay house for she could rest it was not easy for Mario he had to ask many Lucario’s to help fine her place only because she had not visit her home for a long time but they were able to fined one for her to rest Mario was glade and went to fine him self to go rest up because his quest continues Mario look at the stars and saw two like shooting stars or so it seem to be Mario has a feeling he might have more help then he thinks Mario also felt at peace like the first time and walk away into the cool night air and little that are hero knows is that more help is closer then he thinks but who or who could they be that out there in the night sky. Just then Mario heard the Lucario’s sang and it go’s like this

Long we wait for the rightful king.

That has come to take me in his wings.

Long we wait yes long we want to sing.

For he has return at last, let us carry the great king.

For he is the one that will shatter the darkness and let the brightness

Take over your hear. for his heart keep him strong his people he will fight for too the end oh yes to the end.

Till his last breath is gone his heart still go on yes go’s on.

For the king will not let one fall unless he fall’s first. but he still wont fall

for his heart grows stronger.

He will shatter the darkness of walls.

He never let you go. The power of light

is with in him for he has show the way.

hope is made from the heart.

Long we wait for the rightful king

That has come to take me in his wings

Long we wait yes long we want to sing

For he has return at last, let us carry the great king.
maranic chapter 1 . 10/8/2008
ok! this is EJ i'm happy to give you this to fix it and thanks alot Mario’s new beginning first Chapter to you. go! Mario!

Wear am I, this can’t be this is not my home what happen wear am I? Don’t worry Mario…. Who there who are you how do you know my name? My king you will see who you are soon, but not yet your greatest journey begins for you are the rightful king of…. Hello? Who are you what do you mean I’m a king! King of what I'm no king and never will be! Said Mario as he panic he hope this was just a dream but then he black out.

Mario woke up on some grass he got up real fast to look around I guest it was no dream after all…. Mario stops talking his voice sound young he jump to his feet and saw a pound. He saw not a man that was short all his life but a teen that look to be 17 year old with no mustache he was about 5.8 feet tall he still had on his Plummer clothes and same old hat. Mario was not scared but worried not for him self but for luigi, peach and all his friends. Mario sign and started to walk around the forest he saw creatures he saw before but can’t place them were but most of all this place seam like a peaceful land it gave him the Goosebumps he then found a path and he did not think he just took it. Hopefully it will lead him out and find people when he does. This is not good I been walking for 2 hour and still no way out. Said Mario. He then climb a three to see if he was close but no luck he saw nothing but threes. Oh boy this is not my day so he continue his walk down the path Mario look at him self he was taller he was a teen and felt more active then before he was even fit he smiled and wanted to test his skills. He started to jump and he was shock he jump higher then his old self and Luigi put together he decided to do the triple jump 1….2…..3 he jump up to 125 feet on the 3rd 2ed jump was 85feet 1st was 55 feet. Woe what a rush. Yaho! Yelled Mario happily Mario had so much fun that he for got about every thing else 15 minute went by and Mario did all the tricks, super moves ten time better then before. And it seems to be better the next time. Mario wanted to used his fire power but not hear Mario had so much fun he did not know he was on sacred ground because the grass was neatly cut and their seem to be status all over the place he saw in the center of the sacred ground that got his attention it was a nice golden ax it was real big ax. It was a battle ax he went to touch it when he did he felt great power with peace and good with in it he then heard a voice no human is allow hear for that you must die for human eyes are to never see the last hope of the beginning and end at all! Mario look to see a ball of energy bean shoot tore him Mario back flip out of the way and on to a three Mario land perfectly on the branch and saw who try to kill him it was a blue like fox or maybe a jackal. Mario feel like he saw this creature be for it look female you got lucky but it won’t happen again human said the humanoid fox or so it seem. please I did not know I suppose to be hear but I’ll leave I don’t want to fight and I’m not suppose to be on this worl…wait shouted Mario but too late the battle was on. Mario move always from another blast. Who are you leave me alone please said Mario. The humanoid fox look at him and smiled I am a aura Pokemon I’m a Lucario also called Lucariana guardian of the temple of beginning, end, hope , fall, life ,death ,good,evil,light and darkness lucariana said this and blast a cannon of a aura bean at Mario. Mario saw that his hand was on fire and rose his two hands in the and blast out the twin dragon of flame Mario attack did the thick and made a huge explosion the one called Lucariana could not see the in the smoke and bright light and just she was tackled and pin by Mario for he could see. Let me go human! Yelled Lucariana. Not until you calm down! Mario yelled back. How can you do that no human can do that? Said the blue fox or jackal. what world am I on said Mario. Lucariana look at him with a confuse look on her face. Your. Your not from this world said Lucariana. no I’m not said. Mario they stared at each other then your the one I’m been waiting for at last Said Lucariana...

Mario followed Lucariana to sit next to the golden ax Lucariana sat cross legs Mario sat the same way. He felt uncomfortable when Lucariana stared at him for a long period of time what is your name human. Mario look at her and sigh my name is Mario. I am from the mushroom kingdom I am the protector of that world. Do you know how you got hear. Said Lucariana. No that’s the thing I can’t tell how or any thing of how I got hear. I’m very confused right now oh but I did have something like a dream. There was a voice it said I was some king or something like that. It sounded female, a voice like…like Mario stop. Like. Mario stops. Who human… I mean Mario. Said Lucariana. Mario continued. Well you, umm Lucariana. Lucariana look at the ax I don’t know what to say. But you might fine this wired but you might be the one to save us all or should I say the humans and the out cast Pokemon. the king of the Nintendiean of all Nintendo will save us or I could be wrong it was dream that I had a voice sounded like your voice as well Mario. She stop for a second I’m sorry I’m not making any scents.. Mario founded it interesting to see the one called Lucariana was now shy then she made a sad face she look at the ground then said I’m sorry about what happen I really was not going to kill you I wanted to just scared you always and I got kind of carry always to the point were I could of killed or hurt you or any body else said Lucariana. Its ok I sure you had very good reason to protect the ax Lucariana. Mario said please call me Luna for short and yes I did had a good reason for it for if the ax fall in the in evil’s hand it will end all creation and existed as we know it only a pure heart can restore balance of the Nintendo universe and another universes as well but only one person can do that is the rightful king of Nintendo, but to be honest I believe that what this universe where in is called ! And I believe you could be the king Mario and this ax is yours and. Luna stop talking. When Mario stood up I’m no king Luna but I did hear the word Nintendo in another dream before I believe you gave me another puzzle deep in my heart I never told no one what I am about to tell you right now that I never told be for I believe there will be a great battle I will soon face yes I did do the imposable lot’s of time before in my life time but what ever happens I believe it will be my last and let another take my place. What are you talking about your only a teen like myself you got a lot more ahead of you master! I’m not a teen and don’t you ever call me master why all of sudden I’m a master. Mario snaps. Oh I’m sorry the chosen one is the one I must follow no matter where he goes plus I’m your guardian now. Said Luna Mario look at her for second well you can help me get out of hear but don’t call me master ok. But master is what I must call you or I will dishonor my kind for I was chosen this great honor and I except it because I wanted to. My master. Said Luna. Mario sign again. You know I am much older then I look. Mario was determining to get out of hear and to change the subject Luna was confuse of what Mario said. Of curse you are master said Luna. Luna I would love to get out of hear now. Sure master but I must show you my clan and you must achieve your AX fist be for we go. Mario knew he didn’t like when people call him master same go’s with Told worth it was always master this, master that, he hates it only because he does not feel like a master and especially a king. Master are you ok said Luna worriedly. Mario snap out of his past for of binge in the Mushroom Kingdome. yes I’m fine Luna Mario walk to the ax he could see his reflection in it Mario new he had to make choice of probably never seeing his brother, peach. And his friends old and new the face he saw was not the same boy he was he was no longer the man he was that many love. I guest this is my life for now I know I have to except my faith the way it is. Mario sign again and said lets go with those word Mario pull the AX from the stone that held the long handle Mario then saw it disappear hey what happen Mario said don’t worry master it is with in you. You can call for it when you need it. Said Luna. Mario looks at her and said ok can we go now Luna.. Sure master just follow me please Mario did so and hope things don’t go bad as it already is.

Far from Mario there are two dragons one purple it was male. One is black this one was female and both wear hurt badly they seem to be young dragons in there teens as well the female dragon barley. Hold on Cynder will…will make it just hold on please the one call Spyro and Cynder was now asleep. something in the forest saw them and made their move to step forward they were Lucario’s one look at the two dragons Luke I don’t think they are Pokemon’s their not but tie them any way they might be dangerous and lock them up will fine out real soon if there friend or foe. Lets move the tribe need us back and so the Lucario’s walk deeper and deeper in the forest.

Two hour went by and Mario was hungry. Man I’m so. Hungry I could eat some boxes of pizza right about now. I sorry master it won’t be long now said Luna Mario still did not want Luna calling him that but it means a lot to her Mario did ask her why she have to do so Luna told Mario that if she did not prefer him as master her tribe will punish her badly. Luna I hope you could think of me as friend as well. I do master I know you don’t want to be called that but I have to and I want to as well...oh we seem to be here at last Mario and Luna stop and could not believe his eyes their where hundreds of Lucario’s and they were looking at him in a peaceful village that go's with it.

the end get ready for the rest of them! they on there way now!
maranic chapter 7 . 10/5/2008
sure i will love to have you fix it for me and i will put it uder mario hehe sorry i was kind of in a big sonic rush if you know what i mean...but any way im not sure how to give it to you but i should be able to! or am i that stupit.. but if it's not sent to you let me know. man i'm sad if it's not sent to you. any i'm going to start to read the next chapter and eat my popcorn and drink some...some rootbeer! what the hell i wanten coke!oh well but hey i'm all ears of what must be change thank alot and if it bad! oh boy! i suck! that why i have you. it means alot to me for helping me so hey thanks again see you later and take care and sorry for not contacting you earlyer!

maranic chapter 6 . 10/3/2008
hey it'sa me EJ thank alot i think my first chapter is in if you want to read it tell me what you think ok. oh! the story is called MARIO'S NEW BEGINNING if i did not tell you. i hope it's in there and tell me what i must change and and that is not how it soposes to . hey you know whats funny my mom told me not to bring cookies in my room but i sneak it in anyway and and went on my computer too read chapter 6 of Mario & Sonic: Chaos Control just so happen you made a story of smuggeling cookies HA! HA! HA! so cool. your the best i hope you become a great and very famous writer if you want to be and yes i love to see part two of Chaos Control i bet it will be good... no awsome! is better And i will read your other story's as well as soon as i'm done with this one but i't is hard to do so whene i have to do so much home work ah! the pain my brain. see you later!

Ps HEHE i alway wanten to put a ps sign. but hey thanks for all the tips and obout my email your a good pal! and if i need help i know where to go your big fan EJ. take care Antoine! you the best Mario rocks! i bet you think so huh i know you do! well for real kind see you later and hope you read my story of what good and bad... ah! what wrong with me i said bye. so bye few! ... is this thing still on hey this is not EJ but his small bro he went to take the dog for a walk just to let you know he sucks at smash bros i rule over him and he for got to turn off his computer and save only because he spend to much time with his lady ill ! anyway i will do the the honor for my big bro to submit this see you who ever you are and i bet i can beat you in brawl too go fox!
Guest chapter 5 . 10/2/2008
cool! i Don't know if you remember me me. but thanks for respounding... i hope i spelled that the way that word the way it got to be. i suck at spelling. but anway my email is just in case you for got it. i'm new at this fanfic thing but this might sound stupit how the hell do i post my fiction please how do i do it please! please! i need help only because i don't go on the computer and make story's for peaple to read. and know body want's to help at this at home to post it. so i ask you please give what imformation i need to do so by the way you can call me EJ or Maranic that the name used for mario and sonic when thy fuse togetter i hope nobody has this name too if soo tell me for i can change it . to have sombody with same name i used i just can't take it! well see you later and thanks... man i'm stupit anyway you rock! go mario! go sonic! go spyro! ya! hm too bad they did not put spyro in side smash bros brawl and maby sora, megaman. man i can go forever with this i hope to hear from you and keep up of what you do you got you self one more fan wel got to go my dad is calling me to wash the dishses i hope i spelld that wright man i suck at this! see you...
maranic chapter 4 . 10/2/2008
wow i like this story mario is so cool! and funny of how powerful he is i it lovet go mario! and sonic woe even better just so cool mario and sonic go! hey you can help me to i want to put a story of mario that you might like so plaeas help me out will you you get to me at

so see you later
Copywrite Infringement chapter 1 . 9/14/2008
Smbz. That is all I have to say. Just from the summary.
eventyraren chapter 20 . 9/14/2008
I dont know what to say: I just say it was a grate story, and That I hope you do mor storis like this. If I come up withy mor to say then I Review again. se you later then.
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