Reviews for Star Trek: Maltz II
Guest chapter 1 . 5/13/2015
Very good. Thanks.
Schematization chapter 1 . 9/14/2007
Excellent! I love it! With all the ways you have these two men again sharing feelings that they have a difficult time expressing to those who were close to them. they are getting to know each other, but it many respects they are still strangers and we know that Kirk sometimes finds it easier to talk of such emotional things with strangers than his best friends. You are showing the connection between these two unlikely friends that they maybe wouldn't or couldn't have with others.

I liked the way you slipped in the reference the Archer and that 'Enterprise', I'll be honest I never watched the series, too much of an Original show fan I guess. But it's always clever to see how people do tie other shows together.

And the whole first set of paragraphs with Kirk and his joke of being the Commander of the first and second 'Enterprise'. And the way you condensed what had been going on in that three month period so well. It' was rushed or hurried but wasn't long and dragged out either. Something that ain't easy by a long way!

and one has to love any man or Klingon, in this case both, who know's his beer! Not just how to order one or open one, but history and so forth! Now that's a beer man! Likethat little human aspect you threw in for both Maltz and Kirk. then again with a name like Maltz you would think he would know a little about beer right?

On the what might happen? I really don't know, although some of me thinks that maybe Kirk see's some of himself in Maltz and is going to give the Klingon the chance to live a life he might have liked. One of adventure and action but maybe without the chains of worrying over the regulations and codes of both Star Fleet and the Federation. the idea of someone maybe getting the chance to lead that life, even if it isn't him but knowing he had some part in it would make him feel pretty good. But that's my guess. What I am curious about is, not so much the reaction of what the senior star, spock, McCoy, Uhura..etc, but the rest of the ship's crew are going to thinkof the Klingon being on the ship. That should prove to highly interesting and intensive!

Whatever you have in mind from everything I've read so far involving all of this is just absolutely perfect and great! So I'm not worried about it and can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve! Keep having fun with it all!