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Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint chapter 52 . 12/2
wow again props for making this arc intense. I loved how the Tai and Myotismon secnes it felt like a propuer 'hello darkness my old freind' moment when you think back to all the history. Sora and willis are still in trouble i felt nostalgic seeing Parrotmon know he's and x evoltion but i still think about the movie i loved it. The way the outside digidestined along with their allies where able to beat the remianing Nightremare six was clever from Stacy's quick insults to some imgintive attack styles Imperdrlamon inside whamon sounded so cool like a real trap attack it was genius. Black War Greymon and Chaos Galltmon going at it oh boy the double gangers of two very memroble Digimon going to head to toe oh boy sounds like a dream battle. But now Myotismon has achived the power he has craved from the start of this story he is now Grandracemon and somthing tells me this digivoltion is more dangrous then the ones that came before the Digidestined are going to need to pull all of the stops out otherwise Myotismon is going to win. Great chapter i loved
Dracofighter chapter 52 . 11/10
For a moment there I thought Wisemon was going to betray Myotismon and take the power for himself, Isn't that what evil digimon do in that situation, regardless, Grandracmon has risen, and the final battle has begun, looking forward to it immensely

a well thought out and written chapter, everyone gets a bit of action, though I don't see how Biyomon can hope to help Sora given the distance between them, then again I don't know the geography of Japan or Tokyo.

The good guys really shouldn't have made it so easy for Myotismon to regain his power, the idiots who thought to seal his power instead of destroying it, not the digidestine, looking forward to the next chapter

Keep up the good Work
Sweet Cari chapter 52 . 11/7
This awesome chapter had me at the edges of my seat! And just when the Digidestined thought they won, Myotismon regains his true form. Great job as always!
DinoGuy2000 chapter 52 . 11/6
My, things are looking bad for the Digidestined. Though, that's been true for the last few chapters, hasn't it?

Very nice fights, but they'll have to finish them quick. I'm guessing they'll need everyone and a miracle to beat Grandracmon. I'm sure whatever Gatomon snagged will have something to help though.

The stakes are high and the suspense even greater!

Cool chapter! Good work!
Sync The Dragon Tempest chapter 52 . 11/5
Wow, things were not getting good at all, huh? So that chest was a seal to the greatest demon lord Grandracmon... Seems that this is going to climax soon. Please update~~

ShipperOfAHundred chapter 52 . 11/4
Oh man, just when we think it's over, Grandracmon had to make an apperance. Can't wait to see what happens because the stakes are getting higher here...0.0
RSBCS chapter 52 . 11/4
And now the stuff has hit the fan. But at least the Digidestined had a small victory by beating the stuffing out of Myotismon. Now, we better hope they can come up with a new strategy to beat Granddracmon. Maybe Dawn and Stacey DNA digivolve Victorygreymon and Zeedgarurumon?

I like how you handled each individual scene in this chapter, meshing them together while Tai dealt with Myotismon. Really made sense and no scene took away from the bigger threat. And the surprises in each one were awesome too: Imperialdramon hiding inside Whamon, the sneak attack using Frigimon's ice to slip up Axeknightmon. Well crafted work.

Ah man, now we are reaching the climax. Looking forward to what comes next.
Yokai Watch chapter 51 . 10/30
I was wondering if you could make the DigiDestined's likes and dislikes.
Alice chapter 51 . 10/20
Hey, it would not be great if Margaret rescues Dawn.
She said, she is a dependent girl, but not the bravest, so you could make a side of her that we have not seen.

You could have Margaret save Dawn from death, and by the way, Gatomon Mega Digi evolves in its mega stage.
Yokai Watch chapter 51 . 10/14
I wonder what will happened if Dawn, Agumon, Dan, Veemon, BlackWarGreymon and Ogremon gets shrunk and travel in their small size in Dawn's bedroom.
Yokai Watch chapter 51 . 10/14
Scratch Abby's shorts, I'm thinking she would wear a dark red skirt and pink sandals.
Yokai Watch chapter 51 . 10/13
Okay, my last ideas was a bit crummy, but I think this one is better. Abby's outfit would a white t-shirt with a red heart on it, pink shorts and sandals and Ruben's clothing would be a green t-shirt, blue shorts and brown shoes. And I'm sure you'll come up with the new names for the other DigiDestined Kids from around the world.
Guest chapter 51 . 10/4
Will Meiko from Digimon Tri make an appearance?
Yokai Watch chapter 51 . 10/3
We could put "Digimon World Tour II" into the story.
DigiLover27 chapter 1 . 9/30
Wow, that was a great story! Can I use Dawn and her friends in a crossover story with my Wattpad ones? I promise to credit you, and thank Wattpad's Stickman01 for introducing me to you and !
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