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Guest chapter 34 . 6/11
you writers need to take better care of yourselves. most of the authors in this site i hear get sick very often. and not just the sniffles big dangerous operations are done to ensure survival.
mavin chapter 2 . 5/23
cool its like totems from spider-man
Guest chapter 29 . 5/13
ICBMs and IRBMs are guided inertially - and ground control beacons can guide aircraft and ships.
Humanity fought its world wars and most of the cold war without GPS.
Excellent story.
5 Coloured Walker chapter 43 . 5/12
A great story, well worth anyone's time to read, bravo.
etyberz chapter 1 . 6/29/2014
Loved the series so far. I enjoyed the exploration of a team that mirrored Team Possible. You did a great job developing and expanding characters. Grimm was a "he's cool, but he's a jerk" with his mind games yet tactful planning. I felt like Rhonda & Jade were to similar to Ron and Wade, and there was nothing that really distinguished them or made their mirror relationship unique as the case was between Kim & Grimm.

Bringing Monkey Fist back is always a challenge, but if done right, he becomes such a formidable foe, and you did it right. You really displayed Fist's cruelty and ruthlessness to try and get power; however, even though you focused on the power of the yono, I felt like the focus of monkeys disappeared. All of Fist's plots involved monkeys, but this one seemed to rely to heavily on the yono and the shadow magic. Other than that, I liked the alliance of Fist and Maze.

I know lots of people have said this before, but I'll say it again: Team Probable was OP compared to Team Possible. While Wade & Jade were on the same level intellectually, it seemed that Jade's hacking were a higher level then Wades. While Grimm was a master of Monkey Kung Fu, and Kim was only "good" at 16 styles, one would think that she would be able to vary her styles in the middle of a fight to throw off her opponents. If Monkey Fist can fight her to a stand still, why does it seem like Grimm is always toying with her in terms of fighting. A stand still is a draw, neither side is winning, but in Grimm's battles, he is almost holding back, just dodging Kim. If Kim can land several on Monkey Fist, why not Grimm? Finally, the entire protection idea around Riddleton was a little overboard. If we take in consideration Middleton vs Riddleton: Middleton has a lot of scientist of a high caliber while Riddleto deals with spies and dignitaries. If Riddleton has such high security, why doesn't Middleton, considering the number of items that seem to be stolen from their. It also almost seems like Team Probable's activities are well known to the government and they'll just look the other way, no matter what.

The idea when I first looked at your first summary was the difference between probable and possible. If something is probable then it is possible, but not all things that are possible are probable (possible probable). With that, it was somewhat hinted that Kim was lucky. I chalk that up to the Kim and Ron factor, which brings something that may be improbable, but is still possible, and makes it happen. It seems that although Grimm always has a contingency plan ready for most things involving Team Possible, the Possible/Stoppable Factors should still be able to overcome them.

Anyways, I really enjoyed your works and am excited to see your continuation of this series. You are a great author that has kept me engaged (Especially AFID, I pulled 1, almost 2, all-nighters to finish reading this.)
dbzsotrum9 chapter 17 . 1/19/2014
Ron ditched Kim too (school presidential election much?), Kim just got more chances to ditch him, it was more the number of opportunities rather than the willingness; in Kim's defense, Ron also criticized her for her issues too (buying stuff from smarty-mart and being a coach)... considering how long they known each other, Ron would have been a bad BF (both ways) if he left Kim for the chip...
dbzsotrum9 chapter 5 . 1/17/2014
true, Kim never had Ron trained, but we don't really see Kim training either; she was also shown to learn fast, so she probably learned the martial arts quickly and her actual training would be the experience on the missions; Kim and Ron try to have life... she has so many missions, she herself doesn't need to train, so you can't expect a girl who doesn't train to train her partner; right

honestly, shouldn't Grimm and his girl also have some issues; Grimm focuses on missions too much and doesn't seem to spend much time with her as a couple; she should be a bit more irritated with him

also, the mystic monkey powers didn't exactly look that impressive when Monkey-Fist, a guy who apparently knew a lot about the powers, used it. The few times it actually looked like it had some abilities other than installing a person with martial arts and acrobatics, Kim didn't see it... she probably just assumed it wasn't much based on Monkey Fist

and she didn't mind the time Ron beat her at the talent show
dbzsotrum9 chapter 3 . 1/11/2014
Well, they aren't issues, I mean, no matter how much you love someone, you will always have problems with them and be irritated with them... they have issues with each other that will always be there... in many ways Ron & Kim had a relationship of best friends, parents, siblings & lovers... you know, you will never find a wife that won't have issues with their husband or vice-versa... she actually knows all his issues and weaknesses...

You gotta admit, Ron was a bit crazy, at times when his theories were right, it was more by chance than anything (like Monkey Fist, he knew something was wrong, but he'd have suspected him anyways just because he dealt with monkeys and primates); Ron showed laziness, he showed tons of stupidity...

while she was mean about it, she wasn't actually wrong; she loved him in spite of those weaknesses, but it doesn't change that those issues were annoying; we only see them at the best moments and we aren't victims of it either, we are just viewers... realistically, we act similar to our parents or siblings or lovers (once you get past the "honey moon" stage which didn't happen for Kim and Ron, because it was more about realizing they were in love rather than falling in love)

that said, Kim could be said to know Ron better than himself... Ron & Kim are more like a married couple in many ways than boyfriend & girlfriend; she's a bit prideful and snarky and he's a bit dumb and big headed, but they know that about each other... other than their 'gaga' moments, they know each other so well that those issues aren't as much of a problem
dbzsotrum9 chapter 2 . 1/10/2014
Lynn likes the thrill... but she's a fake coward who didn't actually do her own stunts... which caused her to get sent to prison...
ObeliskX chapter 43 . 1/7/2014
I have read the whole Probable series. Wow. It was amaing. Definitely one of the best Kp fics ever written. And ofcourse Friend in Darkness stands out of the row as the most fascinating, well-written, indepth story. You managed to create a lot of interesting and believable characters which fit canon universe perfectly (even though atmosphere is a bit too gloomy for original show at times). I cannot but adore new adventures of hold heroes, as well as TP, of course: funny and amazing Rohnda (Ninjella :P), dark and manipulative Grimm (never would want to be on receiving end of his head games), chemical-Wade-romanced Jade... They are antagonists who make sense - nothing like standart stupid, one-minded, constantly betraying each other villains. Speaking of villains, Maze (and the whole Indian part) is very good at his role too; a sort of racist Knight templar. The only threat which could (together with Monkey Fist who acted unusually clever in this fic too) make two antagonistic teams unite. My only complaint is Grimm. While he is definitely cool and fun to watch, he is also the only main character who got almost no character development. The same at the end, even after everything they had to come through, unlike his teammated or Possible team. It is a pity. I hope you will pay more attention to him (and the whole Bear thing) in "Graduation". Which seems to have been abandoned for a while :-( Keep writing!
Z-King chapter 43 . 11/5/2013
dude let me say your story is without a doubt theā€¦..MOST AWSOME STUPENDOUS COLOSSAL MAGNIFICENT PEICE OF FANFIC I HAVE EVERY READ!

and it was good to :)
Robaezica W chapter 43 . 10/7/2013
This is the most amazing fanfiction I have ever read, you have really outdone yourself. For one the story is actually finished. Not many fanfictions are completed but you stuck with it and I applaud you. Two, the chapters are full and they go into marvelous detail. You really triggered my emotions with all the twists and turns. This story took me for a ride! You made it suspenseful and adventurous yet humorous. You gave Kim way more personalitly than disney ever did and you nailed every character perfectly. This story is perfect.
John Macmillian chapter 1 . 8/15/2013
Just Read your Prologue and I must say its beautiful. Oh BTW the names Jack and yes there is actually a group that is continuing the Kim Possible series. We have a website called and our first episode airs on September 7th, 2013! Check us out if you want or just wait until then and we should be up and on youtube. Send me a message if any of ya'll want more info.
Myrrn chapter 43 . 7/12/2013
Great story, some good drama and I really like the interaction between Kim and Grimm. It's cool how their different philosophies clash and how they reach to that.

That said, Team Probable is incredibly overpowered compared to Team Possible. They are better in every single area - martial skill, backing, cleverness, planning, tech, everything. The one "good deed" they do that might be considered a victory for Team Possible is getting Ron and Kim back together. Which means that without Team Probable they would be have been destroyed! I don't see how that can be considered a victory.

All in all, they only ever scored one victory on Team Probable, at the very beginning, and it was a really lame one that just made them stronger. It's incredibly frustrating to watch Kim get owned the entire time without any payback. The two sides need to be evenly matched for it to feel like a real rivalry, but at the moment it's more like a massacre.

Other than that though, it was an engaging story, read the whole thing in one go. All the plot points tied together nicely, and it was a good balance of action, drama, and humor. Looking forward to more.
Linariel chapter 43 . 6/26/2013
So I finally had a chance to finish your epic novel. This story I must say is awesome. Team Probable is really earning a lot of respect for me. Especially Rhonda. Although I do admit after this story Grimm is also growing more on me too. I love how you fill in loose ends for Season 3. Pay props to villains who never really appeared in that season. And filled in things that left questions on the show with very plausible explanations. They all really grew in this story and learned more about each other. Certain spots brought tears while certain ones brought laughter and chortles. I'll admit the whole Monique Unknown really got me. XD Your also really good at staying in character keep Kim her strong character while at the same time ripping open her heart and making her see the other side to her. This is something that so few people always face but it really builds character and helps with choices for the future. I like all the bits that were leading up to Graduation.

Team Probable vs. Team Possible was in an interesting mix as always but more so because in this story they actually had to learn to get along and cope with each other. I'll also say in the past Rhonda could annoy me with her attitude but after the last story and this one I can honestly say I really really like her. She's growing a lot. Now one thing I love about your counterparts for Team Possible is that they may be similar but there are many differences between them. This is obvious with Grimm's approach to life and Kim's approach. Then the fact that they are opposite but have their own special differences is great. And yes I loved seeing Jade and Wade working together I really like that pairing! Enrique's crush on Monique always made me laugh and smile. Finally has a man after her whose her age too bad he's her evil (kind of) opposite. I'm also a sucker for any story involving Ron's destiny as a Monkey Ninja Master and Chosen One. Also his confrontation with Monkey Fist also. I really like how you paired both Maze and Monkey Fist together as the big villains. Your explanation for the Path of Yono really does make sense and after watching the episode that features it again it makes a lot of sense. You know that was a part of the show that I wished they'd have touched on more then just one episode. There was a lot of potential there. Your story helps satisfy that need for explanation. The fighting was well put together and I'm all for episodes where battle suits are involved so that was a win! You even brought in Drakken and Shego! This was really really good! Your characterization work is phenomenal.

This story may have taken a while to read but it was totally worth it. I felt like I was actually watching the show reading this. You nail the dialogue and feel of the show quite well. All the puns really are great too. This is up in my top ten KP stories I've ever written. Right up there with REUNION series. This is really really amazing work! Thanks for taking the time to actually finish it. I know how hard that can be to do. And now I shall read what you have so far for Graduation Probable Style I'm looking forward to that!
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