Reviews for A Shocking Discovery
mysuvone chapter 47 . 10/25
finally the secret comes out... in the morning now we have to wait
mysuvone chapter 44 . 10/24
hmmm harry jealous of the ferret boy
mysuvone chapter 43 . 10/24
wild magic me thinks he need to learn how to control it
mysuvone chapter 42 . 10/24
dont stop please
mysuvone chapter 38 . 10/23
hmmm... teenage love and new dad what to do?
mysuvone chapter 37 . 10/23
i love that he let Dobby take charge of that elf
mysuvone chapter 28 . 10/22
well they are finally accepting thier roles not sure if you will let hermione and ron Know Ron cant keep his mouth shut
mysuvone chapter 18 . 10/21
wow i didnt expect thos you are very good
mysuvone chapter 16 . 10/21
wow what a way for Hrry to find out ...Bad Biatch she is
mysuvone chapter 13 . 10/21
I jsy wish the Dursleys were out of the Picture I dont LIke Vernon at all
mysuvone chapter 10 . 10/20
LOL Snape
Amanda Pall chapter 47 . 10/19
Ohhh noooo! I just discovered this story and I have never read a story where Snape has assumed the role of Fatherhood that was as well described. The slow change in temperament was perfect, on both parts. I just saw that you haven't updated since 2014 and I am hoping that you are alright. I am also hoping that you will take this encouragement and the muse will hit you again. Awaiting your next post!
SkyeMoor chapter 30 . 10/16
Oh. Wow. Muriel gave her a compliment.
No wonder she's wailing.
Lucinda Hindle chapter 16 . 9/15
Oh well, I have a biology exam and here I am, enraptured by your shocking story. Suffice to say that I really love your logic of making Severus his father without destroying Lily's honour. This is going to be such a wonderful story, isn't it? By the way, you could have looked for the names of James' parents on his Pottermore profile.
Twenty on the Inside chapter 1 . 7/15
I knew it. You'd make me like him. Arghhhh! You really are a brilliant writer and I miss having anything new of yours to read already and I only finished ASD this evening. I will let my mind conjure a life for them all, happy together after Voldemort's eventual death. I'm sure your version would have been better but alas, this seems impossible now. I hope you are busy writing paid published stories. You are certainly talented enough!
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