Reviews for Guardian
Serenova chapter 28 . 7/27
Obviously you have not updated this story in 5 years, but I very much enjoyed going back and reading it again. I also very much enjoyed two of your other stories (To Shape and to Change and Dark Memories). I was wondering if you ever got around to writing more of this. If you did I'd be very interested in reading more. Thank you for a wonderful read!
Telron chapter 28 . 7/6
Great story and was interesting as well
Velvet chapter 18 . 7/2
awwww I love the whole scene with Sirius in t this chapter, he's my favourite HP character and I love how you did this.
Velvet chapter 17 . 7/2
O yes! I am so glad you got Sirius out, very cool! I also like the way Albus dealt with the dementors, nice job.
Velvet chapter 15 . 7/2
Beautiful and interesting, I loved your displays of magic, Dumbles on that flame horse would have been something to see lol
Martin Blue chapter 28 . 6/30
A truley wonderfull and incredible and unique story that i hope gets a sequell someday
MattKennedy chapter 28 . 6/25
Very enjoyable story! :D
AnonReviewer chapter 1 . 6/7
A new take on an old crossover genre.
I'm eager to read the rest of this, and if it's as good as the first chapter, then I know I'm going to enjoy this as much as I enjoyed Dark Memories.
Elogost27549 chapter 28 . 5/28
Didn't enjoy it.
Vukk chapter 22 . 5/21
I thought he was already five, if not six prior to this chapter...
Julia Ba chapter 28 . 4/19
This story was great fun! I loved it!
Araytigre chapter 28 . 3/15
This has been all too much fun to read, and hopefully your muse will allow you to make part Two to continue it. It has Sooo much potential, that you have only scratched the surface of it (in my humble opinion). For the short amount of time that this story takes place in (less than Two Years, NOT counting the time that Harry was Off World with Jovon), a lot has happened; the NID has been sacked, the Ministry of Magic (UK, etc.) has been revamped, the Dementors are toast (BTW, I really liked how you linked them with the Wraith, that was cool), Three of the Four Great Races have renewed their Vows, and multiple other adventures. We have yet to meet the Nox, the Ori, and the real Wraith, let alone defeated the Goa'uld (and the Ori), found Atlantis, and tons of other fun stuff from the SG And the HP universes. I look forward to some of your other stories. Thank You. TTFN
Guest chapter 21 . 3/12
Considering that he charged his bullets with patronus-like energies, it makes sense that his patronus would be bees - bees are like Nature's bullets.
Guest chapter 14 . 3/12
You could always say that Sabin made Teal'c seal invisible. It would be an advantage for Teal'c to be able to walk among people without his beanie all the time.
Guest chapter 10 . 3/11
Their assumption: ROFLOL! Good job!
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