Reviews for A Familiar Place
writinmomma chapter 40 . 2/13
I absolutely loved it! I can’t to read the next parts!
unfittingpuzzlepieces chapter 40 . 2/6
Nice jobI liked it
Lepetitloustic chapter 40 . 10/24/2017
I really enjoyed this story! Good writing, interesting plot, great dialogues kept me hooked! It's a sweet love story and I liked the way the characters interacted with each other!
Dramione252 chapter 40 . 9/14/2017
I have read this story four times now and the culprit behind the crap always shocks me anyway great job! WAIT DID YOU SAY PART 2 and 3? OMG YES IM OFFTO FIND IT THERE WASNT CONTINUED LAST TIME I READ IT! You've made my day!
Virginie Cires chapter 40 . 6/9/2017
WHAT an amazing journey. Bravo for your work. I enjoye from first word till last. Merci
Guest chapter 1 . 5/2/2017
Neville wouldn't say "arduous" and "treacherous", sorry.
Slitheringlouise chapter 40 . 4/8/2017
I enjoyed this FF so much! You have such an imagination! Thank you for such a romantic and adventurous story!
A Fan chapter 17 . 4/2/2017
Yoooo Zabini seems so cool here... like I would want to be his friend tbh
daswhoiam chapter 40 . 3/28/2017
Ugh! What a truly fantastic journey this story took me on. I loved it! And the plot twists are great.. just when you think you know... you don't. I love stories like that. Thank you for sharing this amazing fic!
LovelyChaos chapter 36 . 3/8/2017
Frickin' Romeo and Juliet potion there (but genius,EVIL AF, but genius)
uncoconut chapter 36 . 3/5/2017
I was hoping for a smack on the head for Draco when he didn't consider how hard it was for her to move. Also, she better gave him a piece of her mind when he comes back alive.
uncoconut chapter 33 . 3/5/2017
I know he did nothing wrong but damn, I was hoping a bit of tension just to make it more realistic. And sex at the line of view where anyone could see them? Was that really necessary?
uncoconut chapter 16 . 3/2/2017
Calm your fucking tits, Draco. It's her first time, she's bound to be nervous. Stop being a bitch about it.
uncoconut chapter 12 . 3/1/2017
He called her a mudblood and a whore but it's all good cos he said he loved her. That seems fake but okay. Enjoying the story so far.
Soon17 chapter 40 . 2/9/2017
Still,I have to say this story is so great, your writing skill is perfect!
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