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Prince Gray chapter 42 . 10/24/2012
Hey, I finally had time to check out your newest chapter. It sounds like Laiovon, Ryu's lieutenant is Riou's son or relative. I am curious to see if Zier or Polvora can take him down, which I seriously doubt. I'm going to take another look at the edited chapters and connect the dots.
Vstriker chapter 42 . 10/18/2012
WASSUP MAAAAAN! Nice Chata, dawg, i'll do check out the other edited ones. I liked how you included the Faudo liquid in the story. I can't believe no one had thought of that. Keep up the good work homie.
Prince Gray chapter 9 . 9/19/2012
Yay! More Io! Zier, the son of Bari. He definitely took after his dad! I also chuckled at the Felix the Cat reference. I like Dorzi's spell power. I honestly would have never thought of anything like that.
Prince Gray chapter 3 . 9/19/2012
Excellent re-write. I really like Bonezz's character. I also noticed that Io is part of the same trope as Chainz. "Main character that hardly seems to appear."

I demand to see more Io! :D
Prince Gray chapter 40 . 8/4/2012
Welcome back. Intense battles going on between all of these powerhouse mamodo. (One thing I especially like abut your fic is all of these mamodo in your story would be massive powerhouses in other stories.) I'm at the edge of my seat. Keep it coming.
Wowza48 chapter 1 . 7/4/2012
can I put these two in?

Jibojiki Danmatsuma

race: mamodo

age 8 looks: Gold hair, black clock, red shirt with 3 gold buttons, black pants, midnight blue boots, sword in sheath same color as boots

personality/facts: noble clan mamodo, somewhat of a flirt, can use afterimages, angered at anyone who threatens his friends/bookkeeper/allies, is kind to many people unless he is possesed/being controled or the person/people are evil, alot of clans fear his, skilled swordsman, he and Yasuko come from 1000 years after the zatch bell mangaspell power: despair and deathspells gained: at least 5 known

Bookkeeper: Yasuko Matomeyaku

race: human

age: 4

looks: Yellow hair, baby blue blouse with 3 white bottons, pink skirt and maryjanes of same color

personality/facts: has answer/talker ability like dufort, kiyo and dr riddles, peppy little girl, is like any other little girl personality wise and is scared of monsters, thinks of Jibojiki as an older brother, comes from 1000 years after the end of the Zatch bell manga

book: tiedied black iron/grey and crimson

Zetsubo Nakami: Jibojiki's sword that only he can use to it's true potential

Jibojiki spells:

1- contraston (assist, attack, heal) dark, black aura of despair surrounds his hands, he can use this to control any female he hits on the forehead with, where a mark the same color as the aura will form and stay until they are either dead, or freed, heals/magnifies the abilities/streangth anyone he taps with it

2- sordozakuzaku (body enhancement, assist, attack) his sword is covered in the same aura from the first spell, if it is damaged it will fix itself, it becomes very powerful, can use aura in unknown ways

3- Ganzu sordozakuzaku (body enhancement, assist, attack) same as 2nd spell, only faster and stronger

4- Dioga Zetsubo zakuzaku daisharin (attack) the spirit of his sword is summoned and launched as an attack at the opponent. it is powered by both hope, sadness, anger and despair

5- zetsubo destrocto reizudozu (body enhancement, assist) gains a huge burst of black aura that it fills a large amount of space before re-entering him quickly, leaving him surrounded by a white aura that temporarily upgrades his power from despair to death, this upgrade lasts as long as the aura does, however it takes a lot out of him to use it and is very weak after using it


Striker Steller

Race: Mamodo

Power: Blaster/arm cannon/claws

Human Partner: Kit Kat

Spell book color: purple

alignment: which ever side he wants/who pays him more/what would better suit himself

Personality: Enjoys killing those who deserve it, is an evil genius, only isn't really evil, and Kit Kat is slowly helping him become how a king is supposed to be, strong, and stern, but kind and forgiving

Kit Kat:

Race: Human

Mamodo Partner: Striker

Abilities: Cat like senses and reflexes

Alighment: wants to be good, is neutral thanks to striker

Personality: kind hearted

Other facts: She is a kind person and feels a dept to striker, so she serves him

Striker spells:

1. druo: extends upwards and claws fire simultaneous at all directions. If hit the opponent is poisoned

2. Druo shieldo: a shield created by the claw arm's energy

3. Blindru – fires a blinding light, which not only blinds the enemy but also wipes out anything in its way.

4. wisp aru: Arm extends and homes in on targets head. Lifts them upward and as time goes by grip tightens on them.

5. Druruk: fixes robotic parts and strengthen them

6. Gigano druo: more powerful version of druo

7. Druo shieldo: a shield created by the claw arm's energy

8. Dioga druo: Shoots a dark matter blast that homes in on opponent. Has a chance that it gives the opponent a bleed out effect

9. Druotengen sariem: Fires Electrified Claw at enemy that pins them down. With the free claw starts clawing simultaneously at opponent

10. Druruk: fixes robotic parts and strengthen them
Sufrir chapter 1 . 7/20/2011
great chapter! loved it! I'm uber riding! stay on testes lol (inside joke)
StardustNyako chapter 1 . 7/20/2011
I'll read this D For nao I'll give you my OCs . .

Name-Yukiro Inuzaka


Appearance- Black messy hair brown eyes wearing a military color polo shirt with a white shirt underneath with military colored wrist bands with black fingerless gloves, black shorts with brown boots showing black socks

Personality- Smart mouth wise cracker. He knows Natsumi because he bullied her at school for looking so weird

Past- Parents are divorced and he is mad about it. He felt that he had no say in what they did so he bullies Natsumi to be able to control the way someone thinks but of course Natsumi does not know that.


Name: Maxwell

Age: 8

Appearance: Human like with a normal shade of tan skin wearing a long sleeve black top with a polo collar that is flipped up with white rims as well as on the bottom of his sleeves and the bottom of his shirt with black shorts white socks and black boots, White messy hair with black neko ears (Anime cat ears that open to the side instead of the front) and black eyes.

Personality: He does not talk, in a way everyone can read his mind and know what he is saying. Claire knows him and calls him "Fangirl boy" because girls are always glomping him because he is cute. Claire hates him but Maxwell . . . He's just to calm to hate. He and Claire are the polar opposites like Dark and light.

Book Color: Black


Drakorzem- A black concentrated dark sphere with white lightning is shot from Maxwell's hand..

Drako Osome-Maxwell absorbs a spell and converts it into dark energy and shoots it back at opponent. Only works with Gigano spells or lower in strengh

Drakofurara-Turns Maxwell into a black fox cub which can distract people

Yaou Posuodrako- A possum with a guitar shows up. The possum hits target with his guitar

Drakoruga-When Maxwell feels an strong emotion he can use that emotion to charge up a beam to hit an opponent.

Burango-Wings that look like bat wings appear on Maxwell's back.

Drako Sorudo- A sword appears that Maxwell can use as a regular sword. When he waves it sideways a \dark disc is thrown.

Dioga DrakoMezoraisu -A 100% chance of RAINING DRAKOZEMS!.


Name-Natsumi Matsudo


Appearance- Orange hair like Shion's with red eyes wearing a white tee with an orange zipperless vest with a white hood with orange wristbands on each hand with white rims toward the hand black shorts white boots with orange socks showing.

Personality- Happy-Go-Lucky generous friendly hyperactive gets really ** when people assume she dyed her hair orange

Past- Rejected by her parents and is not accepted at school because she looks different and to boys disgust is flat-chested but shes really good in Judo.


Name: Claire

Age: 8

Appearance: Human like with a normal shade of tan skin wearing a long sleeve black top with blue sleeves at the end of each sleeve is a black end as long as a wristband with white rims with a black skirt white stockings and black boots, blue hair and blue eyes.

Personality: VERY PSYCOISH. She often threatens people with an AK47 gun when she is mad.

Book Color: Blue


Kaichiro- A white concentrated solar beam hits the opponent.

Kaispheroshield-A blue shield that has one half above ground and one below ground like a sphere

Burokai-Turns Claire into a bunny to hide her mamodo scent when she wants to.

Taou Burokai- A bunny made of solar energy appears and hits the opponent.

Kairuga-When Claire is sad or mad she can use that emotion to charge up a beam to hit an opponent.

Burango-Wings that look like bunny ears appear on Claires back.

Kai Sorudo- A sword appears that Claire can use as a regular sword. When she waves it sideways a solar disc is thrown.

Dioga Ringo Kaichiro-A solar ring appears shooting Kaichiros
TheVanquishedandQueen chapter 32 . 10/18/2009, but did you ever enter Cherish?

I haven't been online much to check, but I'd really like her in this

So...yeah. XD By what I've read of this chapter, it's good

~ The Vanquished & Queen
Vstriker chapter 30 . 8/29/2009
Nice chapter keep up the good work man.
Yugioash chapter 30 . 8/28/2009
I noticed through this story most of your own O.C. Characters are sons or daughters of the mamodos that were in the last battle for king. I can tell by their spells mostly. Like Jioruk, which was Danny's first and only spell during the last battle for king. I also notice one of the mamodos had the same spells as Zophis.
AnimeGirl 144 chapter 29 . 8/22/2009
Intense fights! Let's go team!
AnimeGirl 144 chapter 28 . 8/20/2009
Yes! Pluto is SO a planet! I grew up with it being a planet, and it shall stay a planet! *Nods*

VeryLazyPeople chapter 27 . 8/17/2009
Intense battle! Oh, Slash and Neuro are both get punishment too! Good chap!
AnimeGirl 144 chapter 27 . 8/16/2009
Wow Neuro, you suck. ;P
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