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GoddessofTricks chapter 22 . 9/11
This story was amazing! I love how you made the Wiseman the villain, I would have never thought of him that way but now I see it. I also love how your story was sweet and fluffy, but also filled with apprehension and suspense. The love scenes were so hot! I love that your OC’s feel so real. I feel like at least one of my friends are like each and every one of them. You just earned yourself a follower! ️
MarinaIbrahim chapter 21 . 3/27
You had me freaking bursting in laughter with the latter parts of this story, like holy frick, I could not have imagined a better confrontation between Sarah and Jareth where hilarity ensues (for the audience) despite such a serious matter.

I'm glad my prediction was right about Byron! It's nice to finally have his story and the rest of Sarah's friends stories fully explained. I like the scenario you came up with for Jareth's origins. In all the other fanfics I've read, he's always been born a magical being, so this is a nice change.

I really can't believe there's only one chapter left... I feel like so much more can happen! Is this supposed to be the climax? And now we're already hitting a resolution? It's happening so fast D; Actually the pacing has been really good so far, I just don't know how this can end after the next chapter. But I believe that you'll be able to wrap this up nicely. I'm just tearing up inside that this great story is about to end. );
MarinaIbrahim chapter 20 . 3/27
A lot of things happening in this chapter! I like how Byron and Sarah are getting along so well; it's nice to have Sarah make another friend from the Underground. :) As for Jareth, the poor chap. I can't imagine what he's going through. He's longing for a woman he can't remember and he feels so out of place and just so damn frustrated about everything around him. I wonder how he's going to react as the Goblin King. I'm afraid he'll be less than forgiving to the ones that did this to him, even if it wasn't ill-intentioned. Also, I'm leaning towards the idea that Sarah does not have the stomach flu. ;) I would wish the situation were different so that Sarah could fully enjoy making a family with Jareth, but then that would change the story completely, so no go for now. Can't wait for Didymus to make an appearance again!
MarinaIbrahim chapter 19 . 3/27
HOLY SHIIII* THAT CLIFFANGER. When you're provoked you know quite well how to deliver. LIKE HOT DAMN. That just pierced through the heart! Poor Jareth! Poor Sarah! Poor Ludo! How in the world is this going to be resolved with only three chapters left?!

Byron seems to still be a little mystery to me. Does he have any blood relations with Jareth? As a little brother, or cousin, or something? You describe him as having similar physical features, mannerisms, and speech as Jareth, just more toned down. Plus he holds Jareth dearly in his heart, and any ill feelings he might have towards Jareth seems much like a boy who's at odds with his older brother from time to time. I want to predict that Jareth was a runner himself and Byron was the one he had to save. Mm... Perhaps Jareth lost, so then Byron had to be turned into a goblin, but somehow Jareth still made a contract with the Wise Man and became king? I don't know... Guess I have to continue!
MarinaIbrahim chapter 18 . 3/27
Oh my, King of the Goblins showing through without him and Sarah making love? I know this spells bad news, but him appearing before Sarah is a lot less forbidding than I would have expected. Or is this more of a blurred version of human Jareth and Goblin King Jareth, where both their consciousness are showing through? And only in later chapters we'll see the truly formidable Goblin King? Hmm...

I really like the little situation you created with Hoggle watching Sarah and Jareth walking out of Jareth's house, by the way. I can just picture the two of them being casually sweet together, like an old couple. So simple and lovely. I love these kind of scenes just as much as the passionately intimate ones. :')
MarinaIbrahim chapter 17 . 3/27
These two... They're just so hungry for each other hot dang, especially Jareth. I really want them to explore each other! D; I do find my heart beat a little faster when the Goblin King part of himself shows through though. ;) Anyway, I love how we're finally given Ludo's perspective; it's so sweet for him to regard Jareth as his person and to want to protect him, and to regard Sarah as Jareth's mate gave me a giggle. I like how you made it that his previous form in the Aboveground was a cat. So does that mean someone wished their own cat away to the Underground? How sad ); He's better off as Jareth's little cat anyway

Also I'm kinda anxious how the rest of the story is going to turn out, since I only have 5 chapters left... I feel like this story can go one for another 20 chapters! Welp, here I go!
MarinaIbrahim chapter 16 . 3/26
Oooh, I love a little flower language thrown into a story. It makes me miss Goblin King Jareth even more. And seeing human Jareth fumbling over a how to properly use a toaster is so cute :)

I forgot to mention something from the last chapter - your section breaks. Although I was initially slightly peeved for getting interrupted in my imagining of Sarah and Jareth about to make love, it added more to the humor of the story, so for that I shall forgive you for breaking continuity in that sense. Honestly I found myself silently screeching, but not at all upset at your slightly sadistic writing method. In fact I kind of liked it lol I laughed afterwards when I realized what you'd done. You really do know how to play with our emotions and imaginations haha
MarinaIbrahim chapter 15 . 3/26
HOT DAAAAAAAAAAAMNNNNNN THAT ENDING HAD ME SILENTLY SCREECHING (it's almost 4am so I can't have my vocals being used) Okay, let me tell you that I had been (sheepishly) looking for a good M fic of Labyrinth, and before I encountered this one I was always let down by the intimate scenes. Either the buildup was rushed, or the descriptors were too crude for my taste, or it was written so convolutedly it was hard for me to imagine what exactly Jareth and Sarah were doing with each other. You, however, YOU were able to paint a vivid, lovingly sensual image in my mind (holy shi* this is so embarrassing to say, but I feel like I need to say this, because you deserve the praise and it must be known) of the two. I was confused only by one description, but overall what you created was wonderful. I'm so glad both Jareth and Sarah finally got what they craved from each other. Granted, their thirsting carnal desires sort of had them overlook the slow, deliberate actions of savoring each other, but I do hope in later chapters they'll be able to do just that.

I feel strangely sad for Jareth though. He's technically made up of two parts, and because of that he's not in his entirety when he's consciously interacting with Sarah. The Goblin King part of him remains dormant. At the same time I feel like I'm going to miss this human Jareth when he does become his immortal self again. The Goblin King seems so fearsome in this story (I'm honestly afraid of what's going to happen when he's fully realized), while Jareth Corbett, although intimidating has a certain gentleness to him. I hope the two can coexist and not be lost to the other. I do love them both, and I'm certain Sarah will (or does?) too.
MarinaIbrahim chapter 14 . 3/26
I had just realized that one of the genres you have for this story is humor, so I'm relieved to know my giggling and laughing were not unreasonable. That beginning scene was hilarious, imagining Jareth smelling his bed sheets only to be caught by the woman those bedsheets smelled of. Gosh, to catch the Goblin King in such a comical situation; Sarah must have been so amused.

I think it's so cute to read how happy and proud Byron was to be able to achieve the seemingly impossible for a goblin. I wonder what this new development must mean in the bigger picture of things...
MarinaIbrahim chapter 13 . 3/26
Ooh, what an interesting idea to wager, that the Wise Man was former king of goblins. Its also interesting to note how lethargy is death to the goblins. I never thought of that, but it makes sense given how they thrived on chaos. I love how my question if Byron saw Jareth and Sarah together was answered. I burst in giggles when he expressed it to Sarah. I also started laughing at the end of the chapter because of the transition from the serious conversation between Sarah and Byron, to Jareth just thinking about sex LOL That was great
MarinaIbrahim chapter 12 . 3/26
I didn't think narration was off in this chapter at all. It flowed smoothly from the last, and I love the dialogue you give the characters. Much more so, I love your style of writing in general. I'm able to imagine the characters' actions smoothly, and I love how sharp-witted your characters can be. I always tend to develop an attachment towards certain side characters, and Liz is one of them. I love her earnest attempts in getting Sarah out of the spinster club, even though she can be blunt. Always need a sister smacking some sense into you! Also, I almost feel sorry for Jareth with how Sarah could leave him hanging after she was oh so fiercely intimate with him. That's torture right there! The poor man lol

P.S. Didymus didn't say it in this chapter, but I wanted to let you know how much I love how he endearingly calls Jareth "boy". I think that's so cute
MarinaIbrahim chapter 11 . 3/26
Ooh, a new character! I can't help but think of David Bowie's Blue Jean when I see the name Byron haha I wonder if little Byron caught sight of Jareth and Sarah's little... erm... entanglement lol
MarinaIbrahim chapter 10 . 3/26
I'm not sure if you meant to make the situation a tad bit comedic, but you honestly had me squealing/laughing at Sarah pinning her anger and thirst meant for the Goblin King towards human Jareth. Gosh that was freaking gold. I also love how Didymus is more of a little supporter of Jareth and Sarah being together, despite the fact that somehow them being together would be downfall of him and his friends. I want everyone to have a happy ending in this ;-;
MarinaIbrahim chapter 9 . 3/26
Ooooh my, okay well at least the mystery as to whether the earthly counterparts of the inhabitants of the Labyrinth were separate or one and the same has finally been solved for the audience. I like how everything is bubbling to the brim in terms of Sarah's friends trying to forestall what seems to be the inevitable, while she's doing everything she can to make it happen asap. Gotta love her determination to willfully try to get her Goblin King back. B)
MarinaIbrahim chapter 8 . 3/26
I've been forgetting to make mention how much I love seeing these little earthly versions of Sarah's friends from the Underground. It makes me feel warm inside that she can interact with them. Of course, she still needs to meet Hoggle's counterpart. I wonder how that'll be like! Also thank you for making Jareth understanding and creating boundaries over his desire for Sarah. I can see how torturous it is for him to restrain himself, but I'm just so relieved he knows not to cross over the line - or rather, knows when he can cross over the line, which would be when he knows Sarah would be willing to accept his advances. ;)
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