Reviews for Crackles
Gianna di Fiori chapter 16 . 8/30/2016
Oh, this was such a fun, and very different story revolving around our favorite FBI agent. The conversations going on inside Don's head were hilarious; the interactions between the Eppes family members was very realistic. I loved the bit where Don was trying to surreptitiously trying to "mute" Charlie with the remote. Priceless!
LisaG16 chapter 16 . 12/16/2012
oh dear...5 years since this wonderful story was updated?! i hope everything is ok with you and it's just a really, really, REALLY long case of writer's block that is soon to be overcome. i'm really enjoying this story and hope you consider finishing it. it's so good, it really deserves a proper ending...and Don deserves a full recovery! :)
LisaG16 chapter 11 . 12/12/2012
oh poor don...he's just a big mess, huh? glad he's finally allowing someone to take care of him, even if it's not me! *pout!*
LisaG16 chapter 9 . 12/11/2012
ahhh...finally nestled in at home with dear old dad taking care of his donnie. :)
LisaG16 chapter 2 . 12/10/2012
LOL at Don wanting to shoot the blister packs with his gun...I sure can sympathize! I think they purposely make those meds hard to open just to tick people off!
spatula of happiness chapter 16 . 11/19/2011
I love this story! I have it printed out and it is one of my favourite comfort fics, combining delightfully sick Don, lots of humour and some family bonding. Thank you so much for sharing it.
HuskerCat chapter 9 . 6/7/2010
I'm so glad that I found this story. It has both funny/amusing moments as well as awww ones. I especially like the moment when Don finally got to the house and then just leaned into his father who told him "all right". It was a short, simple little moment that I could perfectly imagine and it was just so wonderfully both out of character and in character at the same time. I can't wait to read more of what you've written!
The Hobbet chapter 1 . 5/2/2009
I really enjoy your writing. I hope you get back to this story someday.
rainy day chapter 16 . 4/23/2009
good story. hope you'll update soon.
WaterSoter chapter 16 . 12/20/2008
This is the third time I've read what you've writing so far and I have to admit that I just realized that I'd never submitted a review, sorry. But I absolutely love this story. A sick Don, a snarky Alan and an annoying Charlie, what more can I ask for! I absolutely love your characterizations and how you write Alan's and Don's relationship, and Charlie's and Don's relationship and just about anyone else in the bunch! You made me like Megan again. After that horrible last season, I wanted her out like it was nobody's business. Not that I can blame the actress, the writers were horrible and the direction was just as bad. Essentially, they completely sabotaged this character. Please update soon!
kateydidnt chapter 5 . 7/27/2008
This story is giving me all sorts of warm fuzzies because it reminds me when my sister (three years my senior) was sick one time. She had been married for less than a year and I was a freshman in college in the same town where she lived. Her husband had to go to work but he didn't want to leave her alone when she was that sick. So he called me and asked if I would mind staying with her. Mostly she just slept, but it just. . . felt so right and so good to be able to be there for my sister if she needed me. I almost didn't remember that until I read this story. So thank you.
squelchything chapter 1 . 5/10/2008
I love this fic. Poor Don, he's so sick and so silly to keep fighting it.

Will you be continuing this soon? *puppy eyes a la Charlie*
Sera and Tails chapter 16 . 4/21/2008
Absolutely fantastic story-you had me in stitches (no pun intended of course) Read the entire thing in one go, while simultaneously trying and failing to complete my own desk work!

I do hope you'll be able to take us to the conclusion some time soon. I've only recently discovered the joy that is "Numb3rs" and am reading up the entire category on this site at an alarming state.

My favourite part, among all the chapters and all the comedic goodness still is "You could stick a knife inside the slot and just put an end to your misery…" HA! Don Eppes, killed by a toaster.

Looking forward to more, soon!


Tails, of Sera and Tails
Patty chapter 1 . 4/16/2008
Celadon, I got to thinking about this great story tonight and wondered if I'd missed an

update somehow, but no, it's been four months since you last posted.

I certainly hope you're not sick again just a writer's block or something, but let it

be known, you are missed!
Paradoxigirl chapter 16 . 2/17/2008
I LOVE this story! I'm the sort of person who reads fanfic to 'supplement' my dose of Numb3rs, and reading this has been as good as watching an episode, but much funnier! I really appreciate the moments you paint between the Eppes men, they're so true to the characters. I have been checking for updates often, I can't wait for the next chapter!
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