Reviews for Unexpected
Guest chapter 69 . 11/10
This one is my favorite:) it makes me feel goody like I'm the one in love! Don't forget about this one please:)
A Little Someone chapter 68 . 11/3
Since I've already reviewed the last chapter, I'm settling for this one... Re-read it all and fell in love all over again! D: am dying to know what comes next... I want to see Miroku and Sesshoumaru scenes! Hoping for a continuation in the near future... For now, will settle with Lord Charming! :3
Rowdy chapter 69 . 10/31
As always, I still love this story!
A Little Someone chapter 13 . 10/29
Re-reading this... Because I felt like some innocent Inuyasha/Kagome fluff! (And coz I love how you bring out each character so well in ALL your works I've read at least!)

Anyway... Got a tingle of them feels here! A little insight on Inuyasha's thoughts... I love.
Megan1339 chapter 69 . 10/22
Please continue writing this story, it's amazing. It's hard to have a favorite story, though this is my favorite with this pairing, as all of your stories are simply awe-inspiring. Thanks for being an amazing writer!
EweLamb Lover chapter 69 . 10/17
Oh my goodness. I have lost sleep reading this stupidly adorable fic! This is the best and I know this is a really old request but I hope you'll continue the story, it's super cute!
Guest chapter 69 . 9/27
Omg please update this it's so good!
ZePuKa chapter 69 . 9/18
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it's not finished! D: And it was such a delightful story, billowing far above the lofty expectations I had for it after Froth set the standard! I just love how you extrapolated the characters into your setting, with appropriate increased levels of maturity and lowered defenses due to the absence of a a Naraku-sized evil. The way you brought out Inuyasha's sweeter side, unfettered by this calmer environment, while still maintaining his reserved instincts... sheer art. And I need more; don't do this to me. D:
Guest chapter 69 . 8/24
Please please please please update! I absolutely love your stories and Unexpected is one I've waited a long time for. I need to know how the story goes on...
Guest chapter 69 . 8/15
Such a lovely story that I wish would be continued!
Anon chapter 69 . 8/5
My absolute favorite fanfiction ever! It's a same you didn't continue i
Dulceta chapter 69 . 7/30
This is one of my favorite stories by far. I just love how you portray the characters, each with their own new quirks, and the relationships between them. Inuyasha and Kagome are just too cute!
I can only hope for another dose of your wonderful writing. Your stories are absolutely wonderful!
QuietShadowz chapter 69 . 7/30
This story is AMaZEING and has consistently taken over my thoughts through the days since I started reading! I really hope you'll continue because this fic is wonderful and very well written.
WM chapter 69 . 7/19
Iris chapter 69 . 5/16


Hey Forthright! This is so freaking awesome why aren't you writing more! HEY! COME BACK ALREADY! PLEEEEEEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! .


ARGH! *rants and flips table in a haze of needy rage and furious, unfulfilled desire*
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