Reviews for Unexpected
Guest chapter 69 . 8/22
I will be so glad when you decide to post to this story again! It was my favorite! I would come here just to read this story, now I've re-read it so many times and still leave feeling hopeful for Inuyasha and Kagome. It's been over four years, please update soon! :(
Yazmanian Devil chapter 67 . 7/21
So Miss Burke is young? I don't know why I pictured her older like Gert but not as old. The cast of this story in my head is that like Bad Teacher with Cameron Diaz lol
Pinestripes25 chapter 69 . 7/2
This story is just fantastic. The characterization is amazing, the pacing is perfect, and the romance is sweet. You have created such an interesting world. I desperately need to know about it! I know you said you were steadily completing some of your fics, and I hope that this one is included, because it would be a shame if something so well written was left unfinished.
ShimmerfurluvsSesshomaru chapter 69 . 6/17
Soo cute!
AkakoAkari chapter 69 . 6/16
Awe man... This is the fourth time through this story and I always forget that it wasn't completed. TT
callmegwen chapter 69 . 5/9
Love this story! I know I'm a bit late in the game to be finding it, but I'm happy I did. I'm disappointed that it hasn't been updated in so long, because I feel like it was getting close to the climax! But I'm grateful for 69 chapters of your incredible writing. I've reviewed your other stories, and I have to say are a master of pacing. It's such a hard thing to get a grip on when writing, how to move the story along at a steady, even pace. Almost frustratingly even! But that only makes each chapter sweeter, each moment well-deserved, each victory that much more poignant. If you ever feel like updating this story, you at least know that one person would be incredibly happy (me)!
akwardllama chapter 68 . 4/24
Any chance of future updates?
Guest chapter 69 . 3/19
Why did you give up on this one? It was SO GOOD! I get that you ship Kag/Sess, but this one was just so wonderful.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/15
This is my favourite fanfic :'( please continue it!
Meg chapter 69 . 3/9
I stumbled upon this and love it!
Galapagos Girl chapter 65 . 3/9
I've finished uploading fan art through this chapter on deviantart. gallery/57745696/Inuyasha-Unexpected-Fanart

As should be obvious, I love this story. Glad to see Lord Charming is wrapping up, and hope with puppy dog eyes and a stock of fan art as incentive / bribery that you'll pick up this one next! :)
Tasha chapter 69 . 3/2
This is such a delightful story! I'm normally one for a Kagome/Sesshomaru pairing, but I love this take on the traditional pairing in a sweet AU. I've noticed this hasn't been updated in about four years-I hope that this will eventually picked up again, because this story is too good to waste!
kawaikimono chapter 69 . 3/2

I beg beg beg of you to please update Unexpected.

The 69 chapters thus far have been lovely but it is always especially painful as a reader to see exceptional stories that you've devoted great time and affection to, to be left unfinished.

I know you have mentioned in your January 2016 update that you will be attending to incomplete works and, if at all possible, I humbly request that Unexpected be moved closer to the top.

With my upmost thanks,
Kyroo Echoes chapter 69 . 2/24
Been kinda waiting for an update for four years now... Is there anyplace or any way to read the rest of this story? Or is this it? I really love this story and I really want it to continue.
Guest chapter 1 . 2/20
I absolutely love this story! Please write more! :)
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