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Moonrise Mountain chapter 69 . 10/20
I love this so much I hope you come back and write more for it
gosh I love this au
A Foreign Forerunner chapter 24 . 10/18
Yay! Miroku~
fandomsandmusic3 chapter 69 . 8/21
so I don't know if you've heard but today is fanfiction writers appreciation day. so I hope you know all the time but espeacilly on days like today how much of an amazing author you are. I think this is like my favorite inuyasha fic. its so well written and I love your characterization
Guest chapter 69 . 7/3
Sigh. Love this so much.
KraftyKitsune chapter 69 . 6/28
Just found your story last night and have enjoyed it immensely. I really like how you interwove various characters and storylines that show up bit by bit, but still have hints and details mixed into the previous chapters (ex. youkai hidden in plain sight/a whole underground youkai culture, Miroku/being a monk, a girl who I hope is Sango in the library, etc.). The settings are extremely well-written too. There's not so much detail to become cumbersome, but at the same time there's enough to give one's imagination enough to work with and create the scene and the mood you intended. Small details, like the amount of snow, the type of walls/floors, etc. give the frame with which to imagine each setting without the reader realizing it till the end. My favorite was the Haunted House - it made me want a good Halloween party and haunted house, which isn't good in the middle of summer!

Then there's the characterization of each person - they're spot on, but also distinctly your *wonderful* interpretation of them. Shippo being older, more capable, and wiser (I think? XD), but still an adult-ish meddling trickster is definitely one of my favorite parts. Inuyasha being his gruff self and not changing into an out of character mushy hanyou is also appreciated; you're able to make him show he cares without compromising how he is - but also knowing when to have him naturally loosen up.

I know it's been over 5 years since you've updated this story, but I can't help but hope that one day it'll be completed. I want to know how Inuyasha and Shippo are able to get Sesshoumaru's approval (or more likely, indifference), how it works out when Kagome finds out about her friends' otherworldliness (purposeful, emergency, or a surprise setting? Too soon, or perfect timing?), and to see more characters come in. Admittedly I'd love to see Miroku find and pursue Sango at some point, as well as see Sesshoumaru and Rin interact (*cough* and preferably end up together?). I'd laugh if Sesshoumaru visits the school at some point and Rin is either a childish teacher or one of the little elementary school children who approaches him.

Still, whether you come back to this story or not, I wish you the best of luck in whatever you're doing. If you're going for a writing major, I truly believe you have the writing skills to be a good one (especially since we all improve over time, and this one was from 5 years ago!).

Guest chapter 65 . 4/26
Inuyasha is "neither human nor demon," isn't he?
DreamMadeFlesh chapter 69 . 4/16
I regret waiting so long to read this one Bc it's sweet & a lot of fun...please write more
Guest chapter 69 . 4/3
So does the title of this chapter, "Cancellation" mean you're canceling this story? Or is it really just the title chapter? It's been 5 YEARS! I'm languishing here!
Lady of the Opera chapter 69 . 3/9
I knew what I was getting myself into when I stumbled upon a recommendation for this fic in Tumblr. I knew it had been a while since your last update and you were focusing on other stories. None of that actually prepared me for the moment where I was done with chapter 69.

I don't normally like AU but this was spot on with characterization and the plot is super cute. I need more janitors in my life ASAP.

I hope that one day I'll see you've updated this, and I'll be super happy. :)
EnelyaTheSmall chapter 69 . 3/9
my heart is broken by the sudden pause! I'll have to admit. I have been stuffing myself with this fic the past 3 days and have fallen into my own shade of love. absolute perfection. you're characterization is spot on and inspiring. 15/10 would definitely recommend. hell, I'd recommend this to my grandmother.
Guest chapter 69 . 3/8
I've reread this soooo many times. I'm usually a SessKag fan but your characterisation of Inuyasha is just so adorable. What would you need to have time to finish this? Babysitter? Cleaner? Maybe we can GoFundMe some cash so you can take time away from your usual responsibilities. I need me some closure! T-T
Guest chapter 69 . 2/17
Please. Just please. I have loved this story from the first day I read it. Please don't let it die here.
michaelaj532 chapter 69 . 2/13
I love this story shop much. I would like to see it's completion, please. Keep up the good work!
Guest chapter 69 . 2/4
Glad I came back to reread this story. This inuyasha always makes me feel warm inside.
TaelorInu chapter 63 . 1/21
Shippo is beyond hilarious in this book. I love it
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